Thomas & Friends The Great Race TOMY vs Trackmaster

Welcome to Thomas the Tank Engine
Railway race set today we’re gonna be racing Thome against crack master let’s
start off with team Tommy an engine rule call diesel
rusty Thomas in the jet engine Murdoch Edward bill Emily Arthur duck lady Toby
and Mavis and here’s team track master racing
Thomas hyper glow Ashima Henry young Bao chocolate-covered Percy
Harvey Philip Gordon Rebecca charlie
Stephen and Hiro bill of the Sodor china clay pits one of the twins representing
team Tommy I can scored in the Express engine that big blue sausage on your
marks get set oh they’re off looks like it was a
little bit of a delayed response for bill the coordinates definitely go first
over the bridge and he is going hard build out coming down how’s it going
through the loops it looks like Gordon will take the high ground
bill taking the low ground Gordon having a little bit of no difficulty coming
back over the hill and he is going on he will go through and way NATO itself
comes in second Gordon very dominant well right off the bat and it is one
nothing for Team Trackmaster second race has Arthur a path shopping from team
Tomy vs. the hero of the rails himself from Japan hero on your marks get set a
little bit evenly matched looks like Arthur might be slightly ahead no hero
no problem won’t be neither branch out there coming down that hill very quickly
now he is the first is in the loop sir Wow he is definitely had a hero at this
point in time even Neal you took the outside truck
over the front first look how far ahead he is of heroes he goes through and gets
the checkered flag here older elf has been eliminated very impressive display
by the Alamos Railway and Thome Arthur even though he took the high ground
eliminated hero of the rails Wow third race and here we have bottle of
the ladies lady herself representing team Tony and Rebecca from the North
Western Railway on team track master on your marks get set
Oh Juber looks like it doesn’t much matter if AK has already opened the
bridge she has Lauda proud coming down and she will take the high road and look
here folks that lady is on the inside truck it doesn’t much matter than
Rebecca high-stressed puffed and pull inside of her and she is steaming in for
the win she’ll go on to cut the checkered flag maybe it’s just jus late
night enough both us sheets and effort by lady of the rails but Rebecca’s is
too strong and stops her the next race has rusty the navigator diesel up
against Henry on your marks get set and off they go very evenly matched so far
Henry opens up the bridge Wow look these guys are robbed but coming down the hill
he’s told me and disturbance lighted backage Roxie now takes a high ground he
looks confidently ahead as he comes on the roof before Henry they’re gonna go
back over the hill but it looks like heavy might be the first to reach the
hell but it don’t think much matters as rusty and toughly headed this place goes
on cuts a checkered flag Wow Henry very exciting race very close Henry gave
his best effort but ultimately big square face himself takes out Henry
here’s a couple of old engines ready to race themselves in his Edward blue of
Team Tomy versus the king of the railway himself the rocket Stephen on your marks
get set no matter what we can do this about as
fast he goes but look over Stephen is ahead of him and he’s going to take the
outside track he’s got a little derailed and he’s gonna try to get back up but it
looks like Edwards big derail the world rocket but the water bill will pick up
will pick them right up and we’ll just push Edward out of the way we’ll get
Avery back on the rails ever blue tonight tough like you but if Stephen
even though he had a big delay he has got his best to win through competition
well those are very one-sided race had turned into world strongest Angie both
engines got derailed that was weird efforts been eliminated king of the
railway goes on this will be a great race as duck takes on young bow China
versus the Great Western Way on your marks get set
great start for both engines looks like young bow slightly taking the lead as he
opens up the bridge oh no duck has been trapped let’s go doc come on come on
Doug needs a little bit of a push you come jump out on the corner bow almost
crash he can’t get duck oh we should have left him on the hill where he would
have it problems young bow goes on and wins and duck got stuck again
well Montague I don’t know what happened but young bow has a lemonade you it
looks like this tiger ended up having this duck for breakfast let’s have
another battle of the ladies here as Mavis the farquar quarry diesel takes
on Ashima or neon Ashima of India on your marks get set go
they’re all up in the Sheba off like a rocket Mavis can’t seem to find any
other diesel fuel apparently our lines are clogged here comes the shoe man she
taking the inside track means you’ll be out fast and she meets up with baby
through a certain potion or this is turned into another world’s strongest
engine looks like Memphis pushing on as FEMA getting very aggressive it’s too
bad that we’re not having the same complication Memphis would do very well
pushing the Shema around the corner I don’t think it’ll be enough we’ll lift
up a Shima let me this past put a Sheba down and let her go away I still think
that it will be a Shiba passing madness once again coming through and she has
