Top 10 Most Violent LEGO Sets!

Hello, just2good here, and today we’re counting down the ten most
violent LEGO sets, since it’s nearing Halloween! Because of the subject matter, I must warn any kids under 13 that you should
get your parents’ permission to watch this video. Don’t take this list seriously, as I’m having fun with these choice – there will be a lot of exaggeration. These could be based on a violent or dark
concept or have a violent play feature. I’m trying to avoid licensed characters that
are violent but appear non-violent sets, like Itchy, Scratchy, Heath Ledger’s Joker, Mola Ram and Butch Cavidish. Each music track will be listed in the bottom
right hand corner as they play, and without further ado, let’s get into this. [intro music] Starting off the list are sets with play features
focusing on lava. I’ll give two examples – the LEGO Ninjago
Lava Falls set from 2015, and the LEGO Agents Volcano Base from 2008. The Lava Falls set has a collapsing feature
for the bridge RIGHT over the lava. With the pull of a lever, you can make Cole or Sleven molt to death
in the lava. For the Volcano base, an impending doom is
to rescue Agent Fuse, and if you don’t, he’ll be dropped into the
lava. Ain’t that fun kids?! Of course, the impending doom is still something that
will probably be avoided, and both have a potential fatality count of
one, and that is why these lava sets are low on
the list. [transition music] Next on the list is the Toy Story 3 set from
2010, the Trash Compactor Escape. Y’know, one of the darkest scenes in any Pixar
movie is now a playset for ages seven to twelve! We all cried during this scene, or at least
I did, and to feel less embarrassed I’m projecting
my opinion as a fact. Anyways, the whole play feature is that the
builder can save Woody and Hamm from the incinerator with
a crane. If you don’t save them in time, they burn to ashes in the incinerator and
cease to exist. Of course, in the movie, they escape the incinerator, and the fact that they do puts this low on
the list, despite the potential body count being two. [transition] Eighth on the list is the LEGO Pirates of
the Caribbean 2011 set, the Cannibal Escape. I mean, the name says it all, Cannibal Escape. Kids, if you don’t know what a cannibal is, the LEGO Shop at Home explains it – It’s nearly dinner time in the cannibal village when our pirate heroes Captain Jack Sparrow
and Will Turner realize that they’re the main
course! Cannibals are humans who eat other humans. So, the ultimate threat of this set is Will
Turner and Jack Sparrow being roasted alive, as they
include a spit, and then being eaten by the Cannibals. Sure, the potential body count here is two, and we know the escape in the film, but the fact they actually included cannibals and a spit lands this at the number eight
spot. [transition music] The Vampyre Castle from the 2012 Monster Fighters
line is an excellent set, and I think part of that is because of its
stellar play features. But, some of these play features a pretty
grim and violent. For example, one is the pit of spikes. Pull the trap door lever, and the minifigure standing above, shown here
as Rodney Rathbone, gets impaled by spikes. Let me explain it this way- if a set has spikes, I don’t think that’s
inherently violenet. But having a trap of no escape that is a pit
of spikes- I think that’s a pretty gruesome feature. This isn’t the only entry on the list that
includes minifigures getting impaled by spikes, and the next entry with spikes is even more
dark. Anyways, another violent play feature is the
hanging skeleton in the jail. Sure, it’s not as bad as it’s just a plain
LEGO skeleton, but still, the way it seems to have died it is gruesome
when you think of it. It was trapped in the cell and left to hang
from the ceiling. That seems like a slow and painful death if
you ask me. [transition music] Alright, the Cars 2 set Oil Rig Escape isn’t
a violent set for the most part, it’s because of one build included. You see that little cube with the eyes on
it? That was a living car, Leland Turbo, a secret
agent car who was crushed into a cube after being caught
by Grem and Professor Z. In the movie, the cube doesn’t even have eyes, but I guess LEGO wanted to make it more cartoony, and that’s why it’s not higher on the list. However, yeah, he’s dead. He’s crushed. His body got crushed. The sentient car is dead. The cube is his corpse. That’s dark. HEY KIDS, here’s a fun SPOOOOKY HALLOWEEN
fact! The 2014 LEGO Movie set Lord Business’ Evil
Lair was originally supposed to include the penny that decapitated Vitruvius in the LEGO Movie. You can see this missing features in official
set images released online. Unfortunately, the final set skipped on this
feature, so no decapitation took place! WACKY! [transition music] Next on the list is the Zombies, a LEGO Monster
Fighters 2012 set. Okay. This one is blatant. Look at the bride, there’s BLOOD leaking from her mouth, and
she has a blood shot eye. People and I’m sure LEGO themselves have said the blood from the mouth is worn away lipstick- yeah, you’re not foolin’ anyone. Not only that, but let’s look at the concept of the set. Jack McHammer, the hero of the set, is in a graveyard with a vehicle that has
