Tic Tac Toy XOXO Friends Unboxing!

fantastic we have the new tic tac toy
XOXO friends we have a few different sets there’s a couple of these XOXO
friend surprises woohoo soft and cuddly i wonder who will
get and we have these little sets which include one friend one waving one
bracelet are you super duper excited why should we start with that one alright
let’s do it Josephina you try to open one you don’t eat it you open it let’s
check out what’s inside blind bags how many is there inside one of these one
two three tons of cute silly surprises cute and silly that’s our favorite and
lots of little characters to get all right which one do you want to start
with that one oh it’s that much pink and cute oh what
a cute little puppy Jack you know what this cute is Josephine that is Noli
wings green wings for lowly and last peg Oh a pink bracelet let’s see oh so pretty it’s got little
EXO flowers on it I love it they’re Sparkle all right next
time Oh cute a little white kitty cat so that’s Bella oh look how pretty those
wings are oh I love those and a purple brace that Wow look how sparkly it is so
far we have Dodie and Bella and their wings are interchangeable
Ronny’s let’s see who else we got the girl
we got Maya hooray awesome Oh a pretty pink bracelet
I think dirty one schedule it hmm ooh what’s that pretty those are neat
fake brother William is joining us let’s open it up oh how cute is my koala this
is Kiki Oh sparkly purple this is our collection
so far we got one more to go let’s check it out last one of these
little boxes what we got whoo a blue bracelet we don’t have that color yet oh
it’s got a little crown look at the teddy with the crowd put the wings on
that’s ginger look it’s little ginger how cute this is our haul from our
little boxes how cute are these little dolls this next alright let’s get it
opened up this is a set of a surprise boxes so let’s flirt on the little boxes
oh they’re so connected together look at that I wanted to are connected together
and there’s a few by themselves whoa what’s behind door number one oh hey is
that another Maya we have two different Maya’s waiting two different outfits how
cute is that Taylor my ex and Amaya oh what’s behind door number two oh and Maya gets white wings look how
pretty those are now you’ve got four and five what’s behind door number four all
right rare one oh whoa what’s this one’s name does anybody know we got Stella a
rare unicorn whoo-hoo what’s in that one hmm
oh what’s that Oh unicorn cookie cutter what’s behind door number seven slime
slime nope push it okay look at the numbers we have left three and six I
know a couple kids who are three and six are you gonna open one for
three-year-olds yeah all right open number three oh I wonder what this is SuperDuper cute and the box for
six-year-olds is for six-year-old hey what’s in that one always that wings
all right put some wings on her we had another box of page surprises I can’t
wait to check it out see what we got this time this time we’re gonna do them
in order one two three four five six seven eight oh Green piggy how cute this is pearly the
piggy what’s behind door number two ooh and green wings how matchy-matchy oh
these are purty 3r anything isn’t here
it’s Betty Oh what is it oh it’s like a tiny little ice-cream with wings
Oh what’s inside that one you little miss hops hops
oh so cute yellow wings her little bunny so cute what is behind door number six
whoa what’s that wait I know those are Parente Oh family we’ve got some more
rare wings so the red boom box number seven feels pretty heavy I wonder who’s
inside it feels squishy does smell yummy – yummy box number eight for Big Brother what’s in your bag oh yeah look I know
wonder oh what’s in there oh it’s a blue one what shape is it cloud look cute
little purple cloud and last but not least the big one who will we get this
is a big set there’s one of six of these guys in there some wings and some fun
surprises one is the big one then there’s two three four five six six
surprises and all who is behind door number one is ours open Oh big brother
really I’m getting nerd helper pull it back who is it
oh how cool it is our CLE ah it looks like we got a little Blair let’s see
what else is in our surprises number two let’s see what’s inside this one
oh wow those are big how cute those our little Blair has her green wings on how
cute next surprise let’s check it out 9 door 3 & 4 2 bags what’s that
Oh cute look at this cute little accessory ooh a little star last box
let’s go oh my gosh I love it what do you guys think of these awesome
surprises what are your favorites yeah and I also Jodi’s trying to get into my
surprises the banks for Tic Tac toy for sending us these Josie says thank you
for watching thank God hey guys click here to watch another video and like
here to subscribe to our channel bye

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  1. Thank you to our AWESOME friends at Tic Tac Toy for this awesome toy line https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8MR0wSTbzs5Yo7DgP04P-w

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