Throwing a Dart at a Map & Buying Whatever it Lands on!!! Sis VS Bro Challenge!

[Thunk] Yes! Best Buy, yes! I got Best Buy! [Cheering] Today we’re doing “Throw the Dart at the Map Challenge”! [Kids cheering] Whatever the dart lands
on you get to do or buy. We each get to throw the dart three times. If you land on anything
white, then you get nothing. This gives you a chance to win money. There’s also Claire’s, LEGOs, and Target. This one’s Chick-fil-A and this one’s a very cool Nerf place, and you can get awesome stuff at Best Buy. Michaels, IHOP, Laser Tag. If you land on any of the Hawaiian islands or the airplane, or the hula girl, the whole family gets to go to Hawaii. I’m really hoping to get Hawaii, and, because it’s super cool, and you get to spend time with your family there. If you land on this, then
you get a cool mystery box. If you land on this, then you
get to go to an awesome movie. You don’t wanna land here because you get no electronics for one day! And if you land here,
you have to do the dishes which is pretty hard in our family. [Upbeat dance music] I get to go first. I’m
not sure what to do. I wanna go to Best Buy, and
I wanna get the money thing. I don’t know. And they’re all in, they’re
both in a different corner; so, I don’t know. I’m gonna try and go for money, okay. Three, two, one. [Thunk] [Checkmark twinkles] Oo, oh! Just barely, look at it! I just barely got Get Air! Like literally, it’s just
barely even on the line. See ya, I’m gonna go jump. [Rhythmic music] I’m so excited to go into the jump park! Follow me, guys! You guys, there’s a zip line! Here I go! Ahhhh! [Upbeat music] Follow me, you guys! That was so much fun! Ahhhh! Now it’s my turn, and
I’m going for Best Buy. But first, I’ve gotta get perfect aim. ‘Kay. [Thunk] [Waaaaa!] [Buzzer] Ooh… I just threw it, and it hit the wall! It’s my turn. Ahhhh! My mom says ’cause I’m four,
I get to do at that line. [Girl laughs] I’m so excited. [Thunk] [Buzzer] [Laughing] Oh my gosh, I got nothing.
I just landed on the wall. [Whoosh] Now it’s my turn. I think I’m gonna throw it in the middle so I have the best chance
of winning something. [Thunk] LEGOs, yes, yes, yes! I’m going to the LEGO store. [Checkmark twinkles] Maybe I can get Minecraft LEGOs. Minecraft’s my favorite. I’m outta here, see you at the LEGO store! Well, here I am at this
awesome LEGO store. Now let’s go see what I can go buy. [Guitar music] Hey, this is the one I decided. This rollercoaster can
transform into this one, this one, or this one. Now let’s go buy it. [Guitar music] [Upbeat dance music] I’m scared, you guys. Three, two, one! [Thunk] [Buzzer]
Oh, darn it! Dang it, I got nothing. Now I’m real scared. Three, two, one… [Thunk] [Buzzer]
Again? [Sad trombone]
Dang it! Now I’ve lost two turns. I wanna land on ice cream! Hooray! Ice cream, here I come. [Bonk] Redo. That was funny. [Doink] I gotta, but, I get a redo again, right? [Thunk] [Laughs]
I keep on missing! I’m gonna go one more time. Should I do this? [Donk, bonk] [Girl laughs] [Girl laughs] [Thunk] [Chechmark twinkles] [Gasps] I got it! Ice cream, here I come! [Children cheer] I’m gonna get bubblegum ice cream. And, there’s gum in it. [Lighthearted guitar music] Yummy, yummy, yummy! I’m so excited what I
got from the LEGO store. Now my strategy is, instead
of going in the middle, I think I’m gonna go
to the side, get money, Mcdonalds, or Michaels, or a present. Or Hawaii. I just really hope I don’t get dishes! Second try, here I go. [Thunk]
[Checkmark twinkles] Present, yes, yes! These are all the presents my mom wrapped, I’m gonna pick one of them and
open ’em and see what I get. [Rattling] ‘Kay, I’m gonna see if
there’s any more of this. [Shaking] [Rattling] Nope. [Shaking box] Okay, I’m going for this one. [Ripping] [Gasps] Whoa! Oh, by the way, Netflix
brought us this cool game called ‘Carmen Sandiego’. Oh-la-la! Ooh, a Netflix card! I’m keeping this. Oh, and a book, a book! I’ll read that, and it goes with the game. I’ll play with this with my sister later. ♪ Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego? ♪ [Upbeat dance music] I’m scared! Okay. Three, two, one! [Thunk] [Buzzer] [Sad trombone]
Waaaaaaa! Third times a charm, and
this time I’m aiming for popcorn and a movie. [Thunk] Yes, yes, yes, yes! I got it! Yes! I got what I wanted! I got a movie ticket! Woo-hoo! I might see the new “How
To Train Your Dragon 3”, or “The Lego Movie 2” again. I missed twice, but at
least I got something and a movies pretty cool,
so I’m pretty stoked. I wanna go, I actually wanna go on… If I land on Hawaii,
the whole family can go. [Boink] [Thud] [Donk] [Thunk] [Bonk] [Thunk] [Checkmark twinkles] I get to go to a movie! [Claps] Hooray! Kalia, what are you cheering about? Yeah, Kalia, what are you cheering about? You got a movie?
