Top 10 BEST McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys EVER!!! (Part 2)

It’s time to get happy! Let’s get the party
started by taking a look at some of the coolest McDonald’s Happy Meal toys of all time. While
taste is definitely subjective, it’s safe to say that these cute and charming toys were
beloved by kids. Some adults collected them, too. So let’s have a blast with the Top
10 Best McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys – part 2. Halloween McNugget Buddies Were Cute Every year, when autumn rolls around, kids
and a lot of grown-ups start to get excited about Halloween. Halloween makes it so easy
for kids of all ages to bring a little make-believe into their lives. McDonald’s honored the thrilling
spirit of this spooky special occasion by offering some hilarious seasonal McNugget
Buddies. Halloween McNugget Buddies were cute little plastic toys that looked just like
chicken nuggets. There have been other McNugget Buddies that weren’t in disguise for Halloween.
In the case of the Halloween ones though, there was something extra. The cartoonish
toy McNuggets were all decked out in Halloween finery, including witch and vampire costumes.
One little McNugget buddy was in full disguise, thanks to a ghost costume that concealed everything
but the eyes. These toys really were cute, so it’s no surprise that they were so popular.
Offered back in the early 90s, these charming Happy Meal toys were so collectible. The Halloween
costumes made these toys special, along with the comical expressions on the faces of the
toy McNuggets. These are McNuggets that didn’t get eaten up. They were played with or displayed.
These little toy McNuggets dressed in Halloween costumes are truly timeless Halloween decorations. LEGO Movie Cups Featured Bold Graphics In 2014, McDonald’s brought out a range of
vibrant and colorful cups with logos, graphics and characters from The LEGO Movie. Kids went
wild. It’s always more fun for kids to drink out of fun cups, rather than basic drinking
vessels. These bold movie cups were Happy Meal toys that were practical. Parents could
wash them and re-use them. A series of cups were available, featuring some adored characters
from the movie, including Emmett, Uni Kitty and Batman. The cups were also used to hold
crayons and other kid’s stuff. McDonald’s has a long-standing tradition of offering
kids movie cups with their meals, including Disney movie cups from animated classics,
such as Snow White and The Lion King. Kids tried to collect all of the movie cups from
The LEGO Movie, but there were 8 in all, and while some kids may not have been allowed
to consume that many Happy Meals, many kids did their best to collect them all. Chip ‘N’ Dale Rescue Rangers Were Adorable A few months ago, Disney announced that it
would be making a live-action feature film based on its popular Chip ‘N’ Dale characters.
Fans of these cute cartoon chipmunks rejoiced, and some fans may have thought back to the
good old days, when they played with Chip ‘N’ Dale Rescue Rangers from McDonald’s. These
hilarious Happy Meal toys were awesome because they were real action toys. The characters
were in little vehicles with real plastic wheels. These toys date back to 1989. They
are vintage Happy Meal toys that put smiles on a lot of kid’s faces. The toys featured
characters from an animated TV series called Chip ‘N’ Dale Rescue Rangers. In the cartoon
TV series, Chip and Dale were crime fighters who fought baddies all over the world. These
Happy Meals toys were bright and cheery. They featured vibrant hues, such as lemon yellow,
violet and rose pink. Chip’s Whirly-Cupter was the first Happy Meal toy released. It
had wheels, as well as helicopter blades. The blades weren’t sharp. These Happy Meal
toys were safe for kids aged 3 and up. With these toys, kids could really use their imaginations.
They could roll the toys on the ground or move them through the air, as though they
were in flight. The little characters inside of the wheeled flying machines were very endearing.
