Top 10 Diwali FIRE CRACKERS .. | #Unboxing #MyMissAnand #ToyStars

Didi will burn lots of crackers in Diwali But Anaya the same Fuljhari & the same Anaar Happy Diwali my Dear’s Both of you looking so pretty in new dress So, which crackers will burst today Didi same fuljhari and same anaar There are not only two but are so many types of crackers And if you too want to see so make it reach 75,000likes And what has to be done? I will take these No, It’s for me It’s for me I am elder so I will take these You take small ones cause you are small Okay don’t fight…Share and burn because sharing is caring Didi it got burst Burst Didi it got burnt Anaya, Dora don’t do like this..I’m getting scared got burst No-No I can’t blast that bomb Coward….Didi…. Okay if you are not afraid then do it yourself No No we don’t want to burn I’m not an atom bomb that will get burst No No brother you will get blast Don’t get scared…So many sparkles will come out of me This is hunter and it burns very nicely we’ll burn anaar with this Didi now which crackers we will burn Anaya now we won’t blast but will fly Please don’t make me scary Don’t worry Anaya …we will not make you fly…will fly rocket But where will you guys fly? Here only No you have to make it fly in an open space Because it can go anywhere from upside okay let’s go in an open space This is pencil…not writing one…but cracker This is flash bomb and will take photos in Diwali Now we will burn flower rush anaar Do you like it Anaya? Didi is it a jalebi? no it’s a chakri Didi will this chakri spin around? Yes Dora and will do one thing Will keep one competetion In which will have the participants Anaya vs Dora So the rules are…Then when chakri will rotate… You both also have to spin Chakri has been stopped but why not you? Because we need the prize Anaya do you also need the prize? So this is your prize So which ever cracker you want to take can pick Didi will blast this one Oh! this bomb is so big Okay let’s blast Let’s see Whether it has burn or not No no it can blast anytime If it has got fire and take time If you go there and it get blast then… See Anaya and Dora..that’s why it is said that safety is very important This is chatar patar bomb will wright it’s name as chatar patar Dora bomb And this is sky shots…will spread many colors on the sky And this one is butterfly it wonders here and there as a butterfly Happy Diwali in advance Have you seen kids..there are different types of crackers So you too might like to burn crackers Even we too…but lit only that much which are for burning

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