Top 20 Most Wanted LEGO Sets of Winter 2018!

Hello, just2good here, and today, I’m counting down the twenty LEGO sets I want the most which have an official release
for Winter 2018. These can be sets that released as early as
November all the way to February for these particular
themes. And without further ado, let’s get into
this. [intro] Starting of the list is the LEGO City Mining
Starter Set, which is all I want from the LEGO City Mining
subtheme for 2018. It has the new pieces the subtheme introduces
– the rock and the spider – and some nice miner minifigs. I mean, it’s no Power Miners, but for what it costs, only ten bucks, I’m okay with that. [transiton music] My ninteenth spot goes to the cheap LEGO Minecraft
set, the Nether Fight. I know. Minecraft, on a most wanted list? What is this, Spring 2016? Well look, LEGO made a good choice – cheap little battle packs are coming this
time around. I like the style on Minecraft minifigures
and always wish we got more in cheap sets – like, do put out more skin packs, please! Either way, this battle pack has the Zombie
Pigman, a design I always thought was cool that I
never had, the Wither Skeleton who’s another one I
never had, Alex, and this little magma cube which looks
neat. Not only that, but it comes with a cute lil’
playset build. Now, I wish it was a little cheaper than fifteen
bucks, but I’ll still take it. [transition music] Next is the Harley Quinn Cannonball Attack, which isn’t the best of the new LEGO Batman
Movie sets in terms of the build, but it isn’t bad. I’d say it’s better than most of the Summer
2017 wave vehicles. The cannon is definitely the best part of
the truck, and the two buildings are a the only type
of facades I appreciate – simple and small street buildings. The inclusion of the Phantom Zone Projector
is neat for those who skipped the Arkham set, like I did. Plus, the minifigure selection is pretty good. I love the Gentleman Ghost minifigure – that’s
the best in here. Crazy Quilt looks great besides his lack of
arm printing, and I like how they switched stuff up with
this Harley Quinn. I just wish the set was less than fifty dollars
– forty would’ve been perfect, and that Batgirl had an exclusive variant
or something. [transition music] W-what?! TWO Minecraft sets on a Wanted List? Yeah, it’s the other Battle Pack called
the Melon Farm. This has even more interesting pieces – the Watermelons and a Villager in a cheap
set. And, it’s the cheapest way to get a Creeper
so far. All on top of another cute lil’ playset! [transition music] Cyborg’s the only BrickHead showing up on
this list, and for good reason. Out of all the first wave 2018 Brick Headz
sets, he’s the one that looks the most accurate
and interesting. I love how they captured the half human half
robot physique. It’s simple but executed perfectly. And, his little blasting arm is awesome in
BrickHead form – nice part usage with the gold bar pieces in
light grey. Funny enough, his skin tone is more accurate
here than the LEGO minifigure. Either way, I’ll compensate with not getting
the LEGO minifigure form of the DCEU Cyborg by getting the awesome
BrickHead form. [transition music] For this batch of Mighty Micros, I’m much more hyped for the Marvel ones
than DC. The Starlord one is the best. The mini Milano is cute, but I love the Starlord and even the Nebula
minifigure. More imporantly, that Awesome Mix Tape is
an extremely useful printed piece. The Thor vs. Loki one is great as well, with a comic version of Loki a hilarious looking
Thor. The Spidey one… eh, I’m so tired of these Spider-Man ones. This one is good for those who didn’t get
the Bridge Battle set, I mean the Scarlet Spider in here is in a
cheap set and he doesn’t really look cartoonish like
other Mighty Micros sets, though it’s sad he lacks the arm printing
of the regular minifigure. And, I wish Sandman didn’t have the sand
printing again on his torso. Would’ve been so useful to get the plain
striped torso, oh well… [transition music] The Superman and Krypto Team Up set is a mesh of two good twenty dollar Super
Heroes sets – the Ghostrider Team-Up and the Green Lantern
set. I never expected LEGO to do a Lobo figure, but here we are. He’s such a mature character, and the minifigure looks great – I love the use of DCEU Aquaman hair in black, that’s darn useful. The Krypto figure is awesome as well. Lobo’s spacebike is accurate, but I never really cared for it as a design,
so it doesn’t really appeal to me. The other build is fine, I guess. I like all these weird newer pieces in trans-green. Still, it’s all twenty bucks, so it won’t
put me back much. I just wish I was interested in the builds
a lot more. [transition music] The Speed Force Freeze Pursuit set is a good
thirty dollar pack. They keep the price low but still knock it
out with desirable minifigures. In here, there’s this awesome Reverse Flash, and a cheap way to get the Cyborg from the
Flying Fox set, but with a different new Torso print. Good, I love his face print. And, they pack in a new Flash in addition
to a decent Killer Frost. However, where this is better than something
