Top 10 Suited LEGO Figures!

What’s up guys? Today we’re going to be taking a look at the top 10 suited, LEGO Minifigures, going into, no particular order at all first up, we have the Corncob boi This, guy, in my opinion is one of my, favorite food suit guys especially ’cause he’s corn You know looks really really cool it feels really neat it feels like, Marge’s hair, from the Simpsons (horrifying Screech) This, guy, i like him he’s nice the Coin cob suit is my favorite part really interesting mold new molding nothing on the torso at all a nice little face looks Like Scruffy from Futurama, i don’t know, why reminds, me if i’m don’t look anything like it but anyway there is the corncob. Man, what do you guys think? (Jaws Theme) Shark, suit guy, now this guy is awesome i always liked sharks sharks always amazed me whales- would be a Good, little like you know mascot for like an aquarium that’d be kind of cool, like he’s a shark suit Guy, he looks happy really good design he has gills even there’s his Dorsal fin and then his tail fin then there’s other fins in the front new motor forearms i like that a lot it’s one thing That’s legos, amazing, me about it don’t use the regular hands i use little pins it’s awesome i like that a lot Oh, no printing on the legs Which is pretty normal minimal printing on the torso just like is it oh belly nothing on the back oh
Yeah, he’s a scared face i guess he’s scared of sharks or something either that or he’s sweating i’m not too too Sure but here’s that hat piece looks awesome really really great just looks like a shark awesome awesome teeth really really amazing Like, what lego? Does to these figures next up is a series 18 figure this is the cactus First glance it looks like a pickle you know look at the cool part you’ll be good for like the core Brick but here he is or here she is excuse me new, arms just like for cactus i’m sure sykes supposed to be like One like that that looks more right that’s austin, little prickly little spikes on there to round it off so you, don’t get hurt And take that off here’s the back, she’s like, she’s getting poked, by the spikes that’s, why, that faces their dorsal Is kind of confusing, because you don’t know Which way, is the front way in which was the back i think this size, the back cuz There’s my wrinkles it was the front she’s happy, she’s excited she’s a green person and this would be good for like a hide-and-seek Stop-motion next up is my all-time favorite loserdom and this guy is really really cool i’m really Like how he’s a dinosaur nice spikes really really good in detail on the torso Those little scales right there awesome figure love the eyes you take that off there’s his face confusing, face i don’t know What that really, means i’m sure it’s just a face you can Take, off his head then there’s that tail, and there’s nothing on the back next up i had doubts About in the pudding in this list this is the flower girl She she’s good in detail like the moldings really really nice i love this, new Flower mode that’s a nice little pink little flower with green, leaves her surface Well that’s her face really really interesting and i don’t know, why eat out some of these faces don’t, make, sense like, why Does she have that face or i mean i understand she’s happy right there but i don’t know Why, she said i got a little vine right there on her torso it’d take her off that that’s how Her she is together Is that her legs go into the spot that’s the nice little morning for a plot to and she just looks like This, with the pot out of the way? You, guys, seen this guy already – this is the birthday cake, suit man really really good detail it’s like a nice blend cake He, is that first sound, whooshing really good Hair with a little hole in it to put in this party hat it looks sculpted you know Like clay sculpt is what it looks like? I don’t know, it’s just my opinion really really happy face it reminds, me of emma And he’s got his really really nice torso printing with, little cake, sweaters i like that a lot There’s the back for k starting on the back, no other face just a nice basic Guy, with a nice suit i really, like how. This guy, looks, and there’s this cake, again he just fits in there just like that Next up is another food this is the banana now. People don’t really, like, this guy i don’t know Why, i think he’s really really cool, bananas are my, favorite fruit they, say make a watermelon one cuz That’s even better you can, see they, had the branding on there and that’s the banana brand one of what a company Name put it put the company put the name of the fruit as your brand That’s awesome like if you have a watermelon and be like watermelon made by, banana or sold by banana That’s the nice no banana hat yeah pretty pretty cool, like that a lot There’s his, face his face is awesome he has nice sunglasses that’d be really really good for customs And yeah he just looks like a normal person without the suit that’s, what he looked, like with no Hair, blue pants nothing on the front or the back of the torso no other face this is a nice basic Little figure and he, also has double motive arms, which i appreciate a lot next up Is rocket man man this guy then one on this guy, for the longest time he has the classic Classic space suit he’s just a kid so smile nothing on the back no like perfect And then the rocket itself is really really nice as though bolts in it as four legs And it’s little Radar thing right there i believe i had much sure the rocket kind of reminds me of spongebob wait i can stand up By, by itself and it it’s like its, own prop it’s really really nice that’s what that looks like Alone i just put it on the figure and there you go ah the good old dragon My, favorite this is this is a remake of the classic Castle dragon that you can look up you can see really really, good, detailing it’s like He has paw prints on his belly But i’m sure it’s just like Fire or burns or scales i mean he’s got the six toes down there on his Horse or legs he’s got ski on the arms even and going up to the front he has a really really wicked Wicked hat that’s what that looks, like very very cool Got teeth more scales and some horns little wings and ears and stuff like That pretty freaky, looking he has two faces here’s His first face he’s not happy he’s just like talking to somebody, and then if he wants to like pose then he’s angry That’s what he’d? Look, like like this like, who i’m an angry dragon and then ooh i am a. Happy dragon No, printing on the back of the torso he’s got a nice little tail right there with Like a couple spikes in and a spiky and nice figure i like This, guy, a lot less i’m certainly not least it’s just a. Celebrate. July, 4th early, we got the firework suit Guy, this guy’s, awesome see it’s it’s the bang firework, obviously cuz Fireworks, go, bang it’s got nice little sparks on it blue and red red, white and blue you know. America got a kind of got Blues blue torso with red hands really nice and then a little sparking on his legs Which i think looks alright it’s not bad for a firework are you basic Figure nothing much to say sir if those a fast video but, these are, my top 10 favorite Lego suited Minifigures what do you guys, think did i do good? Do you, think it’s alright i think it’s a pretty good selection if you guys liked it hit me up it was like Subscribe if you knew see you guys the next video peace out

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44 thoughts on “Top 10 Suited LEGO Figures!

  1. I love series minifigures but i dont have much since old series are expensive and duplicates are annoying.

  2. the corn cob guy is terrible because it doesn't have any accessories he could have like corn as an accessory

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