Top 10 Spookiest LEGO Sets!

Hello, just2good here, and the leaves are fallin’ the nights are
getting dimmer – it must be October. I love October because it’s the Halloween
month, y’know! So, today, I will be counting down the top
10 SPOOKIEST LEGO sets. Let’s say you’re building a LEGO Halloween
Display – these would be the must get sets for that
display, which captures that Halloween aesthetic in
their builds and minifigures. Get your pumpkin carving tools ready, be prepared to scarf down a handful of candy
corn for every time I say spooky, and without further ado, let’s get into this. [intro music] Starting off the list is the LEGO Studios
2002 Vampire Crypt set, which is different from many other LEGO vampire
sets. It’s a bit small but still packs the creeps. I had this one when I was younger and regret
ever taking it apart. The backdrop sets up the old crypt context,
there’s a hidden trap door, and one of my favorite LEGO pieces – the coffin. Well, it’s two pieces, the moulding for
that was so cool when I was younger. And, Dracula in this set is still my favorite
vampire minifigure to this date. Well, maybe besides Marceline. I think that hair piece is so fitting, I don’t know why they switched to the widow’s
peak one for the recent vampires. Maybe it’s because the clutch power on this
original one is always just2loose. I also loved the cape, which was unique for
its time. Nowadays, we get a lot of capes with the top
part behind the head. And, the Hunchback is another pretty underrated
minifigure. It’s our only ever figure of this kind of
character from the monster folklore, I’m kind of sad we never got a CMF hunchback,
though. [transition music] The 2015 LEGO Scooby Doo sets were great – don’t get me wrong – but the colors may have put a lot of them
out of my consideration for this list. The lime green doesn’t fit so much in a
spooky display, and I mean, I love the Mystery Machine set, and it’s something we associate with haunts, but I’m looking for something more spooky
on its own. The Haunted Lighthouse can definitely stand
on its own in a frightening display. The whole lighthouse stands on an island with
a friggin’ SKELETON head – what a classic spook – LEGO has done that
before though. There’s spiderwebs all over, and a cliche
keep-out sign. Like with all of the other Scooby Doo sets, there’s frightening secrets throughout that
you can use as clues to solve the mystery. Then, the two villains in the set are spooky-core. Sure, they’re humans underneath, but their disguises include a haunted lighthouse
keeper and an admittedly creepy Swamp Monster – perhaps that should’ve made my Top 10 Creepiest
LEGO Sets and Minifigures list. [transition music] Y’know, even though I think the 2012 Crazy
Scientist and His Monster set is spooky, I didn’t include it on this list because I think 2002’s LEGO Studios Scary
Laboratory from ten years back is much more frightening. Simply put – it’s bigger with a lot more
monsters – there’s a full skeleton, and a ghost in this one. And, honestly, I like this version of the
monster better than the 2012 version because it looks more ridiculous. That top head piece is so oversized it makes
it look a lot more creepy looking back. The same can be said with the scientist – whose face looks more exaggerated and maniacal. For the build, as I said, it’s bigger and
messier. There’s little compartments here and there,
and minor touches, like bats, rats, and even more skeleton heads
in jars. Dang, LEGO loves that addition. In general, this is a pretty rare set and
one I’ve wanted for a while – it’s hard to find good pictures of it online. Someday I’ll hopefully get this set and
the Werewolf one to complete my LEGO Studios Monsters collection. [transition music] The LEGO Monster Fighters Zombies set from
2012 is incredibly sought after, and for a good reason – the minifigures and build are unlike many
LEGO sets, they’re downright chilling. The zombie bride is exclusive to this set
and has friggin’ blood on her face – yes, LEGO calls this makeup, but we know it’s
not. It’s a sad story – the bride and groom seem
to have bit the dust at their wedding. And, the grave is a great scenic playset. You’ll get some spooks by using the play
feature of rising the dead from their graves. The moloseum has a stain glass window and
overgrowth – with a bat and glow in the dark spider to
boot. However, the Jack McHammer’s vehicle is
pretty goofy, albeit violent once you think about it. I went over that aspect in my Top 10 Most
Violent LEGO Sets, but it basically implies he smashes the dead
back into the ground. Oof. [transition music] I had to feature another LEGO Scooby Doo set
from 2015 – the Mystery Mansion set. The dark purple works here for that Halloween
aesthetic. There’s boarded up walls, overgrowth, spider-webbed
windows, and just an overall raggedy look on the outside. Inside, it’s a bit cramped, but there’s
a creepy crypt for the Vampire, a secret rustic vault, and a big spike ball
to spook trespassers. Since this is from 2015, this is the only set on the list that includes
the INCREDIBLE Jack o Lantern piece – one of my favorite pieces of recent years. It’s such a Halloween piece – excellently
moulded – I love it. There’s even a killer plant, which is quite
a scary build. The minifigures include the newer style ghost
with the new ball and chain piece, a haunted knight, and a vampire. Of course, all is not as it seems, and as with most Scooby villains, it’s just a bunch of people in costumes
in the end trying to scare away the Mystery Gang. [transition music] I do not think the LEGO Monster Fighters 2012
