Top 10 LEGO Themes!

Hello, just2good here, and today, I’m counting down my top 10 favorite LEGO themes of all time. There’s so many themes it was a pain to
make this list, because a lot will be left out that I love. Don’t take anything personally, as these aren’t what I think are the best
themes to everyone, just the best themes to me. So, without further ado, let’s get into the list. [intro music] Oh my, starting of the list at number ten is Star
Wars. LEGO Star Wars and I have had a rocky relationship. I liked this theme back in 2001 until about
2005. For some reason, after revenge of the Sith, I lost all interest in this theme. But then in 2008, I began to resent the theme. My foolish view of the Clone Wars sets was that there were too many released that took up the shelf space of other themes with their ugly minifigures. I mean, look at those faces. Could you blame me? But then, after Disney purchased Lucasfilm in 2012, with the promise of new films coming, my interest was piqued in the Star Wars franchise
in general. I especially dove back into the line with
the 2014 Microfighters and the January 2015 sets, which gave me a familiar but new look at classic
vehicles. And then, the Force Awakens came around which fully restored the love I had when I was a kid in the Star Wars universe. Now, I have taken the time to revisit the older LEGO Star Wars releases and I’m always eager to see what new vehicles
come from the new movie releases. [transition music] The most recent theme on this list is the LEGO Ninjago Movie line. This didn’t come by surprise because look, these LEGO Movie-based themes have a certain
style that puts LEGO to the limit as much as a mass-retail
line can. I mean, the builds in this line are exceptional. The standouts are definitely the LEGO Ninjago
City and Destiny’s Bounty sets… which, I will own soon. Mark my words. Both are fresh and beautiful builds that make for great playsets and display pieces alike. The mecha sets, like the Green Ninja Mech Dragon, Kai’s Fire Mech, and Garma Mecha Man all bring in a new flavor to the overused mech style across various
action themes. Again, just like the two best of the line, they’re great display and play pieces. I own a lot of the smaller ones at the moment, and one of which, the Ninjago City Chase is one of the best
$20 LEGO sets in a while. And of course, throughout, the minfigures are fun, colorful, and detailed. We were introduced a bunch of new hair pieces for the main characters which always makes
me happy. Look, I know the sets don’t officially come
out until August 1st, but I felt leaving this incredible theme out of the list would leave me in regret of not including it. [transition music] Number eight is the LEGO Power Miners theme, one that I have liked more and more since
its release in 2009. There’s something about the consistency
in this theme I admire, where, unlike the recent years of themes like
Nexo Knights and City, they kept the vehicles fresh in which most are unique and memorable one
from another. The designers took the limited setting of
the underground and used it as a way to think outside the
box. There’s two great playsets, and action packed vehicles that are actually
interesting! The Thunder Driller is the perfect LEGO drill. The boulder blaster is one of the most interesting mid-price range sets I’ve ever built, and like the driller, it’s always fun to play with. Love that launching feature. The Claw Catcher and Claw Digger, despite similar names, are completely different with creative play
features. Actually, something I can say about this theme is I think it may be the most fun on play
features alone. That’s another area where creativity exceled. Then, when there was maybe a bit too much
redundancy in vehicle design, bam, in 2010 we had the next part of the theme
that explored lava. This changed up the color scheme a bit and made the villains even more menacing. Hopefully one day, the Power Miners will return. But as it stands, the theme has a phenomenal legacy. [transition music] As I mentioned with the LEGO Ninjago Movie
line, these LEGO Movie themes are just on a new
level of detail. However, what makes me like the LEGO Movie
theme more is the variety of themes covered. Fitting for the film, there’s City clashing with Space clashing with the Pirates clashing with Western, so on and so forth. And, the theme pays tribute to beloved themes. Whether it’s Johnny Thunder’s appearance, or the Green Ninja’s, or the classic space inspired Benny’s spaceship
– one of my favorite from the line. While I vastly prefer playsets to vehicles, which, this theme has some fantastic playsets, they even kept many of the vehicles fresh, by making 2 in 1s. Finally, we got a LEGO Ice Cream Truck, but it also doubles as an Ice Cream… fighter plane. And, something I never knew I wanted – a Plumbing Truck – appears as well. Do I even need to mention the great minifigures? Look, the LEGO Movie Sequel is giving me bad
vibes, but if anything good will come out of it, it will be the sets to tie in with the movie… if they can reach the quality of the original
