Thrift Shop Jump 120 – Lego

Welcome to our Thrift Shop Jump This is the series where we show you stuff that is so awesome that you need to jump on it Get ready to jump on these Legos Here we are at this Value Village I want to show you some stuff that I would consider an incredible deal So if you see anything like this you’ll know to jump on it Wow! Look at this! This huge bag for $2.99 And there’s another bag for $2.99 Wow! Holy smokes! And here’s another bag for $2.99 Here’s another one These are usually priced higher Ooo. Another bag! This one has people These are Lego Friends The people are bigger than the mini figures Here’s another bag These pieces are from the Lego Friend sets I can tell by the colours The colours are tutti fruitti colours Pink, lime, orange Yellow, lavender Let’s put all the bags together This bag with people in it is a really good bag Look at all the pieces you get for $2.99 I’m sure someone who is familiar with Lego Friends can figure out what set these pieces are from All these bricks and pieces are compatible with the regular Lego sets Just the people are different sizes Put this one here All these bags probably came from a couple of sets There’s probably pieces missing so you wouldn’t get a complete set But still. There’s plenty here to play with And if you’re a master builder, it’s perfect! This would make a great addition to what you already have How many bags do we have? 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Wow! This is a lot of Lego! At another Value Village Here’s just 1 bag of pink Lego for $4.99 Lots of pieces But just goes to show you, those bags for $2.99 What an amazing deal! Now at the Salvation Army thrift store Here are 14 bags of Lego Mostly black, grey and white bricks These bags are priced from $4.99 to $8.99 Legos are expensive Check out this set for four hundred dollars This one is for three hundred and fifteen dollars Here’s a cheaper set $39.99 You could supplement this set with Legos from the thrift shop Oh. And by the way All these bags were gone by the next day Someone jumped on them Yep If you like this video, give us a thumbs up Check out this video We would love to see the treasures and trash you find Send us a photo of your best and worst thrift shop finds Just go to our Facebook page and share it Don’t forget to subscribe! Thank you!

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