Ghost Train is really a good set. But it’s pretty dang spooky. I mean look at this bad boy. There’s parts all over that glow in the
dark, including a big ghoulish face up front and
a ghastly green flame. The locomotive is riddled in bones and even
bat wings. Then, for the minifigs, you get THREE friggin’
ghosts, how ghoulish can it get? The build may be ridiculous, but it’s ridiculous in that spooky, Halloween
way. [transiton music] Gosh, this is another set I really want, it’s
almost a Holy Grail LEGO Harry Potter set. Then again, so many old Harry Potter sets
go for ridiculous amounts sealed. This is the Graveyard Duel set from the Goblet
of Fire line in 2005. In a way, I think this is a scarier set than
the Zombies – because it’s just more real. They don’t waste space with a ridiculous
vehicle, rather, they have a bunch of tombstones and a moloseum. But there’s no glow in the dark spider,
or witch’s cauldron, or moon stone – no, it’s a full moloseum
and graveyard. The gravestone for Tom Riddle is particularly
spooky, as is the dead tree. Then, there’s the minifigures. Admittedly, since it’s Harry Potter, we’re not going to be getting pure Halloween
Monsters. But this version of he-who-should-not-be-named
glows in the dark and has a haunting face, there’s a cool charred skeleton, and the Death Eater has a scary mask. [transition music] The LEGO Monster Fighters Vampyre Castle set
from 2012 takes the third spot. This is an essential LEGO spook, and definitely one of my favorite sets of
what was a really strong year. The muted colors work for the creepy exterior
– it’s not all a boring gray – they add variety by making the tower roof
parts black, and adding glow in the dark stickers throughout
the walls. There’s a lot of essential spooky elements,
like spiders, bats, but those are found on most of the sets on
this list. However, this one goes one step beyond with
some of the darkest play elements. This is another one I talked about in my Most
Violent LEGO sets video, but there’s a tortured skeleton dead on
the chains in one room, another room leading from a trap door is a
deadly spike pit, and there’s hidden spikes at the gate. For more traditional scary elements, Lord Vampyre has a fantastic pipe organ like
the popular Dracula myth, there’s a new coffin, and the moonstone
portal has a ghoulish glow in the dark crescent moon on it. The minifigures are fantastically spooky as
well – with Lord Vampyre himself, his bride, and
two Bat Monsters with a hellish look. It may be from different era than our modern
age, but the Vampyre Castle is definitely a great
set to put out during Halloween. [transition music] This is the quintessential spooky LEGO set
– the Haunted House. The one I will never get my hands on because
it goes for DOUBLE its price on eBay. The one I’ve been wanting to get since it
released – and I regret not getting. Honestly, forget it. I will buy it by next Halloween. Mark my words. Either way, the spookiness is captured in
the set’s rustic architecture. The exterior has boarded windows, the color
scheme is muted, but it works for the creepy, avoid this house,
aesthetic. The interior has spooky little additions like
a witch’s pot, haunted old photos, and an attic accumulating
ancient attributes. Of course, LEGO tops this off with all star
monsters. A monster butler who is still exclusive to
this day for his grey colors, a zombie, TWO ghosts, and Lord Vampyre with
his bride – those later two being identically creepy as
they were in the Vampyre Castle set. It’s all of the best of the Halloween season
in one, spooky set. Well, there’s no candy, but you get the
point. [transition music] And, the SPOOKIEST LEGO set is, well, a minifigures
series. LEGO Minifigures Series 3! It’s scary how bad this series is. First we have the terrible… Okay okay. Kidding. It’s LEGO Minifigures Series 14. This is currently the only non-licensed themed
Minifigures series, and it’s based around Monsters. And this is the only thing on the list that
is ONE HUNDRED percent SPOOKY. I mean, come on, not only is this series filled
with spooky monsters, but we even have a Skeleton costume Guy with
a Halloween Jack-o-Lantern bucket! From what I heard, this series didn’t sell
very well. I mean, I understand, it released in August of 2015, so it only had about three months to catch
the Halloween hype. After Halloween, I could imagine sales dropped
significantly. I mean, all the monsters have their spooks. Some are cartoonishly spooky, like the plant
monster, crazy scientist, and spectre, while some look
pretty unsettling, like the Fly Monster, and Banshee. I have to say, the Witch is the EMBODIMENT
of Halloween. When I think of Halloween, I think of witches
like that. I love that figure so much, it’s like, the
only LEGO Witch figure I love. Well, traditional witch that is – it reminds
me of the old Halloween books I loved when I was smol. This series also adds three more zombies, which are a lot of people’s favorite types
of minifigures. This includes a Zombie Pirate, for a shipwreck
display, a comedy-horror-esque Zombie Cheerleader, and a Zombie Businessman out for brains. Despite its short time on shelves, LEGO Minifigures Series 14 will be remembered
for years to come as providing the ultimate variety of spooky LEGO. And, that’s it. I hope you guys enjoyed this fun list, and stay tuned for more Halloween content
as we approach my favorite holiday environment. I’ll see you guys later, peace out, bye.

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