theme. [transition music] The super hero fatigue. When will it hit us. We see so many superhero films release each
year. And, y’know what, if it’s Marvel, I’m most likely going to go to the theaters
to watch it. Which is why LEGO Marvel Super Heroes, introduced in 2012, takes the sixth spot. I’ll ignore those Sam Raimi trilogy Spider-Man
sets, which I also love. I like the Marvel characters a lot, and the whole Marvel Cinematic Universe was always something I thought was a cool
concept. Of course, that concept is being exploited by so many
other studios now it’s just disappointing. Either way, the minifigures throughout these sets are
always colorful and fun. The sets themselves are good… for the most part. I mean, it’s really a theme that you can
see has made SO much improvement over the years. And there’s some really great sets in here. I think the fact that there’s so many different sets for this theme that release each year since 2012, there’s a lot to appreciate. Like The LEGO Movie, there’s a blend of various set styles in
here, but here, it mostly leans towards City and
Space. With each new Marvel Studios movie, while I’m always interested in watching
them, I’m always interested in seeing if there will be sets based off the
movie, and what these will be. [transition music] The fifth entry on my list is the LEGO Adventurers
theme. My first experience in the Adventurers line was with the LEGO Jurassic Park 3 Studios
sets. The Studios theme almost made it on the list, but look, I fell in love with the Adventurers
theme with the Orient Expedition sets. I love the idea of the theme. Traveling across Asia, finding treasure and battling bad dudes. I owned a lot of the smaller sets, and it’s my life goal to get some of the
biggest sets – especially the amazing Dragon Fortress. This theme and its minifigures gave my brother
and I a lot of inspiration for our own LEGO adventures. Of course, going back to the start of the
theme, the egypt sets were incredible as well. Johnny Thunder became a LEGO icon from then
on. I’ll be honest, while I think the Jungle sets are cool, the Dino Island sets… I really don’t like. Maybe it’s the use of the brick plates and
dull dinos. I don’t know. Since Adventurers, they’ve returned to the desert setting with
Pharaoh’s Quest, and while I love that theme and think it’s
underrated, it doesn’t match the quality of the Egypt
Adventurers sets. They’ve also returned to dinos numerous
times – even with one having a connection to the Adventurers
theme – and recently, we’ve had a return to Jungle with the City
theme, but Adventurers will always have a special
place in many of our hearts. [transition music] Okay, number four is a shared spot of the LEGO Town and LEGO
City themes. Look, these go hand and hand, they’re basically the next step to each
other. Heck, throw in World City which I have a couple
sets from. LEGO Town has some sets I’ve been dying
to get my hands on for most of my life, like Rocky River Retreat, the Airport Shuttle, and Breezeway Cafe, and some of my favorite sets of all time, like Pizza to Go, the Velux House, and Town Plan… I guess? Do we count that? Unlike a LEGO Pirates or Castle, LEGO City has almost as much sets as Town, and I own A LOT of those sets. Thus, I feel more comfortable putting it on
my list. And, many of those City sets are some of my
favorites as well, like the 2009 Camper and City Corner sets, and the Family House from 2010. I mean, I like the idea of having a little
world in LEGO, and that’s really what these civilian themes
provide. That’s really where my love for building-based
sets come from. However, the current state of LEGO City is that it has come to the point where there’s so much of the same that the
new stuff fails to surprise me.. I mean, I used to put LEGO City in my top
3 favorite themes, but it’s so predictable of what will happen
next that I’m unmotivated to buy new sets. It’s cool they’ve been doing these sets
outside of the City, but you know most of it will be vehicles, and you know it will be one and done. Like, I love the Jungle subtheme of City, but the playset aspect is downplayed and most of it is just vehicles. And then, to me, the price of some of the newer LEGO City sets
totally puts me off. Like, the 2016 Service Station looked great, but 90 bucks is friggin’ terrible. Stop that. However, I can’t take the faults of its
recent iterations too hard to the point where I forget the past gems. Thus, I feel safe putting this theme at the
midway point of my list. Sort of. [transition music] My third favorite LEGO theme of all time is the Toy Story line from 2010. Alright, the places of the last seven entries
of this list always swap around, but these top three are the ones that never
change in their spots. The original Toy Story is my favorite film
of all time, and the first two films embody my childhood. So, when I heard they were going to release
LEGO Toy Story sets back in 2009, I was instantly filled with
