Top 10 Worst-Selling LEGO Themes!

Hello, just2good here, and today’s LEGO list will be taking a look at the worst selling LEGO themes since 2014
in the United States. How I came up with these choices was based
on various factors – insiders, market analysis, and just what I
saw from my own experiences. Keep in mind none of the facts here are set
in stone and are all based on judgement. You may see a subtheme or two on this list, but two themes you won’t see are Hero Factory
and Legends of Chima. Surprisingly, after all was considered, both weren’t as bad sellers as I previously
imagined. Hero Factory gained a lot of sales and traction
at the end of the line, partly due to Invasion from Below, and Chima did its job – with traction at the
start of the line, it ran its course of a three years theme. Either way, without further ado, let’s get into this. [intro music] Starting off the list is the Bionicle reboot
which lasted two years, from 2015 to 2016. The problem came with bringing in new fans, which is sad since it had a lot going for
it – a certain level of nostalgia, and a well made animated series. The advertising tried capitalizing in on the
nostalgia, targeting fan sites but leaving out the new
core it needed to build – the children. This tied in with a problem of lacking a selling
a point to new fans – Hero Factory had a primary selling point of
building your own hero, inspiring the creativity. The original Bionicle series had the selling
point of collectibility. The reboot just banked on familiar characters. The response wasn’t there by early 2016 and LEGO limited production drastically, making the final wave a Toys”R”Us exclusive. [transition music] While I loved LEGO Scooby Doo, we never got a second wave, for a reason. The sets were very hard to sell after Christmas
2015. Everyone wanted they Mystery Machine and the
whole Mystery Gang, but very little people wanted the other sets especially with the Mystery Mansion set, which was the only one to include Velma. There was a lot that needed to sell hence why it looked like they were always
on shelves. This was the opposite of what happened with
Jurassic World, where the Raptor Escape set sold so well and was never on shelves until they restocked
it and even that restock sold pretty quickly. [transition music] The LEGO Star Wars Buildable Figures is eighth and overall just a strange case. The popular characters sell pretty good. However, where it earns its spot on this list comes with the more human characters, especially those that aren’t popular. For example, I just picked up a Baze Malbus for a total of five bucks at Toys”R”Us
dot com. There’s little demand for a Chirrut Imwe,
and Jyn Erso. This mirrors Hasbro, in which LEGO produces way too many of these
figures for lesser popular characters. They’re also pretty pricey, compare it to the prices of Bionicle sets and you can see they’re DRASTICALLY more
expensive for less. The quality on them is great, but these do not justify a base twenty five
dollar price point. Either way, the figures eventually sell, and the theme will continue with the success
of the more popular characters, with a lot more just getting introduced – like a Boba Fett. [transition music] The
LEGO Adventure Time Ideas set, which I’ll reluctantly count as a subtheme, had a clear reason for its poor sales. People want the minifigures of Adventure Time, not brick built figures in this style no other
characters are in. Those who voted for it wanted LEGO Adventure
Time to exist, and it was revealed three months after the
initial announcement of the Ideas set that LEGO Dimensions would
be releasing minifigures for Adventure Time before the release of the
Ideas set. This made the Ideas set undesirable, left to warm the shelves with its late release
in January 2017. [transition music] For the fifth spot is the Master Builder Academy from 2011 which lasted until 2013. This was a less than stellar seller due to
The LEGO Group’s confusion on what it should be. Part of it wanted to be a subscription service, but another part wanted to be a learning tool, which upped its price drastically. Everyone was confused on what it was, especially kids and parents. I know all about LEGO and I’m still not sure what this theme was
all about. In the end, while it was meant to be a replacement
for Brick Master, it ended up lasting for a shorter time than
that theme. [transition music] The regular LEGO Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
sets were a slow mover but still sold decently. However, the LEGO Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Movie theme sold terribly. LEGO should’ve skipped on this iteration. The designs, while I liked them, were definitely more mature with mutated colors and blander builds unappealing to the target
demographic, and the designs weren’t recognizable to
justify such. Even when the sets were on sale with heavy
discounts, the sets still warmed the shelves of LEGO
Stores, Walmarts, and Targets nationwide. [transition music] The LEGO Angry Birds line is higher on the
list than the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie
theme because it had double the number of sets. The movie came at the wrong time and it was only a minor success domestically
– something that is problematic for LEGO. The sets came at a time where the IP was very
irrelevant, despite the advertising. At first, it may have looked like these were constantly
restocked, but rather, LEGO had so much stock left over, they warmed the shelves until the sets were
put on heavy clearance. I found the whole wave at my Barnes and Noble
the other week half off, and they’re still at all of my Toys”R”Us
stores. [transition music] The runner up worst selling theme in the United
States since 2014 is LEGO Fusion. Honestly, they should’ve called this theme
LEGO CONFUSION. Eh, get it? It would be deserving of that name because much like Master Building Academy, its detriment was that nobody knew what it
was. My experience with the theme was augmented
reality that barely worked, and consumers weren’t interested to take
a risk paying twenty bucks for a mediocre app game
with some LEGO bricks. The functionality of the Augmented Reality
wasn’t explained on the packaging. Additionally, the app only worked with bricks
included with the set, limiting the playability of the theme. All of that considered, the augmented reality integration may have
been ahead of its time, but it didn’t catch on with the core demographic, and the sets quickly disappeared from shelves. The Racing set only lasting a mere three months due to complaints about the app’s functionality. [transition music] And, the worst selling theme of recent years
in the United States would have to be DC Super Hero Girls. One of the more recent themes of the list, and a worse seller than any of the other choices
here. The main conflict comes in how inaccessible
the show is – it’s a small series of animated shorts appearing
on YouTube. which leads to the target demographic, girls ages 7-12, left to buy the set for just which recognizable characters are
in it. But here’s the problem. Little girls don’t just want the recognizable
female characters alone, they want the recognizable male characters
as well. Wonder Woman AND Superman. Batgirl AND Batman. Well, how many have male characters? Two sets. This small one with Harley Quinn, which contains
Steve Trevor, a b-tier DC character on popularity, and then the most expensive set which has
the Flash, no cowl, just the symbol on the shirt. The smaller two of the summer wave retired
after four months on shelves, and I constantly see the first and most of the second wave on sale at Target
stores. A third wave, releasing in 2018, was planned and even appeared as preliminaries
in retail catalogs, containing two other sets of Batgirl and Supergirl, but also a set with Starfire rescuing Wonder
Woman. These may be cancelled, or at least put on
hold until the show becomes more widely available. Apparently, a full TV show will start airing
in 2018, so perhaps that will be the rebirth of LEGO
DC Super Hero Girls. Either way, I hope you guys enjoyed this list, and I definitely want a discussion going on
in the comments. I’m so thankful for ALL of you guys, who have given me great support throughout
this amazing year of LEGO. A special thanks to my Patreon supporters, who have given me more of a drive to release
Top 10s list as of recent days. Either way, I’ll see you guys later. Peace out. Bye.