like the Lobo set, I… actually like the Helicopter. I know. This is coming from the guy who roasts every
LEGO City Helicopter and water plane. But look. This one is sleek and reminds me of an Alpha
Team set. I dunno. It has its charm. The Killer Frost vehicle is crap though, there’s no passing that with any nostalgia. [transition music] The LEGO City Mountain Fugitives set is the
best starter set in a while. Lots of the great new pieces of the Mountain
Police line in this cheap set – this nice log tile, that AWESOME beehive piece, and the blue hat variant of the new hat and
hair combo. Throw in a couple of gold bars, and it makes for a cheap winner. [transition music] It’s pretty bold of LEGO to put the cool
looking execution troopers exclusively in a cheap Battle Pack, but hey, it’s good for the consumers. That’s the main reason I want the set. The other minifigures aren’t anything rare, but they’re just throw ins. Heck, the build isn’t particularly good,
either. Alright. LEGO knows what they’re doing – nobody is going to care about the other stuff, this set will sell like Hoth cakes just because of those two Execution Troopers. Oh, and don’t believe the rumors that this will be any more than fifteen bucks. It’s retailing for fifteen bucks, trust me. [transition music] Next is the Egghead Food Fight set, a great set for its 30 dollar price. This is a pretty funny set – I mean, Egghead getting a LEGO figure is just2hilarious, and the Condiment King figure has been long
awaited since the original LEGO Batman Movie trailers. As I’ve said before, I wish they included the recolored LEGO squishy
pieces the movie version of Condiment King had, but it’s not the worst thing ever. But, those colors would also be incredibly
useful. The mech is a fresh take. love when LEGO changes things up with their
mechs, and this one has an incredibly unique round
and cartoony feel. I guess you can say this set is pretty… EGG-CELENT… haha, okay I’ll show myself out. [transition music] Garmadon’s Volcano Lair harkens back to the LEGO Agents Volcano Lair more so than
Jestro’s Volcano Lair. And that’s a good thing, because I regretfully passed on the Agents
Volcano Lair in 2008. This one is an open face volcano, and I love the structure of it all. There’s this nice lava represented with
trans-orange, a computer lab, and of course the launching
feature all the way up top. Not only that, but this set is loaded with
great exclusive bad guys. Like, I don’t know why they didn’t pack
these in with the other sets of this wave, but I guess they thought this would be a harder
sell, being a playset and all. There’s an exclusive sand green octopus
man, this first general number one, and this cooky
looking GIT dude. He’s my favorite of the set. All packed into a perfectly sized set for
fifty bucks, I think this set will be one I ask for on
Christmas. [transition music] The Face-off at the Mine is a LEGO Black Panther
set in which I’m still astonished is only twenty
bucks. This set has so much packed in it – a huge rhino build which seems to have some
armor – that’s pretty darn original, and the side build with the minecart has the
new roller coaster track wheels, which is great for a twenty dollar set. And, of course, the minifigures are the main
selling point. This Black Panther has this niceee blue trim, Killmonger this gold one, and Okoye is probably my favorite of the set. I know I probably didn’t say her name right,
but gosh, it’s super useful to get a new female face
print on a reddish-brown head piece. [transition music] Seventh on my list is the LEGO Batman Movie
Bat Space Shuttle set. You see, LEGO is known to overprice their
space shuttle sets, but this one is 80 bucks. That’s a price I can mess with. It’s weird, don’t get me wrong. I never thought we’d see a Space Shuttle
with Batman. However, the design looks great. It’s a full build, with rocket boosters
and an external tank. Fittingly, you get a bat rover and unfittingly, you also get a bat-kayak – but both are cute and welcome. There’s a side build that holds new suits, which I just wish matched with the style of
the one in the batcave. However, those new suits are dope. I love Reggae Man, a suit I never thought
would be in a LEGO set. The Fire Starter suit and Bat Space Suits
are okay, I just appreciate their new prints mainly, and the new cowl color for the fire starter
one. However, I don’t like the other figures
– just a normal Batman, a reprint of the CMF Robin sans the face print, and normal Catwoman. Still, the main build is great and the Reggae Man suit is incredible, I can’t wait to get my hands on this one. [transition music] The LEGO Star Wars Ach-To Island Training is a set that you know right away will be
a hot seller. I mean geez, LEGO is wisening up and introducing highly desirable figures in cheap sets. I’ve seen people mad at this Luke minifigure, but like what? I’m usually called just2negative and I love this design. People will probably point out how it’s
inaccurate in the comments, but I don’t see any glaring flaws in that
aspect. And y’know me, I’m a sucker for new hair
pieces. Now, if this set was just good for the Luke
minifigure, it wouldn’t be so high on my list. However, it isn’t. There’s other stuff I really like in here
