Top 10 Scary Dolls That Attacked Their Owners

What’s up top 10 fam hope you’re having
an awesome day, Im your host Ayman Hasan and welcome back to another video. Now ive never liked those porcelain dolls
i find them so creepy even if theyre completely normal and not cursed or haunted. They just look weird. Even as a kid id play with barbies and bratz
but these oldschool looking dolls from the victorian era were a hard no from me. And i guess i was right in thinking that because
these are the Top 10 Scary Dolls That Attacked Their Owners. Starting us off with number 10 is Deisy. So back in November of 2018, Berliz a woman
from Peru said she owned a doll that was so jealous of her boyfriend that it caused him
to leave her. The doll named Deisy was given to her as a
christmas girft and can apparently move by itself and knocks things over whenever it
wants. The day after she got her all of Deisys hair
apparently fell out somehow. One day she suddenly saw a bright light right
after her bible fell off the tv and she just burst into tears, she saw that she was surrounded
by shadows and her dad ran over to hug her. When she looked up her face was covered in
cuts supposedly inflicted by Deisy. Her boyfriend decided to leave her because
he would feel like he was getting physically beat up every night and he knew it was cus
of the doll. I would get rid of it but Berliz is too scared
to do so. Coming in at number 9 is 2 out of 100. Alabama based paranormal enthusiast Ashley
Nicole Fine has a collection of 100 haunted dolls, 2 of which absolutely despise her boyfriend
Phillip. Ashley claims the two dolls that hate Phillip
are possessed by two women that were murdered by their own boyfriends and so just the sight
of Phillip pisses them off. And i mean fair enough. One of the dolls is possessed by a woman called
Mirabella and the other by a woman called Setha. Ashley shared that Mirabella told her she
had been strangled by a jealous lover and then dumped into a lake. The dolls have attacked Phillip during the
night because he woke up with scratches all over his body and the dolls had moved from
where she had kept them. They were deep bloody scratches by any means
but they were still worrying enough to cause concern. But Ashley has been collecting these dolls
since she was 12 and said she would always choose the dolls over any boyfriend she had. At number 8 we have The Colourful Flame. This one was shared by Booduh42 who said her
and her husband moved into a fixer upper house and had to clean out all the previous tenants
crap. They threw out most things but decided to
keep this porcelain doll thinking they could sell it on ebay or something. They left her at the back of their walk in
closet but she started just appearing all over the house. The husband thought the wife was moving it
and vice versa but then one morning they woke up and it was just standing on top of the
TV looking straight at them. They grabbed it and put it on the kitchen
table and went out for a cigarette. When they came back she was on top of the
fridge so they were like oh hell no. they get a hammer and smash it to pieces but
instead of the pieces flying eveywhere and towards the line of impact, they went straight
to the couples face and cut them both. Angry now they took the doll out, doused her
in lighter fluid and lit her on fire. But the fire kept changing colours it wetn
pink, blue, green, purple and all the while they felt like they could hear this high pitched
scream in the back of their ears. When they got back into the house they found
pieces of the dolls face on their bed in the arrangement of her face with their blood on
it. Despite literally just burning her including
those parts. Filling our number 7 slot is Letta. Letta honestly looks really bloody creepy
im not even gonna lie. Hes wearing this silky dark green suit and
is the size of a child. Hes meant to be 200 years old and is made
from real human hair and carved wood. I feel like if hes made from real hair then
obviously the person whos hair that was is still attached to the doll somehow. Thats just how haunting and attachment works. Either way Kerry Walton has owned Letta since
the 70s when he found him in an abandoned house in Australia. When he brought him home everything kinda
went tits up expectedly. Are we really surprised? Things would start moving, there were scratch
marks all over the floor, Kerrys children would have nightmares constantly. One night his daughter woke up screaming saying
Letta had moved on his own and he had, he was right by her bed. She claimed the doll grabbed her finger with
a strength she never imagined and would not let go. And i mean the bruises on her finger explained
it all. Source:
Now at number 6 is The China Doll. Now back in 2017 there was a major bidding
war going on on ebay over a haunted china doll. Debbie Merrick the initial owner of the doll
shared on ITV that the doll would set off her fire alarm, take off her own necklace
and would scratch her partner any chance she got. Lee Steer managed to win with his bid of 866
pounds and the doll was soon shipped to him. But after 2 days of being in the same house
with her Lees father woke up with scratches all over his arms very similar to those inflicted
on Debbies partner. The scratches seemed to be the same size as
the dolls hand despite the fact they hadnt even unboxed her yet. Lee said since shes been in his house, hes
been hearing weird noises around his house and things keep breaking despite no one actually