joy. However, I think after seeing the two movies re-released in theaters October 2009, where the first Toy Story 3 trailer debuted, my hype for the third movie reached the max. Heck, I remember the day the Toy Story 3 sets leaked online in early December 2009, and how on December 18th of that month, I visited Target after school and to my joy, they had the Woody and Buzz to the Rescue
set out for sale. I freaked the heck out. I couldn’t believe my eyes. The Christmas that year was AWESOME as well, I recieved the rest of the sets, save for Construct-a-Zurg, which I bought with my Christmas money at a Walmart a couple days later. Skip forward a few months, I remember… I think it was March 2010 or something. I came home from some school dance and I checked back at a random Toys”R”Us
page I bookmarked, and the image popped up for the first time. That was my first glimpse at the Garbage Truck
Getaway set, and I instantly gravitated towards the exclusive
Twitch minifigure. You see, this was what I thought would be
my five seconds of fame on the internet. Finding pictures of this set early. I made a Flickr account just to share what I thought would be exclusive pictures, and I shared them all over the LEGO community. My avatar was changed to Twitch. And he just stuck. I remember when the final Toy Story 3 set
images popped up on Kmart. I remember the time I gathered all my money to get the Trash Compactor Escape set late
April, before anyone else. I saw it on Toys”R”Us dot com for a second, and I knew I had to order it. When I came home from school the day it came, my lord, I was so ecstatic to build the set. It was so fun to play with, it still stands as one of my favorites to
this day. So look, I like the variety of the Toy Story
sets – being that the movies blend in toys of different
genres, it makes sense to have such a variety, mixing City with Space with Western. There were plenty of great sets, like Woody’s Round-Up and Buzz’s Spaceship. But what makes me LOVE the theme is the memories I associate with it. Whenever I look back at the sets, I instantly cheer up and remember a great
era in my life, anticipating the release of a movie I waited
to come out for years – Toy Story 3. [transition music] Taking in the number two spot is the LEGO
Simpsons line that started in 2014. A theme with two sets. But both sets are some of the best LEGO sets ever released in my opinion. I mean, the Simpsons House is my favorite
LEGO set ever. You can see that in my Top 15 LEGO Sets of
all time video. I hyped up the Simpsons House set so much I skipped class that day and went to the LEGO
Store just to pick it up and build it in one day. And, the Kwik-E-Mart ranked high up there
as well. These two are direct to consumer sets, so the level of detail on them is expectedly
exceptional. Really, the worst part of this theme is that we didn’t get more than the two
sets. I mean, sure, getting the Kwik-E-Mart along with the second minifigure series was
more than gracious. At one point, I was worried the House and first minifigure
series would be it. Heck, we did get three Dimensions sets, but those were not anything too special. Keep in mind, not only were the two main sets
incredible, but I have a personal attachment to the series. I mean, growing up, The Simpsons was one of my favorite shows. I can say that Series 3ish to around Season
9 are the golden years, and the show stopped being good around Season
12 or 13. And, as a whole, the show has taught me a lot about character
development, humor, and story lines, something that I will hopefully put to use in the future if I ever get my
dream job of becoming a film director. [transition music] This list was originally going to be 20 entries
long, but it was so hard doing any ordering past
ten. So, here are some themes that almost made
the list…. Honorable mentions. [transition music] My favorite LEGO theme of all time is the LEGO Minifigures theme, which started in 2010. Minifigures are legitimately the best thing
about LEGO to me, so this comes as no surprise. But, it’s more than the fact that this series is all about minifigures. Think about it – my last three choices have all had their own series (sort of). It covers my favorite properties, and each and every series always is a seasonal
thing to look forward to. Not only that, but I have fond memories of these, whether it was scanning the codes for Series
1 with my brother back when it was first released seven years
ago, or feeling thousands of packs and then finally finding Mr. Gold on a whim during finals week of 2013, or getting all of Series 11 the day before
school started, and even finding the LEGO Batman Series with the help of a generous worker. So look, we’ll have a dud series here and
there, but the LEGO Minifigures line will always be something to keep me into LEGO. It taught me that even when you think you’ll
get out of the toy, there will always be a surprise to bring you
back in. So guys, what are your favorite LEGO themes? Let me know in the comments below. I’ll see you guys later. Peace out. Bye. [closing music]