You won the movie? [Children cheer] Kalia and I both get to go to the movies! Woo-hoo! Kaden gets to come with me. [Piano music] Do you wanna see “How
To Train Your Dragon” or “Lego Movie”? “Lego Movie”.
Or “Wonder Park”? “Lego Movie”! Okay, let’s select “Lego Movie”. We just saw this Lego
Movie and it’s awesome! I loved it! Guys, I’m so lucky, I hit the board two out of my three times. Here’s my third. [Thunk] Claire’s… [Checkmark twinkles] Maybe I should get something
for my sister at Claire’s. Should I call her out here and tell her? Jasmine! Come ‘ere, come ‘ere! Yeah? Since you only got one
thing, I got Claire’s for you so then you can buy something at Claire’s! Thank you, Jack! Give me a hug! To celebrate, let’s do this! Guys, I’m so excited to go in Claire’s! Jack was so nice to let me have Claire’s. Let me see what I can find. [Soft guitar music] Payton just arrived. You’re gonna help me. I kinda feel like I
want this BFF necklace. I think we’re gonna get this one to share. [Soft guitar music] There I go. Now it’s time for the bonus round! My mom said that we can
each go one more time. [Upbeat dance music] Oh, this is so stressful. ‘Kay, I’m gonna try and aim again. Two, one. [Thunk]
[Buzzer] Darn it! What I’m gonna go for is Best Buy, Michael’s or Target. Or, instead of Target, maybe Hawaii. [Thunk] Yes! Best Buy! Yeah I
got Best Buy! [Cheering] Yay, woo-hoo! I got Best Buy! Woo-hoo! That’s the top number
one thing that I wanted! Yes! I am so lucky. I am so excited that I landed on Best Buy! Let’s go instead and see what I get. [Adventure music] This is so cool, it’s
a “Fire 7”, and it has lots of cool games, you
can get YouTube on it, it’s so awesome. Come on, let’s go check out. I’m so glad I got this. I’m gonna play Roblox
and lots of cool games. Wait, wait, don’t tell ’em. What?! Okay, ready? Open it. Open it. Dun, dun, dun! No way! Ha!
What?! Dun, dun, dun! Here I go! [Bonk] Whoa! [Doink] [Bop, bip] [Boink] [Buzzer] I’m going for Hawaii. Make sure my feet are behind the line. [Thunk]
[Checkmark twinkles] [Gasps] Hawaii, Hawaii! I got Hawaii! I got Hawaii! Yes, yes! Guys, guys, guys! Come out, come out! I got Hawaii for us! WHAT?! [Children cheer] Yes, we’re going to Hawaii state! Aloha! We’re headed to Hawaii! To the airport! To the airport! ‘Bout to get on the airplane. [Island music] I think that’s water! What? I see the water! You see the water? Yeah!
Oh! [Family cheers] Aloha! We’re at Hawaii! We’re at the beach! Surf’s up! [Children cheer] Make sure to like and subscribe below. Share this video with all your friends! Comment down below and tell us… [Beep] Comment down below and tell
us if you wanna do a… [Beep] Comment down below and tell us… Kalia. [Beep] Comment down below and tell us if you want us to do a different… [Beep] Comment down below and tell
us if you want us to do a different country on the map. [Children cheer]

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