Timka LEGO Ninjago set 70670 (Monastery Of Spinjitzu/Монастырь Кружитцу).

Started!! Hello! Today, I have a set of LEGO NINJAGO. a new series of LEGO LEGACY, we waited a very long time! I can not wait to collect it! Timka how are you ?! I want to collect as soon as possible! This is one of the biggest sets. I understand correctly? Yes, as big as the Ultra-Dragon. See who painted the side? This is Zane! The box also has a bar code as it was in the Ultra-Dragon? Not. Instructions! Package №4, №8. It turns out that the package even more than in a set of Ultra Dragon? It’s good! 9 packages!?!? not! This package №6. And in the set is still only 8 packages. All 8 packages waiting for when they become temple Spinjitzu And beg Timka Gather us soon! Look stickers nindroids, master Chen, great stickers! Even stickers Overlord, Garmadon and Mask Oni. We have translated the hieroglyphs. Written on them Ninja! Here is a thick manual. This book! Timka says that is built in each of the packets and which are going minifigures. Open the first packet Master Wu himself. We can say the first and the main character in Lego Ninjago universe. So Timka gives us the opportunity to compare the two sensei Wu. One of the Ultra-Dragon, and the other from the Monastery of Spinjutzu. And we see that they are very similar to each other. Now we look at the greatest ninja – Lloyd. They have absolutely the same clothes, because they are both of the LEGACY series. And so we can compare them at the same time from different angles. We see crawling on the body of the dragon Lloyd. Timka, show us the Lloyd without a mask. One smiling face the other with a jeer. On his face as though it is written well, that the enemies, hold on! Timka, how do you like the new Lloyd? I liked him. It is good. But it is interesting how these minifigures will be made? The first package. Monastery Of Spinjitzy starts here with these details. LEGO invented to make these curls using standard mugs! Let’s look at the central part of the temple, which gathered Timka. Here there are: table flags and podstavochku a kettle with mugs. Tea ceremony. Teapot. Plates. Calyx. here is a very nice service. there is one trap that Timka liked in the monastery. let’s see how it works. it turns out that the steps, pushed forward, and knock man who wants to climb the ladder. And yet there is a sharp knife that suddenly pops up from the bottom and up the stairs killing. Here’s our Kai. The first simple ninja. He is dressed in red suit. With the sword of fire. The LEGACY Series will begin again reissued gold super weapons. Here I want to show once again the guys sign Kaya because I think it’s very important. Again we see the body of the dragon creeping on it. Timka put a number figure Lloyd. What we could see a sign Lloyd ninja and compare it with the sign of Kai. To guys saw the diversity and similarities of different signs. It seems to be the same and at the same time, all different. We will see the skeleton. The set includes a skeleton. His name Wyplash. Let’s see our encyclopedia Ninja. In the book, it is quite different. He did not look like himself. General Ice. Well if so, then Zane has to fight with him. Zane Against Vayplesha. Prosaet in general Ice ice shuriken. As you are such a coincidence? There are some profound meaning. Timka says that now he is no worm in the skull! Belt it blue. Look at the face, although it can hardly be called a person. most likely it is the skull. and some straps but still probably be fine for general shoulder straps. in the hands of the dagger. the second package. Collect the right and left side. It depends on which side of the watch. How many would be interested in? Now we’ll see. Here Timka collected mate. Look at the beautiful Chinese lanterns in front. The plant is installed in the cabinet. The flower turns, and after the turn of the sword appears Kaya. A locker is put forward? Not. But the sword for nothing here they have set. Let’s see the other side as it looks. Look how beautifully made side so white elements. We have not paid attention to the color of the walls. It turns out they are brown! Never would have thought that Kruzhitsu Convent of the back of the white and brown. Timka says that the monastery cool! It does not seem you unpretentious? Perhaps it would be correct to make it not 9 years old, and probably 3.5 years. Nunchuck lightning. This is the second gold sword. The first is the sword of fire Kai. Here shuriken ice. Nunchuck lightning. Spit land. Sword of Fire. All four elements of the elements is in this set! The third package. It will build the second part of the monastery. podstavochki Nunchuk for lightning and earth braids. Here Timka already collected the second part. There is a support for these weapons. Look guys. They are very beautiful. Very carefully done. Well done LEGO-vtsy. See how to shoot a catapult. There’s to be