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100 thoughts on “Top 10 LEGO Themes!

  1. My favorites (no particular order):
    Star Wars
    Batman/DC Super Heroes
    Indiana Jones
    Harry Potter
    Spongebob Squarepants
    Toy Story

  2. I love Dino, Jurassic world, Toy story 3, pirates, City, Technic, Pirate of Carribbean, and Super heroes.

  3. 10. indiana jones
    9. hero factory
    8. new space police
    7. exo force
    6. castle
    5. agents
    4. ninjago
    3. power miners
    2. old batman
    1. bionicle

  4. 10: Monster fighters
    9: TMNT
    8: Lego batman movie
    7: Marvel
    6: Ninjago
    5: Lego movie 1 and 2
    4: Pharohs quest
    3: DC
    2: Minifigures
    1: Star wars

  5. 10:lego city
    9:lego technik
    8:lego architecture
    7:lego ninjago
    6:lego star wars
    5:lego phantasic beasts
    4:lego chima
    3:lego dino
    2:lego jurassic world
    1:lego power miners

  6. Does it seem strange whenever a YouTuber talks about sets they saw in their childhood that you remember seeing too I remember getting somebody the trash compactor set for their birthday from ts3 I was like 5 6 or 7

  7. #10 Lego Ideas
    #9 Lego Docter Who
    #8 Jurassic World
    #7 Lego Simpsons
    #6 The Lego Movie
    #5 City
    #4 Star Wars
    #3 Alien Conquest
    #2 Collectable minifigures
    #1 Marvel superheroes

  8. This is my list
    1: lego dino
    2: lego jurassic world
    3: lego power miners
    4: lego minecraft
    And thats it

  9. Top 10 LEGO Themes

    1# LEGO STAR WARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. My favorite LEGO themes had to be like LEGO games with heroica n such that was my stuff and along with that it would be power miners alien conquest hero factory bionicle just anything from around 2007 to like 2013 or so I grew up and loved

  11. Ninjago will always be my favorite theme as I grew up with it and now I'm growing it's growing too, in my opinion the newer style is great but it's just not Ninjago without the characters I grew up with and looking the sets from 2012 I regret only buying the spinners this theme will always have a place in my heart.

  12. Ok that’s so true I’m 14 now and I’ve been playing legos for a while and I thought I would stop buying them by now but every time I see a set of them I’m like I want to build it so bad

  13. I think my top three have to be Bionicle, Power Miners, and Creator, in any order. These were the sets I owned the most of as a kid and nostalgia really gets the better of me.

  14. I regret not buying more power minors, Clone Wars, Johnny Thunder and Castle. But I really regret not getting any Sam Rami trilogy sets, Dino attack and Toy Story 3. What was I thinking?

  15. I'd say mine is..
    10: Marvel Superheros
    9: Alien Conquest
    8: Adventurers
    7: Ninjago Movie
    6: Batman Movie
    5: Stranger Things
    4: Studios
    3: Ninjago
    2: DC Superheros
    1: Batman 2006-2008 Line

  16. I'm not playing Lego but I bought lots of it for showcase, so my favorite Lego themes are:
    1. Technic
    2. Creator Expert
    3. Architecture
    3. Ideas
    5. Speed Champions
    6. City
    7. Star Wars
    8. Creator
    9. Mindstorms
    Is anyone like me? No?? Ok….

  17. My Favorite Themes in 2019
    #10 City
    #9 The LEGO Movie 2
    #8 Spider Man Far From Home
    #7 Star Wars
    #6 The LEGO Ninjago (if I Spelt it right…)
    #5 Toy Story 4
    #4 LEGO ideas (if it is a theme)
    #3 LEGO Simpsons (even tho it’s old…)
    #2 Minifigures
    #1 LEGO Batman
    That’s my favourite Themes!

  18. City LEGO sucks. Castle and pirates were the best. “Oh I can’t wait to build my pizza shop and make my guys line up to buy pizza!” Lame.

  19. is it just me, or does anyone remember opening LEGO sets as a toddler, not knowing what the legos were and would end up just reading the comics and sitting around until you know what LEGO really is?

  20. My list:

    1: Bionicle
    3:Marvel Super Heroes
    4:Hidden Side
    5:Star Wars
    6:The Lego Movie
    7:Ninjago/Ninjago Movie
    10: Minecraft
    Honorable Mentions: Creator Expert (can't include because it crosses over with a couple licenses and there are also multiple themes in it)
    Power Miners
    Monster Fighters
    Toy Story
    Nexo Knights
    Classic Space
    Space Police 3
    The Lego Movie 2
    Agents (2.0 too)
    Ultra Agents
    The Lego Batman Movie
    Ideas (similar case with Creator Expert)

  21. 10 – Futuron
    9 – Unitron
    8 – Insectoids
    7 – Classic Space
    6 – Exploirens
    5 – Spyrius
    4 – Blacktron
    3 – M-Tron
    2 – Blacktron Future Generation
    1 – Ice Planet 2002

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