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51 thoughts on “Top 10 Worst-Selling LEGO Themes!

  1. I remember to kick off China the stopped one season of ninjago I was pissed when ninjago came back 6 year old me was so happy now I'm 12

  2. I used to have the mystery mansion. But one of my moms friends kids came over and I was playing with it and they kicked it when I said they couldn't keep the Scooby doo character and it was destroyed and I couldn't find the instructions so I was very upset and needless to say I had to put away all of my legos the next time they came over but luckily they haven't been back in 4 years.

  3. I actually liked G2 Bionicle, yes, it was different, but it wasn't awful. The only thing I hated about it was the story.

  4. I liked the chima cartoon. I remember watching it on cartoon network while I had chickungunya

  5. LEGO made a really big mistake with the Star Wars buildable figures by not doing a C-3PO. Its a hugely popular character and since he has no organic stuff at all, it wouldn't have had any of the ugliness problems of all the human figures.
    Although it might be that to do a C-3PO in the line in a way that satisfied the LEGO designers and Disney/Lucasfilm would have required more parts to be produced in metallic colors than LEGO was willing to do for a single set (especially at that price point).

  6. I can't believe lego tmnt film version did terrible, the lego sets were very accurate, it had a lot of detailing to it, the minifigures look pretty decent, IDK why it did terrible but it's still my favorite lego them.

  7. Lego ninjago is the goat of goat.
    All the nostalgia that comes with it. I regret selling my Lego sets. How stupid I was ughhh

  8. Bionicle should be number one on the lost but wait… is already cancelled AGAIN. oh wait IT IS ON THE LIST.

  9. Legends of Chima: You guys always act like you’re better than me!

    LEGO Movie:
    LEGO City:

  10. I actually got an jyn erso buildable figure from lego star wars, my mom just bought me one randomly and i think it is an awesome figure

  11. "The bionicle reboot didnt apeal to the main audience,children". Man I remember wanting these so bad when I was younger.

  12. 3:50 still stands as the worst LEGO ideas set of all time. The Cactus house which was up for review at the same time should’ve been chosen over this crap

  13. This probably has nothing to do with the video but tell me if there was a good 2006 Lego sets idk if it had tons of terrible or ships of good

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