chicken. Push. Door opens. And the golden hen flies! Do you want to see again? And how is it Timka that the doors themselves are revealed? tell me how it’s done! like that removed the door. And you see the complex mechanism that allows the door to turn. This is how they stand and when lifting, they parted. It turns out that they are the one secured. and the left arm pushes them up and then the door reveal. and due to this they are moving in a circle. It’s cool they did. top has tabs that are holding the door, not giving them otpadyvat. Catapult will shoot the golden hen. Let us once again: from the top, we have fasteners that do not provide door using otpadyvat. There is such a rotary motion and when Timka lifts them up doors odds and catapult projectile flies. rises-opens, rises-opens. Chicken will be 8 package. here is our Jay. Ninja Lightning. In his hands Lightning nunchuck. These are those that were in the previous package. He has two faces. One cheerful. And another uuuu !!! Behind the drawn dragon. It does not make a circle, and passes over the top of the sign. Look at his character. Dragon Ninja ovivayuschy body. Timka was trying to show you what it looks like. On his chest he begins, it goes back and then ends at the chest. Here’s a Jay! Timka puts on his mask, giving him a hand nunchaku. And we can see the full ninja. How do you guys like? This package still have Cole. He is a ninja of the Earth. He has “spit of land” by means of which can cause earthquakes. He also has an interesting pattern on the back of a dragon, he makes a full circle. Very nice picture! He has two faces. The first: “I wish I had a pizza right now!” And the second: “Where is my pizza!” He has another painting. Look no legs. Now we will build the roof of the monastery. The fourth package. Look how colorful roof. LEGO-vtsy decided to make a holiday and used different colors. Look how beautiful it turned out! It looks very impressive! As you are such a roof? On the roof there were figures ninja. Invisible to enemy ninjas, slipping on the roof. Now we will have the same design on the left side, and then we will build the central roof. After all the roof are assembled, the “barn”, really turned into a beautiful monastery. But with the roof so I figured out some kind of “ambush.” Well, it always falls. It keeps not stable. This monastery reminds me of “Temple Aerodzhittsu” It is exactly the same tile. On the other hand he looks like? Look again, now with a roof. Package number five. We will collect the tower, Niya and Zane. Zane. Let’s now look at Zane. Again crawling on the body of a dragon. But the white body. Behind it does not make a circle. It passes through the lower back, as in Jay. Jay on top only. Timka, I ask you to take off the mask with Zane, so we can see him character. we also see his face. Such angry. But the second person will surprise you! The hands holding the shurikens of ice, smiles, ready to feats! surrender, I would say the only girl but she is not the only girl skyladon yarns do not have the tubers and cast bottoms will fly you made a crown on Check on each figure whether you had to come up with something of their own original yes And here you are now see for yourself how the mega live flowers, I would even say unique shots when you can actually see all the spins in one ninja frame Dusty Well guys probably see a rarely seen look so we always show on the channel the most interesting yes Fire 2 Rigaud were brought so cleverly invented kicking have one with this and the other side of this look guys, I think that this is just a copy of another look himself king of view they seem to be twins continue but the temple as one died, we will build a six pack Here are here are the gates to the end and doing what beauty is already felt and inspect and here they are 1, where one stage where stone detour his overlord overlord is here yes exactly the guys see this turned exactly as I see it is the master yes yes I see what suits agree and follow Stuart force is in the mask they anything not normally think it’s very nice to the little I can not imagine how when it is joined to this building here and here and so easy and that there is everything and attached in any way will not be giving the guys feel is obtained what a beauty incredibly cool so that some should be will not but what Beauty Th well I think it is necessary to quickly dosobrat so that we have this thing already full as it were a beautiful entrance and gave a piece grandparents will be built more and roof but her photo no roof what that is, on the idea there should still be the roof of the guys let show in the picture here is about the prosthesis and thus the day all this will be visible 8 package but here there is such a beautiful thing really stylish and beautiful looks, I agree there giggling issues no temple of its meetings and hi hi hi hi closes and no openers immediately