being behind it. Coming in at number 5 is Charley. Now this doll was discovered in the attic
of a victorian home in new york back in 1986. The doll named Charley was locked in a trunk
that dated back to the 30s and with it came a piece of paper with the lords prayer on
it. Which i mean, if youre finding a doll with
note of scripture chances are you need to douse it in holy water. Charley himself is yellowed from age, one
of his eyes has rubbed off and he lowkey looks like hes wearing a straightjacket. A family ended up getting the doll and placed
it on display along with their other dolls. However mere days after they got him, he started
swapping positions and knocking the other toys off the shelf. The youngest daughter of the family claimed
Charley would speak to her at night but the parents dismissed it. Well they dismissed it until she woke up one
day with deep slashes all over her body and then they were like oh maybe shes not bullshitting
after all. They locked the doll up in their attic and
then donated it to an oddities shop in Salem. At number 4 is Isla de las Munecas (ees-la
de las muh-nyeh-kas) or the Island of the Dolls. Now this island is just south of Mexico City
and it has quite the story. Don Julian Santana Barrera was the caretaker
of the island and one day he found a little girl drowned in the water. He had no idea how she had died and was unable
to save her, a few hours later he saw a doll floating near the canal which he assumed was
most likely that girls. Out of respect for the girl he took the doll
and hung it on one of the trees on the island and thats how it all began. After that point its said that Julian started
getting haunted by the girl and in an attempt to appease her spirit he started hanging more
dolls around the island. Those close to Julian said he changed after
that period, its like an unseen force started driving him to make these dolls his life. After 50 years of collecting dolls and hanging
them, Julian was found drowned in the exact same place he had found that girls body. Many believe Julian made up the story in his
solitude but i doubt it. People believe the spirit of the girl, Julian
and the dolls heavily haunt and protect the island. Many have seen the dolls move and have heard
whispers coming from them and most believe it was the original first doll that drove
both Julian and the girl to drown. Filling our number 3 slot is The German Doll.
this one was shared by ParanomalAlien85 who said she had bought a doll from her daughter
not knowing its origins came from Germany in the 40s. As in right smack dab in the middle of world
war 2. When the doll finally came she looked harmless
enough but that same night the mum had a very vivid dream. She and her partner saw their daughter and
sister stuck inside a nazi concentration camp and despite seeing them they couldnt do anything
to save them. The daughter also happened to be holding the
doll in her hand even though that probably wouldnt have happened in real life. Her boyfriend somehow tripped on something
while running away from the camp and his eye popped out of his socket, like the user remembered
it dangling from the socket in vivid detail. When they woke up the next morning, the users
partner woke up with a bloody eye. How? No one knows. Now at number 2 is Annabelle. Yes she is a real possessed doll, the movie
was based on a true story. The real story takes place in the year 1970
when a mum bought her daughter a Raggedy Ann doll from an antique store. The daughter put the doll on her bed and left
her there. But soon enough the doll started changing
position and initially they thought it was because the bed was being nudged. But they very quickly changed their minds. Annabelle would change rooms and leave notes
around the house which read help Lou and help me. They lived in a home with other people and
the doll even strangled one of the housemates fiances in bed. The last straw was when they came home one
night to discover the doll covered in blood. Whos blood? The duo called an expert who told them the
spirit of the doll was called Annabelle and that she was a 7 year old girl that was murdered
years beforehand and was just left to rot in a field where the apartment now currently
standing. The spirit told the expert medium it wanted
to stay and be loved and so the housemates let kept it, not knowing that threre was no
little girl, it was in fact a demon with behavioural problems. And finally at number 1 is The Roommate. This one comes from reddit user kkholiday07
who said their college roommates sister decided to buy a haunted doll off the internet. And she was fully aware that it could be a
complete hoax and that was honestly what she was expecting so when the reality was so different
she was shocked. As soon as she got the doll, things around
her house were never the same. She started having intense violent nightmares,
her dog started throwing up blood despite the vet saying he was completely fine. The girl started hearing voices that would
tell her to harm herself and she ended up being admitted into a mental institution and
is still there 8 years later. And thats it for todays video guys! See dolls are literally never a good idea
i freakin told you. Im not tryna get scratched, im not tryna hear
things, im not tryna do any of that. Lemme know what you thought below and as always
im your host Ayman Hasan and ill see you in
the next one. Byee.

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