Top 5 Lost LEGO Licenses!

Hello, just2good here, and today I’m listing five instances of LEGO
losing licenses to other building toy brands. For example, Thomas the Tank Engine had construction sets
with LEGO first, starting in 2005, but lost the license to
MegaBloks, who started releasing sets in 2010. All music tracks will be listed in the bottom right hand corner
as they play, and without further ado, let’s get into this! [intro music] First on the list is the Spongebob Squarepants
license. The first LEGO Spogebob sets came out in 2006, and the theme ended in 2012 with a total fourteen
sets. However, in Fall 2014, Megabloks began releasing Spongebob constructions
sets. I have to say, Megabloks is giving a lot more love to Spongebob
than LEGO ever did. With LEGO, in the theme’s lifetime, we had
two sets a year, three if we were lucky. However, Megabloks has numerous blind bag
series for Spongebob, sets from the second movie, so many more Spongebob characters than LEGO
ever had, and at least ten sets per year- everything I wish I got from the LEGO theme. Well, I mean, besides 2016, which only has
four sets so far. And, the Spongebob minifigures for Megabloks
were miles more accurate and customizable than the LEGO minifigures. Of course, Megabloks doesn’t have a figure
style anywhere near the level of iconicity the LEGO
Minifigure is, so it made sense for LEGO to stick to the
minifigure design even with a property filled with wacky shaped
characters and designs like Spongebob. And hey, a lot of the sets are similar. You have your Krusty Krabs and Pineapple Houses, but a really odd coincidence is both construction brands have buildable Spongebobs. Honestly, the LEGO version looks much better than the
Megabloks version, which releases this year. That version looks friggin’ weird. [transition music] In 2002, LEGO released its first sets from the original
Sam Raimi Spider-Man movies, a property of Sony Motion Picture Group, but these were under the LEGO Studios line. The theme continued into 2003 and 2004, where it became its own line. Heck, there were two sets of the for the movies released under the Four Juniors line in 2004. However,in 2007, Clumbia Pictures and Sony signed with Megabloks to create a line of sets for the final film
of the trilogy. These sets ranged from barely resembling scenes
from the film, to… what the heck are these? They look like bootleg toys to be honest. And then in Summer 2012, Megabloks released sets to coincide with Sony’s
the Amazing Spider-man. These were a more faithful, but nonetheless, and the sets that weren’t based on the movie
looked less bootleg. What was particularly odd was that in Summer
2012, LEGO also released a Spider-Man set, but it was based off of the new television
show. This is the only instance I can recall where
LEGO released sets featuring a character the same
year a rival building toy company did. Funny enough, in 2014, LEGO sort of had the license for
Amazing Spider-Man 2 sets, as they released ONE promo polybag to coincide
with the film, which had the film’s Electro. [transition music] In the late 90’s, LEGO co-operated with Roseart to release puzzles and board games based on
various LEGO themes. These included but were not limited to a LEGO
Time Cruisers game in 1997, a LEGO Creator board game in 1999, and a LEGO Bionicle game in 2001. However, in 2005, RoseArt was bought out by a company. Which company you ask? Megabloks. [dramatic music] Following that, Megabloks and Roseart became the subsidiary
of a bigger company, Megabrands, which is a subsidiary of an even bigger company,
Mattel. Megabrands began releasing all Roseart products
from then on, and of course, LEGO ceased their partnership
with Roseart. It would’ve been a terrible idea to work with
their primary competitor, so I don’t blame them. Either way, the Bionicle game was released in 2006 but
under a different company, University Games. [transition music] One of the most popular examples of LEGO losing
a license to Megabloks is with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles sets. However, did you know that it originally started with
Megabloks having the license? In 2003, Megabloks released their first Teenage Mutant
Ninja Turtles sets, based on the 2003 4kids TMNT show. However, the theme ended in 2004. Then, in 2013, LEGO acquired the license for the Nickolodeon
Ninja Turtles show, which continued into 2014, where there were also sets based on the first live action Ninja Turtles film
from Nickelodeon Movies. There was also a set released under the LEGO
Juniors line. Then, in 2016, MegaBloks began releasing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles sets based on
the same show as LEGO did, as well as sets from the classic show, and from the second movie in the Nickelodeon
Movies franchise. Much like with Spongebob, the 2016 Ninja Turtles line from Megabloks
had a lot more going for it than the two years of LEGO Ninja Turtles. With LEGO, we never had sets for collectors based on the original Ninja Turtles show or
comics, and we only had fifteen retail sets all together. Megabloks’ Ninja Turtles Collectors line has
15 sets in only 2016 already, with over 30 additional sets released in 2016 for their kids-centric Ninja Turtles line. [transition music] Last up on the list is the NBA license. LEGO released the infamous LEGO licensed NBA
sets under the LEGO Sports line in 2003. These only lasted a year, and many LEGO fans nowadays criticise the
line for their odd looking minifigures. While some wish LEGO would do a take on the
NBA once again with their current construction
set style, it’s not possible as another company has the construction toy license for NBA. The company is The Bridge Direct, which is producing NBA sets under its C3 Construction
Toy line. C3 also produces WWE and Shopkins construction
sets. There’s some court sets, but also locker sets and even blind bags. Unlike LEGO, these C3 NBA figures are much
more poseable, so there’s a lot more opportunity for a play
experience closer to basketball than LEGO had. But, these are really just display pieces,
oddly enough. Anyways, that’s it! I hope you guys enjoyed this shorter list. If you know of more examples, share them in the comment section below. I’ll see you guys later, peace out, bye.

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100 thoughts on “Top 5 Lost LEGO Licenses!

  1. 2:00
    I love those lego figures, i just love the moving parts and i wish i had some

    Btw this video was made on my birthday

  2. Ok, I get it, Lego is better than Mega Bloks but stop giving it so much hate! The halo sets used to be the bomb!

  3. They should do the old stuff like castle and pirates. I think the kids would still like that stuff, even in 2019.

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  5. I personally think the vehicle designs that mega bloks makes for Halo and call of duty are way better than lego and the character designs and articulation

  6. I'm glad they now go by mega construx they no longer sound like a knock off but the only thing i like about mega blocks is the halo figures

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  9. LEGO actually had halo packs of characters and I think some sets like a ghost and warthog. But mega blocks got it and made a lot of sets…these sets are amazing

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    They’re ok at least I like the destiny and all sets
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