Thrift Shop Dolls Part 9 – Bratz With Clothes And Shoes

Welcome back to part 9 In this group I have fully clothed Bratz with shoes Thrift Shop Dolls Part 9 Bratz Dolls with Clothes and Shoes Let’s make some room and open them up! After my disastrous nail painting job last time I’m giving these glue on nails a try I’m pretty sure they’re going to fall off So today I have Declan to help me Say hi Declan! Hi! Okay let’s get started First bag Whoa! Look at the outfit on this one! Check out her earrings! Big squares or diamonds So cool! I love this sweater and the belt Ooo. Look at these open toe boots! And these shimmery leggings How cool are they? The previous owner gave her braids Her hair isn’t rooted for pigtails But they did a pretty good job I’ll hand her over to Declan Okay She has to sit up so everyone can see her Next! I’m pretty sure this is Jade Ooo. I love her 2 toned hair! Great condition! I think this is a bun She has an earring Ooo. Both of them! Oh she has a mark on her face It might be ink Nice t-shirt Ooo. Is that a rip? I don’t know Check out these cool jeans The details are amazing! Look at this belt! So cool! Velcro in the back Matching shoes! So awesome! Sit her beside her friend Okay Next bag I’m pretty sure I have this doll already Oh my goodness This outfit looks odd It’s put together all wrong Her hair is in good condition What’s this? A long scarf? I think this belongs to another outfit Cute skirt Ooo. Check out these boots! I don’t have boots like these This top with this tie Don’t know if this is her outfit cuz it looks put together from other outfits Definitely not her scarf Okay sit her down Oops. Got to put her arms back for support I can do that More dolls coming! Make room! Next doll Declan! This must be Jade too I love these diamond earrings! She has both earrings! So cool! And her necklace! So lucky she has all her jewellery! Her outfit is beautiful! Hair is in great condition! Ooo. The skirt is lined! Wo-hoo! Strappy high heels Very awesome! Wow! Her outfit looks complete! Sit her down with her friends! We’ll do a spin around later so you’ll get a better look at them Come on girl! You got to look at the camera! Next bag Let’s see what we got here Ooo. I don’t know who this one is Is this her outfit? Cute sports shorts Check out her shoes! I don’t have shoes like these! Her hair is matted But it’s nothing we can’t fix Top doesn’t quite match the shorts or the shoes This looks like a Tokyo A Go Go top Alright. Sit her down Declan! Sit you down there Face the camera Next one Declan! This is Sasha! Love her 2 toned hair! Looks like it’s in it’s original hair style Ooo. Look at this jacket! It has a zipper! It’s not a functioning zipper but it’s such an awesome detail One shoulder top Pretty cool Diamond belt I think this is a Forever Diamondz jeans Look at the details! And the sparkly strappy shoes! Don’t know if she’s a Forever Diamondz Sasha Declan, we’ll have to squeeze her in Make room for Sasha girls! Sit her down here? Perfect Next bag Whoa! I don’t think I have this doll! Love her glittery eye shadow! We’ll do a close up later Check out the lightening bolt on her jacket! I love jackets! The details are amazing! This looks like a cami Snake skin skirt These boots She’s looking so awesome! I’ll sit her down here Next doll Oh. I don’t think I have this one either Look at this face Oh. She has some marks on her face Her hair is in pretty good condition It just needs to be recurled One shoulder top The jeans are amazing! Look at the detail! Gold cord belt with beads Glitter on her jeans Wow! So pretty! Platform shoes! Gotta love those square toes She’s pretty awesome! Sit her down here Next bag Oh my gosh! Look at this one! The hair! There’s a braid! Ooo. Two braids! Great condition! Her face needs a clean up Not a problem! Look at this outfit! Wo-hoo! Fur jacket! Is it a Forever Diamondz jacket? I don’t know Looks like a Forever Diamondz outfit Glittery top Diamond studded jeans Diamond studded belt Those shoes don’t match her outfit though She’s dressed for the red carpet So cool! Sit here for now Next one Declan! Don’t know who this one is She has a beauty mark over her lip Hmm Pretty sure I don’t have this doll either Her hair Uh. I think it’s been cut Don’t really know Glittery top Cool jean skirt Nice skin tone High heels Hmm. It’s purple I don’t think this is her outfit Doesn’t matter. She’s so beautiful! And we can make her new clothes Sit her down here Thanks for helping Declan! Anytime! These are all the dolls from this group If you know their names and what collection they’re from Let me know in the comment section Some of them I know but most of them I don’t Let’s do a close up and a spin around of each doll Number one Blonde in the sweater Number two Pretty sure this is Jade Number three Doll in the neck tie top Number four Pretty sure this is another Jade Number five Doll with the pink running shoes Number six Pretty sure this is Sasha Number seven Doll with the lightening bolt jacket Number eight Doll with the one shoulder top Number nine Doll with the fur jacket Number ten Doll with the beauty mark over her lip Here they are together again Thanks for all your help identifying them I really appreciate it! Thanks for watching and see you again soon! If you like this video, click like Check out this video! Can I borrow your jacket to wear down the red carpet? It’s so cold! Sure Thank you! Can I have your autograph? Can I have yours? Of course! 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