TIE Fighter Remastered – Star Wars Anime Short Film

*Star Wars Main Theme* Probe Droid Communication Transmission (X-wing Fighter engine roar) *Probe Droid Transmission* *Destroyers jumping out of Hyperspace* Incoming! Enemies up ahead Afirmative. Im going in *All out Space Fighter battle starts* Fighter Pilot #1: Ah!, AUGH! Fighter Pilot #1: OW! Behind you Shake him off *Concerned R2 Astromech Beeps and Whistles* X-Wing Pilot : OOH! AUGH! X-Wing Pilot: Hang in there! Stay low! Hold your possition Imperial Captain: Rebels coming into your range Imperial Officer: Shield activated! Imperial Admiral: The rebels are targeting our Destroyer Intercept immediately Tie Fighter Leader: Their defenses are thinning out Do not relent Show no mercy Imperial Navigator: We’re almost ready to turn our attention to that pathetic transport ship Lets show them the full might of the imperial Navy Take out that rebel transport Leave no survivors

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45 thoughts on “TIE Fighter Remastered – Star Wars Anime Short Film

  1. wow, from what movie is this awesome clip from that I've never seen before and HOW can I get more of it? This is like going to a chinese food restaurant and being served crappy food from one of the combo meals listed above the register (The Disney Movies of the Star Wars franchise) and finding out there is a secret menu with really good food (like this video).

  2. One guy, no money, 4 years and we got this amazing anime. Disney, virtually unlimited funds, shitloads of time and employees, 4 years and we got Kylo ren. Boycott Disney. They are greedy and lazy.

  3. Link to the original version video, because the guy who used it did not bother https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PN_CP4SuoTU

  4. The destruction of the Death Star was like 9/11, there were people with families in there that were just doing their jobs.

  5. Wow Japanese style heh? I loved that rapid push-in on the imperial general's face when he did that hand gesture commanding the firing. That shot looked so cool! By the way are these all hand drawn? Without the aid of computers?

  6. This is what happens when anime and star wars make sweet love.

    Why disney hasn't hopped on the band wagon is beyond me.

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