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Hey most amazing top 10 family! Im your host Che durena and welcome back to
most amazing top 10. We all have things that we hated growing up. I remember my sister hated monopoly and Wii
sports because I would destroy her that them every time we would play. One time I got six strikes in a row during
an especially devastating match of Wii bowling and I went in her face and did this six pack,
six pack. That was also the last time we ever played
Wii sports together. But thankfully our toy were only cursed with
the sour attitude of my sore loser sister and not with actual demons because there has
been quite a few cases of this and thats why Im bringing you todays list of Top 10 Cursed
Toys that ruined lives. As always make sure you like comment subscribe
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this list. Ok so were going to kick of this list with
a classic. For the number 10 spot we have annabelle,
you all know her, you all love her. Shes got a more successful movie career than
Rob Lowe. So many of you at home are like, who the hell
is Rob Lowe, and that I say exactly. I feel like most people on this list know
annabell, if you dont Ill give you the spark notes on this hellspawn. She was a doll owned by a girl, the girl died,
either a demon or the girls spirit is now attached to the doll and anyone who owns it
life is ruined. It said the doll can drive you insane, kill
you and invade your dreams. She was been the inspiration for the conjuring
movies as well as the annabelle spinoff movies. She is currently being held in a glass case
blessed by the holy water in a museum of the occult which is owned by famed paranormal
investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren. Theyre keeping an eye on the little monster
to make sure she doesnt try to take over the world. I know we put Annabell on a lot of spooky
list but shes super famous right now and it felt wrong to have a list of cursed toys and
not have Annabell on it. 9 Letta A 200 year old doll for eastern europe. Im not surprised that this doll has a curse
on it. Everything about that sentence says to me
stay away or your hairs gonna fall out and your skin will blister. Well letta isnt so bad that she will cause
your body to fall apart, shes more into the game of psychological torture. An Austrialian man by the name of Walton found
letta in an abandoned house. Since when are we finding strange dolls in
rundown homes and taking them home. Your asking for a demon to follow you home
and fart in your cereal. After walton brought Letta home some strange
things started happening in his home. People said the could see the doll move and
he would find scuff marks on his floor as if someone had been walking around in tiny
shoes. And his kids started having nightmares about
Letta. I theses dreams she would be life sized and
walk into their rooms. Walton tried to get rid of her once but he
said he said when he went to sell it, he physically couldnt move the doll. Now hes a traveling road show. He will stop into different towns to show
off the doll. If you cant beat em, join em. 8 The Blindfolded doll of singapore Some people found a creepy doll propped up
against a tree and it had a blindfold on with strange arabic writing. This has every sign of something being cursed. I think if you just did this to a regular
doll it would develop a curse out of thin air just because all the pieces are there. No one knows where this doll came from or
who dressed it up to be so creepy. The aribic writing on the blindfold says IN
THE NAME OF ALLAH. Which some people think could be a protection
spell. So if you remove the blind fold all hell will
break loose and everything will be on fire for 1000 years. Oh and just so you know the doll is missing. She disappeared in 2015 and no one knows where
she is. Probably eating a human heart while hanging
out with headless chick from Hereditary. 7 Mandy the Crying baby This creepy baby doll from the 20th century
has a spirit attached to it that hates other dolls and scream cries at night. You should keep this thing in your home as
a tester baby to see if your ready to have kids. Mandy was donated to the Quennel museum. The Museum was happy to have her as they have
an extensive doll collection and she would fit right in. They owners of the doll didnt listen to the
warnings though. The lady donanting the doll said that she
we want to give it away because the doll kept her up all night from its endless crying. Soon after Mandy had her spot in the museum
people started to notice strange things happening, first off the crying was real, then she would
knock over other dolls who where in the same display case. So much so they had to give Mandy her very
own case, she has a nice little one bedroom now. She dosent need anything more than that, know
ones gonna visit this satanic doll. However she is a big tourist attraction. Ghost investigators for all over the world
will come through to check out if the tales are real. 6 Joliette A gift passed down from mother to daughter,
always having the same outcome. Joliette is a doll that has been with the
same family for generations. It has been passed down from mother to daughter
4 times each time ending in the same result. Whoever receives the doll will give birth
to one girl and one boy, The boy will die after being just 3 days old, his soul will
then be trapped in the doll and the mother will then give the doll onto the daughter. There are now four souls trapped inside this
doll and its said you can hear them all crying out at night. For some reason the family will not give up
the doll. I mean that is nice of them, keep the curse
within the family, dont give it to unsuspecting person. 5 Ruby If you walk into a place called the traveling