dual hammers on the side. He’s going to smash these poor corpses to
bits, there’s no doubting that. As you push the car, the hammers move. One is clockwise, the other is counter-clockwise. The clockwise hammer is going to smash down
the zombie, into the ground. The undead will die again, crushed into a
million – or in this case, four pieces. Poor zombies. [transition music] Fourth on the list is the Portal of Atlantis
2010 set. The build itself isn’t violent except for
one little part which gives the whole set a pretty deep lore. To the left of the build, there’s a LEGO Aqua Raiders helmet on a skeleton
minifigure. If you don’t know what Aqua Raiders is, it was the underwater LEGO theme that preceded
LEGO Atlantis by three years. Thus, what is implied here is that this was
once a living LEGO minifigure who couldn’t make it passed the Portal of
Atlantis and was left to die. Their flesh was ripped away, and its skeleton is all that is left of their
body. Not even their Aqua Raiders crew members were
able to recover the body. Let that settle for a second- sure, if it
was a normal skeleton, it wouldn’t be as gruesome; however, this one has that bit of humanity on it – the Aqua Raider helmet. To me, that makes it much more human, and much more dark- and that’s why I feel
it deserves the number four spot. [transition music] Third on the list is the Rancor Pit, a LEGO Star Wars Return of the Jedi set from
2013. The scene this set is based on involves the
death of two space creatures – both included as figures – the Gamorrean Guard,
who gets eaten by the Rancor, and the Rancor itself, who gets crushed by
the gate. The official description for this set acknowledges
both – “Battle the rancor with the bone before he
eats the Gamorrean guard. Then, find the hidden compartment with a secret
key or drop the gate on the space beast before
it’s too late!” The back of the box even shows the Rancor
munching on the Gamorrean guard. Just because they’re not humanoid creatures doesn’t mean they’re not valued lives, man. That gamorean guard had a family. And you can see from the movie, after the
Rancor dies, his owner, Malakili, who also appears in this
set, mourns the loss. This was his pet. He raised him since birth. Luke is a cold-hearted killer. Well, I mean, it was in self defense, but
still. KILLER! [transition music] The runner up of the list is the Temple Escape, an Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Ark set
from 2008. This set is a double whammy of darkness. First, there’s the looming doom of the boulder. Sure, one of the most exciting scenes in Hollywood
History, but what happens if Indy DOESN’T outrun it? He’d be crushed, dude! His bones would grind to powder. He’d be super dead. We all know Indy does escape the boulder, and the set is meant to recreate the scene,
and because of that, it isn’t really that violent of an inclusion. Heck, an Adventurers set had the same thing
in 2003. HOWEVER, there is one part that I’m amazed
they even included. Satipo and the spikey wall trap- which is where he is killed in the scene this
set is trying to replicate! You can see he gets impaled and it’s a pretty
gruesome. The LEGO box itself shows Satipo RIGHT near
the spikes dodging them- too bad he couldn’t dodge them in the movie. I mean sure, Satipo betrayed Indy by leaving
him behind, but that still doesn’t make his death any
the less grisly. But now, you can recreate his terrible death
with a play feature. [transition music] And, in my opinion the most violent LEGO set
is… Palpatine’s Arrest, a LEGO Star Wars set from
2012, where all the GOOD GUYS in this set are killed in the scene the set is based on. I love how the description advertises how
you can DEFEAT THE EVIL SITH LORD! Well, that doesn’t happen in the movie. Besides the Battle of Helm’s Deep, which I
forgot- I mean, avoided – adding to this list, this is probably the LEGO licensed set with
the highest body count for those killed. 4/6 minifigures in the set get friggin’ rekt
in this scene, and LEGO isn’t even trying to hide it. But where Helm’s Deep doesn’t make light of
play features to kill characters, Palpatine’s Arrest’s official LEGO description
advertises what they call the Mace Windu window catapult. Y’know, recreate Windu’s death from being
launched by Palpatine’s lightning! I love how even after they name the feature, they then go to say AVOID being catapulted. That’s funny. So there you go, those were the ten most violent
LEGO sets in my opinion. Yeah. I mean, like I said, don’t take this list
seriously at all – it was all in good fun. And look, just because I called any of these
violent, doesn’t mean I don’t like ’em. I hope you guys do not have a violent Halloween, but rather a fun and happy one! And be safe out there! Peace out. Bye.

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  1. "And number 1 is LEGO Pod Race. Even though Anakin murders tons of people later in his life, LEGO thought they could sneak his pre-pubescent minifigure in, like we couldn't call them out for the violent thought that went into the minifigure. His short legs are obviously a symbol of his legs being cut off in his adult life, which makes us wonder why this set is available for teenagers and under."

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