Probably, a lot of kids played with them while they were watching Chip ‘N’ Dale Rescue Rangers. Hot Wheels Cars Were So Classic McDonald’s has thrilled kids by offering Hot
Wheels toy cars in its Happy Meals, including 2015’s Team Hot Wheels Collection. The Team
Hot Wheels Collection included 6 toy cars that came from a cartoon called Team Hot Wheels:
The Origin of Awesome. Each car had a wind-up feature, so they would move forward on their
own after kids, or patient parents, wound them up. These cars didn’t come with stickers
that would allow kids to customize them, but they were still a lot of fun. The decals were
already on the cars when they were put in plastic wrappers and then included in Happy
Meals.  Some Hot Wheels cars have become very collectible. There’s a market for the
rarer cars in pristine condition. In the case of Hot Wheels from McDonald’s Happy Meals,
many of the toys cars end up a little damaged because they’ve gotten so much love. They’ve
been played with a lot and it shows. Some people may have toy Hot Wheels from McDonald’s
which are still in the plastic bag packaging. These mint condition toys may be worth something,
especially if they’re offered as a complete set. The best way to determine the resale
value of a McDonald’s Happy Meal toy is to check online auction sites. See how much people
are paying for McDonald’s Happy Meal toys that you own. Some Happy Meal toys, such as
completed Inspector Gadget figures, fetch a pretty penny at online and offline auctions. Super Mario Toys Were Beloved People absolutely love Super Mario. This cute
cartoon plumber is a video game legend. This is why Super Mario Brothers McDonald’s Happy
Meal toys were so mesmerizing. These iconic Happy Meal toys were offered during the 90s.
In 2017, McDonald’s brought them back in an updated format. The 2017 toys were wonderful.
There was Mario and Luigi and Princess Peach, as well as Yoshi, Bowser, Invincible Mario,
a Red Shell and a 1-Up Mushroom. Plenty of grown-ups who loved playing Super Mario were
spotted ordering Happy Meals to get their hands on these fun and collectible toys. The
toys were fun for children to play with and also provided joy to adults, who could display
them on desks or coffee tables. McDonald’s has also offered Mario Kart Happy Meal toys,
which were fun and cute playthings. In addition, there was a Take The Mario Challenge promotion,
whereby kids got Super Mario-themed toys and pieces of paper with challenges written on
them. The Take The Mario Challenge was designed to get kids moving outside. Since Mario is
as beloved as ever, it won’t be surprising if the Super Mario-themed Happy Meal toys
keep on coming in the future. Halloween Pails Were Whimsical Halloween pails with cookie cutter lids were
fun Happy Meal toys that were safe for kids ages one and up. These safety-tested toys
were also really cute. Green, orange and white designs were available. The orange style looked
like a carved pumpkin, while the green design resembled a witch. The white pail looked like
a happy ghost. This Happy Meal promotion started in the early 90s. What was fun about
the pails was the fact that they came with Happy Meal food inside. Later on, they could
be used to hold Halloween candy. And parents and caregivers could make Halloween cookies
for the kids with the lids. These pails were versatile. They could be used to store a lot
of smaller items, not just candy. They also looked great when the three different designs
were displayed in a group. McDonald’s Happy Meals toys are often ingenious. Throughout
the years, the fast food giant has come up with some real winners, including these amazing
pails. The pails were spooky, without being scary to little kids. Some people don’t realize
that McDonald’s is the number one distributor of toys worldwide. McDonald’s ensures that
kids have access to creative toys that spark their imaginations. Tiny Toons Flip Cars Were Comical These comical Happy Meal toys were available
in 1991. Some of the toys are now considered rare by collectors. Every one of these toys
consisted of a car with a couple of Tiny Toons animated TV series characters inside. Each
week, a new car was introduced. There was a TV ad for the Happy Meal toys, which featured
the TV show’s characters, Elmyra, Babs, Plucky, Hamton and Buster. The characters were relaxing
in a car, along with a boy and the boy’s dad. In the ad, Plucky boldly ordered a hundred
Happy Meals. This was a mistake, as the boy’s dad wanted just one Happy Meal. This cute
ad drove demand for these whimsical toys. The original toys were safe for kids aged three
and up. McDonald’s wanted younger kids to have fun, too, so they offered a couple of
variations for kids three and younger, which were versions of Gogo Dodo and Plucky Duck.
Those toys are the ones that are considered rare today. Since they weren’t in ads, most
parents didn’t really know about them. They were toys that parents had to specifically
request at McDonald’s restaurants. Most didn’t, so there aren’t a lot of those toys out there.
