Top 10 Retired LEGO Minifigure Pieces!

Hello, just2good here, and I want to take
a look at some LEGO minifigure pieces which will never come back. Now, not prints, and not in a sense of pieces
from retired themes – like Spongebob minifigures, the Fabuland Animals, or Power Miners rock
monsters. Nor animal pieces which got updates, like
Owls and dogs. More like pieces that COULD appear in current
themes, but have been forever replaced by an improved design – for example, the two
old Space helmets that cracked easily, or basically any Star Wars helmet in general. But I really want to touch on the more obscure
cases many didn’t know about. There’s no particular order, and let’s
get into this. [intro music]
Not many people noticed the Rocket Raccoon introduced in the Guardians of the Galaxy
Volume 2 sets uses a different headpiece than the one from the first movie. You see, the one in the second movie sets
has no moulded mouth – the mouth is just printed. Yeah, they made an entirely new piece, retiring
the old one, just to print the mouth. Hey, I don’t blame them, the printed mouth
looks a little better. Yet… they won’t fix Ant-Man’s helmet
or make a new helmet mould for Wasp. Agh. I gotta stop bring that situation up. [transition music]
Sure, it’s widely known that LEGO alternates between two cowls for Batman – one they tend
to use currently in DC Super Heroes sets with no bottom part, and one they use in the LEGO
Movie and Batman Movie sets. But did you know the one they use in the LEGO
Movie sets has an older version that is a slightly different piece? Strangely enough, the old one was used in
the original 2006 to 2008 Batman sets, and then again in the January 2012 DC Super Heroes
sets. However, with the release of a polybag in
around May 2012, they started producing the current version of the mask we all know and
love. The newer version was much slimmer, and the
ears up top were a bit shorter. This change was included in later production
runs of the January 2012 sets, as some people who purchased these same sets in the Summer
were able to get the new slimmer cowl. I’m not entirely sure why they decided on
the change after the initial release of the LEGO Batman DC Super Heroes wave, but I do
think that current cowl is better in its slimmer design. [transition music]
Dobby from the Harry Potter line has had three different head pieces. Most of you are familiar with the current
one that just released with the LEGO Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts minifigures series,
and its head piece has replaced the one from 2011. People assume this 2011 one is the same as
the 2002 headpiece, but no, these two are different. The shaping on the ears is the most notable
difference, and the 2002 version has oddly indented pupils. Yeah, I don’t know why they liked doing
that so much. I still think this new 2018 one is the best
yet – LEGO doesn’t need to mould mouths anymore, a printed one is just fine. Hopefully they’ll remake the Gringotts Goblins
face soon though, those old ones are just downright creepy. [transition music]
I was so glad to see a new Hagrid design in the LEGO Harry Potter Great Hall set. You see, this 2018 one has the perfect beard
and body piece – both completely new moulds, making the 2001 pieces obsolete – which they
used up to 2011. The 2001 version uses this decent rubber beard
and hair combo, with a body that was innovative for the time – for some reason, with finger
moulding? Yeah… it’s best that this one was vaulted
forever, finger moulding is strange on minifigs. Either way, the new Hagrid cleverly uses short
minifigure legs, making the piece more of a torso than just a whole body like the 2001
one version. [transition music]
The pigtails hair piece was the first LEGO minifigure hair piece ever, releasing in 1975. This pre-dates the standard mail hairpiece
by a full four years. The pigtail piece co-existed with this standard
female hair piece – but that piece was released 8 years after the pigtails piece. They co-existed together throughout the 80s,
being the only pieces used for female minifigures. However, the pigtails piece was retired in
regular sets in 1991, while the standard hair piece lasted two decades more – it hasn’t
appeared in a regular retail set since 2012. It’s hard to pinpoint why it was retired,
and what piece replaced it. I’ve heard some say the pigtail ends were
too flimsy, or that the hair style was out of date. But I have my own theory. As I said, the last year for this piece was
1991. And what piece came in 1992? Ah. The ponytail piece. This became the standard female hair piece
in the 90’s, and was still used heavily for the licensed-crazed 2-000’s in the City
and Town themes. Do keep in mind that the pigtail piece was
put into production in 2010 and then again in 2012 for this little promotional vintage
minifigure collection. I remember the moment they revealed this one,
I knew I had to purchase the set because the pigtail piece was so darn rare. And I’m glad I did buy it eventually – because
it doesn’t look like LEGO will ever release the original pigtails hair, since we now have
much more detailed pigtail designs released in recent years. [transition music]
On the topic of female hair pieces, nowadays, LEGO hair is a lot smoother with finer details
than older pieces. And because of this, LEGO has to update hairpieces
for certain characters. The Millennium Falcon set from 2000 gave us
our first Princess Leia minifigure with her iconic bun hair, and this piece was used until
2010 – where it last appeared in a magnet set. Yeah, back then, you could actually take apart
magnet minifigures – it was the best. However, in 2011, the right decision was made
to retire this rougher LEGO interpretation of the bun hair, and LEGO released a smoother
design still used to this day… in, like, the two sets it appears in. Seriously LEGO, release the Episode 4 Leia
