Tim Allen Scared A Stranger’s Child With Buzz Lightyear Voice

– Do kids ever recognize
you as Buzz Lightyear ’cause your voice? – What’s unusual it’s the voice, and I think Warner Brothers’ cartoons a long time ago told the people they did not want Mel Blanc or anybody doing the voice outside of the cartoon environment, and I understand why. I’m in Manhattan in an elevator and a young kid is misbehaving. Some kids at certain ages punch you in the crotch I don’t know what that’s about. – They’re yeah and it’s– – There’s a certain age
they’re right there, – Always boys. – They know it gets your attention. And so this kid was punching mom in the leg and really going nuts, so I said to infinity and beyond, you shouldn’t treat your mom like that. And the kid went, (laughs) he looked all around the elevator and then started crying and turned into the mom looking at me like now she’s mad. – At you, and he was punching– – And the kid goes that ugly man swallowed Buzz Lightyear. (laughs) – Now you can punch him, um I– – I will say Hanks my
good buddy plays Woody, but who cares about a cowboy, he goes, he did a sweet trick for us. We went to a Children’s Hospital together and we did, and what he did it was such a wonderful idea, he has these kids, close your eyes for a minute. And when the kids close their eyes then we can do the voices together, and then they imagine
Woody and Buzz are there. – That’s so sweet. – It’s much, oh God, he’s a great guy, and I say it was I’ve learned that lesson. If anybody wants to hear it, shut your eyes, especially
little kids little ones. – Yeah. Shut your eyes and then
I’ll go to near them, say some Buzz Lightyear stuff then they don’t– – Don’t freak them out in an elevator. (laughs)

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19 thoughts on “Tim Allen Scared A Stranger’s Child With Buzz Lightyear Voice

  1. Same birthday as you Tim 😄😄
    You ROCK btw. Seriously though, relish in the fact of how awesome you are.
    Makes your car anthem grunts – my two sons will love hotrods like mommy 😊
    But, first toy story ⚡ totally team Buzz

  2. Absolutely love you Kelly! Your such a wonderful person!! Tim Allen and Tom Hanks has also always been one of my favorites!! ❤️❤️❤️

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