TOP 10 Figurines ROBOTS de 2019 !

Where are you guys ? Hey ! Hi 2019 was a stunning year in terms of toys specially for robot toys collectors So i decided to share with you my TOP 10 of the best figures I had in my hands in 2019 Let’s go ! Number 10 50% BLISTER CARD 50% PVC It’s a Robocop figure made by Super 7 from the ReAction range that is actually a line where they redesign pop culture classics like : Alien, Misfits and the Masters of the universe They create small figures
with not very articulated but it really is a beautiful object the artwork on the blister card is awesome. it is the battle damaged version with bullet holes on it They made the a regular Robocop, a damaged version and the toxic waste thug this is the bad guy who crashed into a toxic tank and also ED-209 It look great and it’s cheap it will be fine next to my 1993 figure signed by the great Pr. Peter Weller I’d buy that for a dollar ! Number 9 this is one of my favorite anime Gurren Lagann yes indeed Good Smile Company did last year this cute figure in fact it is a model kit no glue or screw needed This is the mecha Gurren Lagann
from the Moderoid range as it’s a model kit obviously it’s an action figure pieces tend to fall when it’s handles too much so finally it a toy made to be displayed Whatever this is great piece You can put Simon here I recommend if you like this license. Number 8 of this top Maybe Toywolf pushed it a little too far with this robot toilets Samurai yes you heard right I made a review of it last year I really enjoyed it I felt relieved after it it has been quite liberating There is a gift inside… It’s indeed a Samurai which turns into toilet very well made Once it’s moulded out it really looks amazing I really love this concept The urinal is pre-ordered. So hold it until i review it this year. Number 7 This is…. Ecto-1 who met the Transformers Ectotron So this the Ghostbusters vehicle Ecto-1 With Slimer on the top which turns into a robot pretty convincing It was an amazing feat. I reviewed it last year I have explained what seemed to be the bad not a big deal It a great piece to have in your collection. so I recommend it without hesitation. my very favorites N° 7 My favorite robot of 2019 number 6 It’s a Chinese submarine that turns into a robot Jiaolong it is really something 35$ shippement included on Aliexpress amazing The quality of the plastic is truly exceptional for me it’s superior to some Transformers found in the market today I’m talking about what you can find in toys shops. Look there is a small light here A removable driver inside Look at that It rocks ! it don’t make waves but this sub is sublime it is really exceptional it’s not common to see this kind of
submarine model much less that transforms into a robot. It was an unexpected suprise in 2019 China is one of the few countries in the world that have developed deep sea technologies. My N°5 Well it’s a… Machine Robo a gobot from the remake toys line of Action Toys It’s Loco Well can’t really name it Loco but Steam Robo it is great for those who remember Here is Loco Small Gobot that turns so easily into a locomotive Here is the DX version Bigger than the original This Loco is nicely articulated Small pivots on the feet It feels pretty good to handle it I love it ! There’s a gun that comes with it The Alternate mode is really nice it’s a very good surprise It’s a character that I already liked when i was a kid Look at its awesome face This figure is really well made I can only recommend it if you ever missed it All aboard ! Number 4 of this TOP Obviously as it’s my TOP 10 there must be some Evangelion figures Here is an EVA-Unit 01 by Good Smile Company from the Parfom range It’s a Super Deformed version obviously Look at the fat thighs, small feet long arms It’s a redesigned Evangelion Unit 01 In my opinion it works pretty well depends on personal taste of course another good surprise for me in 2019 Geat plastic quality and articulation points some cool accessories too Stay tuned for the upcoming review ! Number 3 Here is Daimos by Action Toys Small figure like that I wasn’t expecting anything That was really an happy loot Deformed Version you guessed it it turns into a truck Great range of accessories The quality of the joints is good cute face Pretty well articulated With pivots here. I love when the ankles have pivots that really helps for dynamic poses it allows good stability too This Daimos is highly recommended If you knew the vintage Daimos wich is a wonderful piece too They go pretty well when displayed together this is a very positive surprise Come to us N°2 of this ranking hurry up and let us see you Yes as expected Grendizer & Spazer set by Sentinel from the Riobot line. What a gorgeous beast ! Badass to the max His spazer can turns into a back pack armor with diecast metal parts Articulated fingers It’s a wonderful piece There is a light on the chest here its weight the single figure is also very nice i needed the full pack I absolutely do not regret this purchase it’s one of the greatest piece of my mecha collection I can understand that it will not suit to everybody but me I’m overwhelmed of this badassization Rocket thumbs up I heard that there is a new Grendizer figure coming with a crazy idea of a spazer that turns into a backpack armor… Aaah It’s scary ! No ! What have you done to my childhood !!! Yes ! A fresh wind has blown to my sincere delight because i needed a new Grendizer. Number 1 That was kind of easy for me It’s the Metal Build EVA Unit-01 a subtle finishing when you think of this size… they put so many details great paintjob all that has been done in terms accessories in terms of diecast metal articulation points This figure is really close to the perfection Having said this there is one failure Like most of the diecast articulation points they can become loose after some time see on this one the leg tends to be less tight. two years ago I did a TOP 5 of the EVA 01 figures At that time this one wasn’t out yet But now she is definitely my Number 1 Metal Build is really a premium line it’s expensive but when you have one in your hands you know where you money is. Very high quality. Great engineering It looks like all the Metal Build line is amazing. Of course it’s a new design. It’s the official Evangelion Mecha Designer Ikuto Yamashita who works on it You can feel it and see it. No doubt It’s a new version of the EVA Unit 01. More aggressive look It’s a beautiful figure i can only recommend it If you are into Evangelion figures and have some money to put on it This is definitely the one you are looking for. It was my TOP 10 of the figures that i enjoyed in 2019 Please let me know in the comments what where your favorites figures from last year ? Also if there is a figure that I haven’t reviewed yet Let me know which one you would like to see on video. 2020 another year has began There will be vintage and new toys reviews coming Meeting new collectors and fairs new surprises too I’d like you to follow me in 2020 It was a new Monsieur Toys review See you soon If you enjoyed this review even if you laugh for 2 seconds Before leaving hit the Like If you want to look cool and willing to risk breaking a fingernail press the Share button If you haven’t understood what you just saw but deep down you need more them subscribe my friend !

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