Tiny Toons were cute and active characters that really appealed to children. Maybe you
remember the song from the TV series? It was really catchy and featured the lyrics, “We’re
tiny, we’re toony, we’re all a little loony”. If you try, you may be able to find even the
rarest Tiny Toon Happy Meal toys online. There were four toys for kids 3 and older, plus
the two toys for younger kids, so the entire collection had five toys. The toys for kids
aged 3 and up were a lot of fun to play with. The cars flipped, and this gave the toys an
appropriately madcap air. Barbie Dolls with Brushable Hair McDonald’s has offered a lot of Barbie-themed
toys over the years. The miniature Barbie dolls are always a bit hit. One set of these
mini-dolls featured hair that kids could brush. The hair wasn’t hard plastic. A quick search
on online auction sites shows a lot of these dolls for sale, some of which have a delightful
vintage feel. If you love Barbie and you’re feeling nostalgic, you may want to get your
hands on some of these older Happy Meal toys. They’ll look great on display. In 1993, McDonald’s
came out with a wildly popular Barbie/Hot Wheels promotion. The mini-Barbies caused
a sensation. They were available just for a limited time, and people really wanted to
collect them all. The 1993 dolls were the ones with real “hair”. For Barbie fans, brushable,
styleable hair is all-important. Even the other mini-Barbies with hard plastic hair
were very cute. There is a good collector’s market for Barbie dolls and other Barbie paraphernalia.
So, Barbie Happy Meal toys are probably worth hanging onto. These toys tend to get played
with a lot, so finding ones in perfect condition is challenging for collectors. The Happy Meal
toys that get the highest prices these days are Ty Beanie Babies, Fry Kids that came with
fun accessories, Muppet Babies, Power Rangers, and Barbies. We’re not talking big bucks here.
We’re talking ten or eleven bucks in most cases. Though, prices vary depending on rarity
and condition. Mighty Duck Pucks Were So Cool A group of 7 Mighty Ducks pucks surfaced in
1997, when Happy Meals were more popular than ever before. These cute pucks featured burly
ducks who wore hockey helmets, hockey gloves and Anaheim Mighty Ducks hockey jerseys. Pucks
came in fun colors, such as bright blue and bright purple. Kids entertained themselves
by sliding the pucks around on floors in their homes. These toys looked fun and had great
play value. Ducks featured on the pucks were characters from Mighty Ducks: The Animated
Series, which first aired during autumn of 1996. The cartoon’s inspiration came from
the Mighty Ducks movies, which were live-action films. Of course, the tough and rugged ducks
on the pucks were also inspired by the real-life NHL hockey team. Today, the NHL team is called
the Anaheim Ducks. The Disney cartoon element now appears on the team’s alternate jerseys.
Toy pucks inspired by The Mighty Ducks got kids excited and sometimes got kids moving,
so they were definitely beloved. These pucks weren’t designed to be used during real ice
hockey. However, it’s safe to say that some kids did take them onto the ice at some point.
More than a few of these pucks may have gotten trashed during aggressive road hockey action
or indoor hockey action. Garfield Vehicles Were In Demand Garfield was really the original Grumpy Cat.
He was a cartoon feline who wanted the freedom to laze and eat lasagna. He had his gripes,
as do most of us. Occasionally, he’d spring into action, along with his faithful canine
sidekick, Odie. Garfield Happy Meal toys were very appealing. McDonald’s released toy Garfields
riding Big Wheels-style bikes, skateboards, and scooters. One toy featured Garfield and
Odie on a red scooter. These toys were released in the 1980s, so they are really a blast from
the past. There are still plenty of Garfield fans around, so it’s easy to find these plastic
toys at online auction platforms. You can grab a cluster of them for around ten bucks,
depending on availability, which varies. Clearly, plastic toys from McDonald’s have the power
to captivate children. They also serve as pop culture snapshots. If you put a curated
collection of these toys in a time capsule, you’d get a good sense of what was hot and
happening in pop culture during different years. In 2019, a variety of exciting options
have been offered, including Beyblade Burst and Peanuts Snoopy Discovery Space toys.
Get yourself to a McDonald’s and grab these toys. Help yourself to more great videos and tap
that screen! Checking us out for the first time? Then show us some love and hit that
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