comes that is, do you mean that they directly refer to children and frequent look out wow you mean These real way get a hundred percent, and the volume and there is no Who is it you look like Ken said as a rat to new he now is willing to all this is the final final. That’s what I understand that is now possible in the school will fight greetings and other Let’s figure it out how I could once again enjoy this game let me try on one side and I’ll splash out on the other side of the gun kitty year of the guys I’ve won before 3 come tractor sput-sput-sput-sput-sput-sput-sput-sput-sput-sput it to her he was and has not lost d & g I now will contact arms forward prepared from the mouth tilting watching guys see tips pushes him head with Well Che thread I have one just once let stay cool I think those BOJ overnight yes I understand this is a unique concept before anything similar was not would guide him well, the guys well here you see seems to me that it is a worthy this game can fight to the well, the guys are really nice if such fit such a ninja and top-top-top feel but how you like tassels stylish suit made cool such parties themselves spears such roof and beautiful look here is more than a fashionable beautiful tree as the king called Sakura but such of this is our cherry key look while meeting hand here are gates here, they no longer can be made simpler but still Phase 2 is now just 2 simulators simulator Darin instructions as I do not understand how it works it a night I do not understand there is nothing that this is how to do the same and then katsu such was somewhere here that the top 5 barriers to exercise Andy This rotating IR Aton mace 2 rotates three sword racks and serpentines 4 Michelle for javelin throw 5 side of the roof, they do not like cool suits you seem interesting to Couple at the bottom again, you guys represent everything in this set it can not be their suit, and another plus is clear well, that is, I did a demo request show us set that caused the fight and marten Well chotenko you think that it is something like there is nothing like so apart roof running in my there anything matching the wrong way you on the resurrection of the temple so well that there will be smiths with the dragon have no saber similarity does not go well, but to In order that creates a kind of a closed area such as a type of something fence ahyyana rear wall of the house here but oh well then it is like here nothing like there but then we will not get hung up on it for some reason I thought that the forge of the Dragon is more like it probably really more like Mary Temple jitsu because he was of the Red Well Well this Page last guys I last page blank to the temple is 178 first page and the pressure on the first skirmish buildings surround it built after this line will be guys but see here is drawn as a play but of course could not understand It prohibited and can even be kids and pribambas nicknames but why they do not written as well, and stamp your banana bomb plays a role but is written here but grated I did not understand how to do such flour and details details details details and whales Korzhov here at the front did not enter a battle against theft caches at work on the 5 strong jane and it is being built against the skeleton on the other side there years escaped Haram wants to head back small risk pieces of them throws his shuriken wine is not got no time playing cards equips you with the days on zhorom took a sword, and you put crust and just as the man any tors minutes footage from the first season itself, see how beautifully situated somewhere there above the rock monastery seems and what leads to it 5555 coach well, it’s probably collect all golden weapons here they are so and so then build and show others they are somewhere here I show it to press for new podstavochki if it twist it may get a sword in my I hit and the door collapsed and of them flew and chicken someone show you that I have here and purchase it there will come out knife and can understand the universe Ninja but this reverse side of it you pretty, we know that it is time these very characters that are on the back side hidden, and it says the monastery turned well, Che, I propose to complete this review Basically one of the biggest sets so I do not know all the same morning the dragon probably all the same there will be less less extinct but here, as it were more detail but well, when compared for example with the set of the morning Dragon then you would have on what variant stopped on the morning of the dragon or it monastery Spinjitzu empty Interestingly this is too complicated question is not available at the dinner takes both sets Well good chotenko thanks for the story let’s finish end once they do not have to play, and yet time to gather yes yes while boys I want to sleep, and even

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