minifigure in more sets. I need one. [transition music]
The youngions out here won’t know this, but LEGO minifigures originally didn’t use
the pieces they do today. In 1975, LEGO introduced these minifigures
which did not have moveable arms or legs, or even printed faces. These were released in various sets up until
1978, in which the minifigure pieces we all know and love were introduced. However, in 1980 and 1983, the Castle-style
Town Square set paid tribute to this classic minifigure by using the pieces as the center
statue, but after that, the pieces would never be used again. While we’re on the topic, I’m also going
to mention the retiring of two different versions of the iconic minifigure head. From 1975 to the mid 90’s, LEGO minifigure
heads used to have a solid stud up top. And then from the 90’s until pretty recently,
many minifigures had a blocked open stud. Now, LEGO only uses studs recessed with a
closure. Info on when they began using and retiring
the older designs is a bit faulty, since this change is so minor, and many miss it. [transition music]
With the LEGO Star Wars The Clone Wars sets originally introduced in 2008, the Obi Wan
minifigure had this nice combed hair piece. And while you may think it’s the same one
they use to this day, it isn’t. For some reason, LEGO introduced a new combed
hair piece – which was first used for Obi Wan in the Episode 3 Anakin’s Jedi Starfighter
set in January 2012. However… they still used the original hair
six months later with the Pre Vizsla’s Mandalorian Fighter, as the just repackaged the same Obi
Wan figure from the 2008 Clone Wars sets. Unfortunately, the Pre Vizsla set was the
last to use the piece. Six months later, in January 2013, the BARC
Speeder was released, revamping Obi Wan’s Clone Wars minifigure design, and using the
current comb hair piece. Funny enough, in 2017, the LEGO Batman Movie
sets introduced a Commissioner Gordon minifigure with ANOTHER combed hair piece. However, this seems to co-exist with the 2012
comb hair piece, which appears more frequently than this Gordon hair… though a LEGO Harry
Potter Bricktober pack will be using the Commissioner Gordon hair once again. [transition music]
There was a curly hair piece introduced with Professor Umbridge in the 2007 LEGO Harry
Potter Hogwarts Castle set, and then reused the following year in the Green Grocer set. It’s actually a really neat piece… but
it only ever appeared in those two sets for some reason. However, in 2013, similar design was released
with the LEGO Minifigures Series 9 Hollywood Starlet minifigure. This starlet hair has appeared in more sets
than the original curly hair ever did. The older piece was assumed to be replaced,
and this was confirmed when the 2018 LEGO Harry Potter Bricktober pack leaked, with
Professor Umbridge is now using the Starlet hair. [transition music]
Yeah.. this entry is just going to be for all of the LEGO Star Wars aliens with obsolete
pieces. Yoda was first introduced in 2002, with that
head mould being used until 2005. In 2009, they introduced a Clone Wars Yoda
head with goofy proportions, and LEGO avoided releasing any sets that would have Yoda outside
the Clone Wars series… until 2013’s Duel on Geonosis, which had an updated head for
movie Yoda, making the original one obsolete. And it’s for the best. The original Yoda head wasn’t as creepy
as a Dobby, but it had no printing and a strange material, so the made the update was very
welcome. We can’t forget Chewie’s body piece, with
the initial one used from 2000 all the way through 2013, no eye printing and all, until
they finally released a new piece with the 2014 Droid Gunship. Fourteen friggin’ years. There’s a seperate one that was just released
with the Solo sets, but I don’t think this version will replace the 2014 one, as it seems
to just for the younger Chewie. There’s the Ewoks, which had an old body
piece in one 2002 set, and then they introduced a new body piece in 2009 retiring the old
one. Sebulba had a horrible one piece body that
was used in 1999, made obsolete in the 2011 Podracer set with a new body and arm piece
for the character. Speaking of Podracing, there was Watto’s
original 2001 piece, retired with the same 2011 set Sebulba was in. Jar Jar and the Gungans in general had a very
basic head piece used in 1999 and 2000, and then in 2011, LEGO introduced a Gungan headpiece
which allowed for more printing and detail, retiring the old one. The Gomorrean Guard’s body piece was used
from 2003 to 2006, and then an impressive updated piece was introduced in the 2012 Jabba’s
Palace. Might as well throw in General Grievous, who
had a really ugly body piece in used from 2005 to 2009, and then in his 2010 Starfighter
set, had a total revamped set of pieces. And, even though LEGO considers him an animal
piece, I know a bunch of you would’ve commented how i’m missing Jabba the Hutt. Only the body was exclusive to the character
in the original 2003 version, which was used up to 2006, and then we got a new two assembly
body used in 2012 and 2013. Geez, this entry was a gosh darn list on its
own… Either way, that’s it for this list! Yeah, there’s many pieces I missed – let’s
do a little lightning round. There’s also the old LEGO Mickey and Minnie
mouse figures, a one piece body replaced by LEGO’s decision to release a moulded head
in the Disney Minifigures series. Or the old LEGO Ghost piece, which was replaced
by a version with a sad face and an added top part. Be sure to let me know your picks in the comments
below. Either way, this video was brought to you
by my Patreon supports, which are Brixinit, Brother from Another Brick, Collecting Bricks,
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you guys later, peace out, bye.

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