Tony Hale Reacts to Toy Story 4 Forky the Spork Halloween Costumes

-Since I’ve seen you, “Toy Story 4” went on to be
over a billion dollars. [ Cheers and applause ]
-Isn’t that crazy? -Biggest thing in the world.
It was great! -I tell you. Here’s the thing. Whew, I look pale
in that monitor. [ Laughter ] I tell you, like, I was —
you know, we as the actors, we talk a lot about the movie
and “Toy Story.” And I’m so grateful. But we are such
a small piece of this pie. Those animators that work on
that movie, they worked on the movie
five years. And the detail
that goes into it. Like, Forky’s arms are made out
of pipe cleaners. -Yeah.
-Yeah. Oh, yeah, right here. -There’s Forky. -They said it’s, like, almost
like 500,000 bristles they had to put onto those arms,
like, for the detail. -To make them look so realistic.
-Yeah. -It’s unbelievable
what they’re doing. -The artistry, they really just
worked their — It’s just such an act of love
and it’s just beautiful. -And how did they come up with
the name Forky? Because he’s really —
[ Laughter ] No, I’m serious.
-Yeah, yeah, yeah. -Because it’s a spork.
-It’s a spork. And that was actually —
[ Laughs ] That was a part of
Forky’s existential crisis because he’s like,
“‘A,’ I’m not a toy. And B, I’m a spork.
I’m not a fork.” [ Laughter ] But the guy, Josh Cooley,
who directed the movie, I think he was asking his son,
like, “What should I name him?” And the kid’s like, “Forkface!” [ Laughter ] And they’re like, “Eh, it’s
a little close to something.” [ Laughter ] -You can’t call him “Forkface.” -I don’t think
we should do that. Let’s not do that.
That’s no good. -Motherforker.
[ Laughter ] Okay, no, we can’t call him —
No, we’re not doing any of that. -And so the little girl
who creates Forky, she didn’t know
what a spork was. So she only knew a fork,
and so she called her Forky. -Yeah, and now did you see
a bunch of people dressing up as your character for Halloween? -[ Laughs ]
Yeah. Yeah, I put a little —
I gave a little — Do you have, like, a little —
-Yeah, I have a thing. -Oh, yeah, it’s right here.
[ Laughter ] -Yeah, it’s on
your Instagram account. These are —
-Look at these. Aren’t those great?
[ Laughter ] And I’m not gonna lie —
a little terrifying right here. [ Laughter ] -A little? Yeah.
-There’s a lot going on. -You think? Yeah. Oh, yeah. -Isn’t that crazy?
-That’s phenomenal. -I know. That really is.
-But now it’s even — It’s gotten even bigger now
because you’re doing a new show. -Yeah. -[ French accent ]
On Disney Plu. -[ French accent ]
On Disney Plu. -Yeah.
-It’s a beautiful show. -Beautiful, beautiful —
Disney Plu. -Oh, I love Disney Plu. [ Both speaking
French gibberish ] -[ Normal voice ]
And so it’s called “Forky –” [ Laughter ]
-Sorry, sorry, sorry. -I love it. I love it.
-[ Normal voice ] Sorry. -It’s called
“Forky Asks a Question” because when he came
into the world, his — Forky’s whole thing is like, “I’m here to help people
eat chili, and then I go to the trash.
That’s it.” That’s a one-way street.
-Yeah. -And Woody comes along. And he’s like,
“No, you’re made for a toy. You’re made to be loved
and to love.” And so then Forky’s like, “Alright, I got
a lot of questions.” And so in this little series,
he just asks questions like, “What is cheese?”
[ Laughter ] He’s like, “What is love?
What is money? What is art?” -He’s just learning. -He even says like,
“What is a friend?” And he makes a friend
with a coffee cup. ‘Cause he’s like,
“I’m a spork. I can talk. So maybe this cup can talk.” It did not end well.
[ Laughter ] But he’s just like, you know,
he’s just totally lovable. -I loved you in the movie. And I loved whole idea of Forky,
that he loves trash. -Loves trash. He — It’s warm. It’s cushy. [ Laughter ] And so the whole —
his whole time, he’s just trying to
get back to the trash. -Yeah. That’s where he thinks
he should live. -Oh, yeah, he loves it. -Yeah, how many times did you
say “trash” in that — -Oh, a lot of times.
A lot of times. Many different,
many different ways. -You brought us a clip
of you saying “trash” over and over again recording
for the movie “Toy Story 4.” Let’s take a look. -Trash. Trash. Trash. Trash, trash. [ Laughing ] Trash. T-T-T-Trash. Trash. Trash, trash, trash, trash,
trash, trash, trash, trash. Ah, ah, trash. [ Laughter and applause ] -That’s how you do it!
-That’s how you do it! -That is how you do it! Disney Plu! So, this new show
is on Disney+. It’s called
“Forky Asks a Question.” Let’s take a look at the show. -Well, Forky,
money is an accepted means by which one may purchase
goods and services. -Uh-huh.
-There are many denominations. -Uh-huh.
-Each minted in either Philadelphia, Denver,
or San Francisco. -Look what I can do. Same direction. Try it. -And, if you would,
cast your attention over here. This is a quarter,
one-fourth of a dollar. -Wow. That looks like a lady.
-No. [ Laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ] -Tony Hale, everybody!

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32 thoughts on “Tony Hale Reacts to Toy Story 4 Forky the Spork Halloween Costumes

  1. Having not yet seen TS4. I have to say that Forky Asks a Question is my new favorite series on D+. The eyes and the arms gag had me laughing out loud.

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