Top 10 Worst LEGO Remakes!

Hello, just2good here, and today I’m going to be counting down
the Top 10 worst LEGO remakes. These could be a character design from a specific
property that had an updated minifigure, or a LEGO set from a particular movie or TV
show that had a different set released later down
the line. These are my personal opinions, so don’t get too caught up in my choices, as I’m going to have a little fun with this
list. Anyways, without further ado, let’s get into this. [intro music] Starting off the list is the Brick Bounty, a 2015 LEGO Pirates set. I consider this set a remake of the 2009 Pirate
Ship. This one is nothing special, came and went,
but it did its job – basically the 2015 LEGO Pirates line in a
nutshell. The build is fine. But, the name is why this set is on the list
– something I have a personal gripe with – The
Brick Bounty. The 2009 Ship was the Brickbeard’s Bounty. Uh… so they didn’t really change the name
for the 2015 ship, just dropped beard and added “The” at
the start. What’s so bad about this besides the fact
that it’s lazy? Well, you see, in 2014 LEGO had a naming contest
on Rebrick for this ship. Whoever could name the ship would receive
the set signed as it came out in 2015. The winner was Legobuffproductions, who named the set… the Brick Bounty. Y’know, congrats to him, go check out his
channel because he has quality videos, and I don’t mean any malice when I say this, but what a lazy choice for a name. This could’ve been an opportunity to come
up with a really cool and new name for the LEGO Pirates’ legacy. But nope. The Brick Bounty. I don’t even remember if I entered this
contest, but I know people who put effort and careful
thought into their name selections for this set, and when I heard THAT was the winning name, I was in complete disbelief that a name so
unoriginal beat out all the other potential names. [transition music] So, our first minifigure spot, it’s the 2016 War Machine minifigure from
the Captain America Civil War sets. What’s so bad about this remake of a very
good 2013 minifigure, you might ask? Well, it’s just one thing that isn’t horrible and that’s why it’s low on this list. The new black armor design and printing is
awesome and all, but they ruin his face design. Funny enough, it’s a great face print that they use – one of my favorite licensed ones – Cyborg’s
from 2015. But, this design does NOT fit Don Cheadle
playing Rhodey. The 2013 print for Rhodey from the Iron Man
3 sets fit Rhodey perfectly. However, this face print looks like a child’s
face, or a teenagers face. Rhodey is an adult. As I usually say on Twitter… SAD! [transition music] Okay, so this spot is an obscure one. The 2012 VIP exclusive best of minifigures
pack. So like the Brick Bounty, this one was a fan
choice… sort of. Not with the name, but rather, the five minifigures. The choices were left up to a poll at the
end of 2011. And… the vote was to bring back five minifigures… all from LEGO Minifigures Series 3. Which, is the worst LEGO minifigures Series
in my opinion – if you haven’t seen my Top 10 Worst LEGO
Minifigures Series video, go see it for my explanation. Seems like the poll could’ve been a bit
crooked, I mean, ALL of them being from Series 3? They picked some uninteresting figures as
well, like the Mummy and Space Villain. You’re telling me that the Mummy beat the
Series 1 Zombie, a minifigure that was hard to find even at
the time of the vote? You may say, this isn’t a remake just2good. It’s a re-release of these figures. But, that’s where you’re wrong. They chose to change ONE thing from the original
minifigures. The Mummy’s dark red scorpion is now gold. I don’t know why they changed this, but they made it qualify for this list with
that change. Thankfully, this was only 13 bucks at release, and minifigures Series 3 packs were three
bucks, so it was a good deal. And it did bring some fan favorites like the
Elf and Gorilla. Still, the choices for the others and the
fact all were Series 3 was pretty jarring. [transition music] Ugh. Remember this dude? Yeah, I mean, I had to include the LEGO Darth
Maul remake from 2015. Darth Maul in LEGO minifigure form has had
a great legacy. The original 1999 one had one of the most
intricate face prints for the time, which still looks good to this day. We finally got the top of his head as a new
piece in 2011, which that minifigure design for Maul’s
face is probably the best. Then, in 2015, we got this new face design
with Maul that just looks creepy in the wrong way. Eugh…. That grin makes me feel uncomfortable, I’m wanna keep the kids away from this dude. It was a step back, and for some reason, they still use it to this day – I mean, the same face appeared in a smaller set earlier
this year. [transition music] Ah, the 2015 LEGO Winter Village Toy Shop. As somebody who has most of the LEGO Winter
Village sets – this is the one I don’t have and don’t
plan on getting. The design of this set is great because it’s a close remake of the first
Winter Village set ever – they didn’t change the overall design. The original is a fantastic set. But, we only get one Winter Village set per
year, so this wasted the 2015 spot. What makes this set so personally bad to me is the fact that I own the original, and this only came out a mere six years after
the last. Look, I understand when LEGO does remakes