museum of the occult then youre going to be looking for creepy objects. And the curse toy named Ruby is one of the
centerpieces of this moving attractions. Ruby was originally just a normal doll, only
creepy in looks. But after the dolls owner, a little girl,
died while holding her. Things started to get very strange. People couldnt pick up Ruby without feeling
a wave of depression. Its even said that if you hold her long enough
she will make you physically ill. 4 Elmo knows your name If you’re unfamiliar with the elmo knows your
name doll, it was an elmo toy that you could teach small words to, like your name or sentences
like I love you. There were similar toys to this like furbies
in the early 2000s. For whatever reason a fad caught on with learning,
talking toys. People thought it would be cute but everyone
just taught them to swear and slang terms for genitals. Now in 2008 there was an Elmo Knows your name
doll picked up by a couple of new parents for their son James. James loved this thing. I think most because he was too young to understand
what the doll was saying to him. And the parents didnt know either until they
changed the batteries and found that the Elmo doll was spitting out the lovely sentence. Kill James. At least you know there are worse things than
tablettes out there for your kids. Now I dont know if this next part is true
but apparently the Elmo doll had been saying kill james to little baby James that he started
reiterating the sentence kill james. Very disappointing first words 3 The old man Puppet This might be the worst purchase this man
has ever made. Jayne Harris bought this puppet of an old
man, I guess hes just a collector of weird things. A puppet of an old dude isnt high on my purchase
list. I only have one set of sheets so I feel like
I have priorities before creepy dolls. Well Jayne must have several sets of sheets
maybe even two pillows because he decided to dish out some cash for this strange puppet
and it wasnt long before he hated it. Not because its a terrible purchase but because
it tried to strangle him in his sleep. Maybe the worst way to die. At your funeral everyones like dude he died
from a puppet. I always new he was soft but I never thought
he was puppet homicide soft. Well this freaked him out but like most ghost
believers he wanted to get this on camera. So he locked the creepy thing up in a puppet
proof glass case and then set up a camera. He flim this thing for 3 months! Lets check out some of this footage. Clip 3
Its not getting up and banging on the glass but maybe hes just camera shy. 2 Robert When it comes to famous haunted dolls I would
say Robert is right under Annabell. This guy is just waiting for his movie deal
to really kick off his career. Robert the doll was gift you a boy named Robert
by his Haitian nanny in the early 1900s. This seems like a very kind gesture but apparently
this was a revenge plot. They nanny had put a curse on the doll and
gave it to the boy because of the way she was treated by the family. The doll then began to torment the boy, whispering
to him, laughing while he slept, and aminderiting the worst luck you could imagine. The doll tormented him until he was an adult
and eventually donated it to the East Martello Museum in Florida. Now the doll sits there still cursed. If you ever go to check this doll out be careful. If you make fun of Robert or take a picture
with him without asking he will curse you with bad luck until you apologize. Imagine apologizing to a doll because spooky
stuff started happening to you. You could avoid all that by simply not going. Maybe its a bad idea to hang around cursed
dolls 1 Peggy Alright for the number one spot on the list
we have a doll that can send you to the grave with just a glance. Peggy is locked away in a haunted museum down
in the city of sin, Las Vegas. The perfect place for a cursed doll. Now legend has it, if you even look at peggy
youre done for. She can apparently pass a curse over to you
just from eye contact. Its even said that pictures of Peggy are strong
enough with the force to give you some sort of displeasure. The curses range from an upset stomach, dizziness
and bad luck and stretch all the way to heart attacks. Thats right one lady said she had a heart
attack just from looking at the doll. I want to know what this ladies food diary
looks like before I call this thing haunted but still very creepy. Misfortune has fallen on so many people who
have looked at peggy that you need to sign a waiver just to take a peek at her. The museum is like, if you get cursed, not
our problem bro, go complain to a priest or something, you signed to contract.

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100 thoughts on “Top 10 Cursed Toys That Ruined Lives | #top10

  1. When we were kids my sister had a cursed doll once. It made her go into a fit of rage and break its foot over my head.

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    The life size dolls themselves, shelf decorations, etc.
    The Ann doll looked just like number 10.

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    Commentator: Tells me that even pictures give u displeasure
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  8. There is a movie I watched awhile ago forget name of it ,,, but basically this nanny gets told they have to let her go ,, so she gives the son she looked after a cursed doll ,, it's a Welsh horror movie but sounds based on Robert and I've heard Chucky was based on Robert aswell

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    1: I didnt think Petra was a girl but that’s fine
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  16. I had a great aunt that taunted a cursed doll. 65 yrs later she dropped dead of a heart attack.
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