– for example, the inclusion of a Porg in a
cheap set. I’m not freaking out over these fuzzballs, but they’re still an interesting figure who were previously only in the eight hundred
dollar Falcon set. Plus, there’s a new Rey figure. The playset in here isn’t amazing, but it’s still good. I like the shrine-esque hut design. The interior is cute, with a little fold out bed and cooking station. However, the worst part of the set is the
fact that it’s thirty bucks. Like, LEGO new this would sell well already, so they spiked it up five dollars. Heck, a couple years ago I’d say this should’ve
been twenty bucks but everything is increasing now. [transition music] The second Black Panther set, the Royal Talon Fighter, is a worse build than the Battle at the Mine, but the minifigures in this one are incredible. Like, Nakia is one of my favorite minifigures
of Winter 2018. Loveeee love love the new hair piece, and the head piece with the new face print
is so useful. But, Killmonger rocks with that really spooky
looking mask, Klaue looks awesome, with a cheap way to get
that hair piece in black, and even a nice new Black Panther minifig. Now, back to the ship. I mean, I like that I can’t say it looks like any
other LEGO ship. But. I dunno. It’s not the most pleasent looking, even with its interesting curvature. Still, this is only thirty bucks, so I’ll be sure to get it right away. [transition music] Fourth is the LEGO Batman Movie Justice League
Party, and dang, this set is great. It’s one of the rare wide-release sets that is more of a display slash collectors
piece than a playset, much like a Double Decker Couch. I mean, all of the minfiigures here are exclusive
– they even went the extra mile to give Superman
an AWESOME new face print. I love that. The Wonderdog is adorable, the classic Green Arrow has finally come, and it’s nice to get more obscure characters
with great prints like El Darado and Hawkgirl. Then, the build is so unique with that Krypton
feel. I love the DJ table with nice printed records. All of this is packed into a fantastic 30
bucks set that will definitely bring in fans of all
ages and types. [transition music] This is one of the sets that has already come
out, and I’m just resisting the urge to get it
to save up my money. You see, I have a backlog of D2Cs to build, so I know if I buy this, I won’t be building it for a while. But it has so many things I love in LEGO sets. It’s a huge playset, it has a gorgeous lineup of exclusive minifigures, little easter eggs, new pieces, and our first proper LEGO rollercoaster. God, this one is just2amazing. Not only will it make a fantastic play piece, it will make a crazy display piece. It may not be the prettiest, but it’s definitely one of the most creative
sets out there. [transition music] I made an extensive thoughts video on the
new Downtown Diner set, but to sum it up easily, this is my favorite modular in around three
years. It’s a new take on modulars for sure, almost looking like it’s from a different
time period than the others. The pastel-ish colors give me this Paradisa
slash retro South Florida feel, and I love the round design in parts like
the front window, bottom level roof, and left of the building, and the inside encompasses all those burger
classic style diners like a Waffle House. It’s complete with great little details
like a jukebox, gumball machine, and even an upper level exercise
room with a boxing ring. I only dissatisfied with the tan at the front, and that they didn’t keep tradition of including
classic style minifigure faces. Though, the exclusive minifigures are dope, like the rocker guy with the singing face. All in all, this is the first modular I’m motivated to get right when it comes
out with my Christmas Money. [transition music] Of course, the seasonal minifigure series
is at the top of the list. This time around is the second series for
The LEGO Batman Movie. Sure, it’s not as perfect as the first series, but there’s still some incredible minifigures
in this one. I adore the classic Jor-El and Zod, the obscure Clock King and Black Vulcan, the hilarious Soccer Mom Batgirl and Beach
Joker, the classic Wonder Twins, the perfectly executed
Hugo Strange, gosh there’s just a lot to love in this
series. Sure, there’s a few duds, like the lame
Beach variants for Batman, Robin, and Batgirl, but still, this really captures the wacky
feel of the LEGO Batman Movie and overall is just
a nice closure to the theme. Thank you guys for watching. If you’re interested in getting exclusive
looks at upcoming LEGO list videos, consider becoming a $20 plus supporter on
my Patreon – linked in the description. Either way, be sure to let me know which sets you want
from this season, and I’ll see you guys later. Peace out. Bye.

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  3. Sets I have that are shown in this Video: The Nether Fight, Speed Force Freeze Pursuit, Rhino Face-Off by the Mine, Royal Talon Fighter Attack, Ach-to Island Training, and The Hugo Strange Collectable Minifigure. Also, THESE ARE NOT WINTER 2018!

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