of licensed models – because, they’re obligated to by the license
holder, who like to keep the popular vehicles on shelves. But to have a fantastic direct to consumer
set re-released for twenty dollars more with the
same design, same colors, is a poor choice. They could’ve easily made a new toy store with a different but similar design, heck, change up the colors, but nope. Even worse, because this wasn’t a new building, and in 2016 we got a train, we had to wait a full three years to get a new BUILDING in the winter village
line – which, is the LEGO Winter Village Station. [transition] Speaking of weak direct to consumer sets, the 2016 LEGO Star Wars Death Star remake was destined to take a spot high on the list. The old one from 2008 was four hundred dollars, this one is five hundred dollars. Even with inflation considered, that one hundred dollar price increase isn’t
justified. Really, the price hike made this a disappointment. Sure, you got new minifigures. But only two hundred-ish new pieces were added. Come on. With that price, maybe increase it a bit more, and the designers could’ve added something
like plates to cover the outside that were easy to remove. But nope, it was just the same old standard
design. Seemed like a waste of a re-release. [transition music] The next entry is an easy one, agreed upon
by many – the 2016 LEGO Star Wars Assault on Hoth set. Look, this is a remake of multiple sets, but the execution ticked off many adult LEGO
fans – which, was seen as the target audience – with
the UCS seal. I mean, look, I love play features, but push missiles and a rapid fire stud shooter
in a UCS set? That really ticked off the adult fans. You see, we only get two UCS LEGO Star Wars
sets per year, heck, sometimes we only get one. To waste one on a playset seeming for kids…
come on. It’s just like the Winter Village Toy Shop
– a wasted spot. You expect that UCS level quality, yet you have technic pieces all exposed in
the inside, no Leia, no medical bay, this awkward made
up watchtower, and only three shield generators. All for a ridiculous two hundred and fifty
dollars. I mean, the Hoth Wampa Cave and Echo Base
sets from a couple years back were much better
deals and surprisingly just better overall sets
in design. It’s a shame that the Wampa and Ton Ton are restricted to this crappy UCS set on the
current shelf. [transition music] For the next entry, we have the Harry Potter and the Goblet of
Fire Ron Weasley minifigure. This is from 2005, and the design was even
reused in the 2007 Hogwarts Castle. I mean, look, the previous versions matched
the LEGO art style of the early 2000s. But then, there’s this awkward phase with
the 2005 sets where some figures looked fine like Harry, and then Hermione and Ron Weasley took a downgrade
for the worst and don’t look like any kind of LEGO minifigure. I guess they decided to go more realistic
here – you can see with Hermione’s big lips and
Ron’s… grin? I guess? This problem actually returned again in 2014, for characters like Luke Skywalker… whom
almost made the list. I mean, Ron was neck and neck with Hermione but I’ll just say Ron looks a little worse. He just looks… out of it. Definitely the biggest downgrade for a LEGO
minifigure I’ve ever seen. Thankfully, the next Ron was released in 2010, and looked much more fitting for the LEGO
minifigure design. [transition music] The 2009 LEGO Spongebob Krusty Krab is the
next entry, and this is a sentiment I had at the time
of its release. You see, I own the 2006 Krusty Krab, and that
version rests on a baseplate, and was still cramped, with no kitchen and
a separate register. LEGO was like, hey want a full size Krusty
Krab? WELL, have THIS! And put out one of the most superficial LEGO
buildings. It’s literally just the shell of part of
the exterior. There’s like… a stove, register, and money
bin incorrectly on the sides. It’s not accurate or satisfying in any way. The only good part of the set is the minifigures
and the Patty Wagon, but again, for a remake, this is one of the
biggest downsizes yet. Nice oxymoron I got going on there. [transition music] So… the worst remake is the one that inspired
me to make this list. The Luigi and Guido’s Pit Stop set from
the LEGO Juniors Cars 3 line, released in 2017. Okay, so the main selling point of this small
ten dollar set are the two vehicles. Well, Luigi is a terrible remake of his previous
version, and Guido is definitely weaker than his previous
version. I’ve harped on Luigi so much when the set
came out, but in summary, they made Luigi compact and it ends up making him look more like a
Duplo build than the Duplo Luigi build. It’s terrible, he needs more space in between his wheels, he looks like a banana on wheels. And look, that 2×2 plate does not work as
his hat. Guido has this weird split level plate that
is used to hold stuff and just looks like a weird mustache or something. Now, he can’t even hold a wheel to this
front piece. While most of the 2017 LEGO Cars designs are
improvements from the original, these two a major downgrades. And that’s why this set starring the two
is, in my opinion, the worst LEGO remake. Anyways, what are all of your choices? Leave your thoughts in the comments below. I’ll see you guys later. Peace out. Bye.

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