Top 10 Most Wanted LEGO Sets of Fall 2018!

Hello, just2good here, and today I’m counting
down the Top 10 LEGO sets releasing in Fall 2018 – this wouldn’t count the 2019 sets
releasing in November, though. However, I will be counting some promotional
sets like the Bricktober line – I’m hoping these will come out in America in October. But, either way, let’s get into this. [intro music] Starting off the list is the new Cloud City
set, which also takes the long term buy spot for the list. I want to buy it…. eventually, when I have space, like a table
to put it on. It’s an awkward shape, but I really like
a lot of the different rooms. The dining room, the area where Vader and
Luke showdown, heck, even the Carbon Freeze area is better than the seperate set released
in 2016. The minifigures are great for the most part
as well – I just… don’t get why they didn’t do a new piece for the Carbon Freeze Han Solo
to update the hair. Oh, and that little Slave I is friggin’
adorable, please make more Star Wars ships in this scale, LEGO. [transition music] Last year’s Star Wars Advent Calendar was
garbage. And don’t listen to MandRproductions – the
new 2018 one is a major step up. I’ll be vague since I don’t want to spoil
it for everyone, but the last one was a whole bunch of mostly common reprints, and this
one has exclusive characters – you can see them on the box. Antoc Merrick, who even has an exclusive color
for the Dog Show Judge hair piece, and this little snowman droid. That’s adorable. [transition music] Look, there’s a lot of new BrickHeadz coming
out October 1st. And one of the big standouts is the Luke and
Yoda 15 dollar pack. Two extremely iconic characters, Yoda looks
adorable in BrickHeadz form, I think they did a perfect job there. Luke also looks great, I really appreciate
the level of detail on his hair. Yeah, not much more to say about this one,
it’s just a perfect BrickHeadz set. [transition music] The Knightmare Batman accessory pack released
on September 1st, and at $13 bucks for one exclusive figure… yeah, it isn’t the most
attractive set for the price. But the exclusive figure is so cool. There’s dual moulded legs, new printing
on the cowl, I’m impressed for once, DC. Another amazing thing us the 1×1 tile with
the Joker card. Why can’t the regular DC sets have figures
as detailed as this? [transition music] The 2018 Ninjago Bricktober pack is pretty
good. The standout is the silver bat, that’s infinitely
useful. And, y’know, new prints for yellow figures
are always welcome, and you get a bunch here. I’m just not into the Ninjago lore to truly
appreciate them, but I’ll take them. [transition music] The Jurassic World Bricktober pack is the
strangest one yet… it’s the only one with a fourth non-exclusive figure – just a reprinted
baby blue, like c’mon, you could’ve done a new colored baby Dino – and then they have
a new Claire and Owen for some reason. However, the best part is Ian Malcolm, strangely
plopped in here. But hey, I’ll take him, it’s our first
time getting him as a physical figure. And the new Owen has more Chris Pratt expressions,
always super useful to use for Star Lord as well. The Claire is admittedly pretttty boring,
they could’ve done so many other characters here to have new prints, I’m confused why
they chose her… oh well. I’m just hoping that this and the Ninjago
pack aren’t tied to some ridiculous spending amount promotion to receive. [transition music] Look, any LEGO Simpsons stuff I have to buy
immediately. And the new BrickHeadz two pack is no exception. The builds aren’t the best, standouts are
Krusty’s hair and Homer’s belly, but still, it’s a new LEGO Simpsons product. I’m a sheep to support one of my favorite
IPs in LEGO form at the hope they’ll make more. Sadly, I think that dream of a LEGO Simpsons
Minifigures Series 3 is a lost cause at this point. [transition music] The Bricktober Harry Potter collection has
some great exclusive character. All are unique prints, it’s our first Slughorn,
there’s a reprint of Umbridge and Bogart Snape who only had one version before, and
the worst part is probably the Hooch figure – that’s just because the hair is so inaccurate. It’s just another very welcome collection
of exclusive figures… these Bricktober packs keep getting better and better. [transition music] Many of you know this, but every Christmas,
I get that year’s Winter Village set – so while I won’t be getting the Fire Station
right away, I still really want it. I think they did a better job than I expected
– I love the dark red and tan exterior, and the second floor of the interior is properly
comfy. It also makes me so happy that we’re getting
a light brick in here – I’m always sad when they don’t appear in a Winter Village set. It’s another great addition to my Winter
Village collection. [transition music] Alright, my most wanted set of Fall 2018 is
the Avengers Infinity War Bricktober pack. The Marvel Super Heroes line has so much potential
for unique characters and designs, but the regular sets rarely, if ever, have figures
with arm and leg printed, unique designs across sets, and dual moulded legs. But this four pack has all of that. There’s new facial expressions for Rhodey,
Tony, and Bucky. And even a character that SHOULD’VE been
in a set like the Sanctum Sanctorum – Wong! I mean, I’ve shown my love for this pack
many times, I just wish LEGO did more figures like this for Marvel. Oh well. At least we have this. I hope. Like c’mon LEGO, release this soon in the
US pleaseeeeeeeeee. And… that’s it for now! I hope you guys enjoyed this shorter list
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