Hi guys, the name is Rain and this is the
season of Halloween so we will countdown my top 5 picks for the spookiest Lego sets. Please take note that this list is just based
on my opinion on what the set looks like in my perspective as a normal guy, not a Lego
expert. Number 5 in this list is the mystery mansion
from Scooby-Doo. What’s a spooky list without these guys? In this set, you have to find the clues to
solve the mystery but you must hurry because when the clock strikes midnight, the spell
will be broken and everything will be as it was before. Oops, I think it was for Cinderella. But for real, the vampire will emerge from
behind the spinning wall! What really took my attention in this set
is the burger from this kitchen. Meal before mystery, of course! The reason that this is only top 5 on my list
because as everybody knows, the story in Scooby-Doo will always end up solving the mystery that
somebody is just pretending as the ghost or monster. It’s not that I hate it, but it gets less
spooky when you think about it. Next in this list is the Scary Laboratory
set from the Studios Line released back in 2002. In this set you will be the director of the
scene where the Frankenstein’s monster comes to life! Actually, there is a same concept set from
2012 that is the crazy scientist and his monster from the monster fighters line but in there
you will fight to collect the moonstone from the mad scientist What I like in this set is the use of chains
that for me is very classic looking to hold the monster so that the lightning coming from
this arrester will be directed to him so that he will come to life. The design of it looks really old that matches
the theme that it is trying to convey so good job there director! Number 3 in my list is the first official
Lego haunted house released in 2012. It features boarded up windows that really
captures the feeling of it being haunted. On the inside, you can do stuffs like cooking
up spooky meals or potions or if you’re the classical music kind of guy, you can play
the gramophone. But for me, it can have more details on the
inside. It just feels a little unbalanced because
the exterior is really detailed but when you go in the inside, it feels kind of plain. Next in my number 2 spot is the vampyre castle
because what is spookier than a haunted house? A castle of course! and what’s really scary
is that the vampyre has gathered all 6 moonstones and the world is in danger of being cloaked
in darkness forever. So you will need to overcome the obstacles,
defeat the vampire and save the world. But real quick, let’s have a moment of silence
for this prisoner. may he rest in peace. The details on this set are just right, it’s
not overly detailed and I think it’s not trying to be. But man, by just looking at it, it gives me
chills. Before i get to the top pick, I want to have
a bonus pick and that is the trick or treat Halloween set. I hope this kid is brave enough to face what
lies behind that door! For the number 1 spot, the firehouse headquarters,
enough said. The details on this set are just amazing. The messy kitchen, Janine’s desk, the arcade
machine, pool table, the lab. Even the toilet is detailed and to top it
all off, there’s this fire pole. It can even fit the ecto-1 inside! I cannot ask for more in this set. It’s just perfect. I just wish that I can afford this because
hey! those details come with a price. So there you have it, my top five picks for
the spookiest Lego sets. Press like if you agree with my picks and
write down in the comments what you think should be included, and other top picks that
you want to see. Subscribe if you want more videos like this
and thanks for watching. Mabuhay.

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