won maybe getting very aggressive but she was so slow that Shima almost
slapped her and he’s turned into a world strongest competition
it’s the tram Angie versus the Box cab diesel adds Phillip
number 68 takes on old number 7 himself to be on your marks get set off they go
looks like Toby has a little bit of the lead on the hill for open up the bridges
to go cross he’s the first one across town Toby taking that quick hill down it
skitters you can see down yes Toby will definitely come on here and Oh looks
like doublespeak derailed if she takes the outside track let’s get him back on
jacket on time but Toby has already climbed the hill and he’s coming down
quick well I had a spell Toby will go on and
get the fish fry Phillip is eliminated how do the two squared engines we on it
looks like Phillip who even beat Gordon a race once has been eliminated by the
smallest tram engine on sodor interesting race representing team told
me it is the tender driven Emily going up against Harvey himself old number 27
with that I had some hook of his on your marks get set go
okay good it looks like oh no Harvey got stuck on his clock unbelievable horror
me what a late start for him but I don’t think it’ll much matter emily is going
so slow aren’t even a problems opening up the bridge or that okay
Emily Wow we thought you thought there such a big li but it turns out the
answer is no zombie comes around and they stop punching her helpful hearty
hardly here is Eveline Eveline driving here as it looks like Harvey is he’ll be
pushed out he’ll he’s going upward battle bus flip Harvey off you memory
the pass through oh man what a mess and we’ll put Harvey down and let him go but
I think it doesn’t much matter Emily had such a tough time Harvey will come
through we’ll be able to pass soon he gets stuck on his hook again wanna mess
folks gallon a poor boy Emily went a little bit too slow Harvey unbelievable
great win for you it’s diesel vs. steamy heroes the max ray says diesel himself
comes out for Team told me to face Charlie a past champion from the track
master on your marks get set off they go very evenly release it looks like
Charlie slightly had is he will open up the bridge Thome and diesel coming
around but it’s not too much for Charlie who’s got the inside track that’s gonna
be very one-sided they’re only mrs. diesel here as Charlie comes back
through and back over the hill he is well and far away of diesel at this
point as he’s coming in and will take the checkered flag diesel fighting over
the hell kind of one-sided battle it started off interesting but Charlie
being very dominant almost two actually knocking diesel off the rails
next race the best friends collide as is Thomas and the jet engine representing
Tomy versus this chocolate sprinkles Percy who’s a track master on your marks
get set okay go it looks like extra fast Thomas
whoa oh yo let’s knock you out there he was going so fast
Percy was on the top time wow I was really close whoa Thomas in the jet
engine is test going too fast Percy no slow but he has illuminated as
Thomas is already he wants to keep going through the
buffer very one-sided race Thomas from Thomas and the jet engine team Tomy has
eliminated person that was so close that Percy almost didn’t even open up the
bridge on time Wow and the final race of the first round
will put Murdoch big long and strong representing team told me up against
Thomas streamlined Thomas if you will who actually came with this set I
believed in me Wow on your marks get set
they’re off Murdoch having a bit of a head start here oh man he’s getting
slower sword speed like Thomas always definitely well I had is he taking the
inside outside track gusty rail will put him back on track won’t be enough for
Murdoch who is gone completely stalled oh it was oh man Thomas man not he’s not
very polite to let people race on your track if you’re gonna derail them folks
what can I say about Murdoch we absolutely love this engine we replace
the batteries often it’s just not fast enough streamlined Thomas as we enter
the second round it’s easy to see the track master has dominated the
competition having twice as many winners as team told me but don’t give up on
team Tommy yet folks Liam you’re doing so good that we’re gonna have to let you
pick first and here’s the first race my son has picked Harvey to take out Thomas
jet-engine Thomas if you will on your marks get set go Harvey gets caught
again I don’t think it’s gonna be macho know what stop it Harvey buddy because
its way on the track what’s gonna happen here he opens it up and though he gets
caught this is just a massive nose Thomas we’re gonna get him back on are
me with I hugely at this point gets the inside track Thomas in the giant engine
though it’s very very quick Harvey already at the hill this is gonna kind
of be close I think it’s Thomas comes down how close is this an incredibly exciting race Harvey no
slouch gave it his all but Thomas and a jet engine coming back at the last
second a pass Harvey and get that checkered flag the next great race we’re
gonna have as Arthur another fan favorite from the LMS up against Rebecca
representing Trackmaster on your marks get set
oh no Arthur the late start Rebecca has a heads up but you will open up the
bridge Arthur these are will gonna help here folks as he is going slow Rebecca
takes the high road ours are on the inside track we don’t
think it’s enough to catch Rebecca who’s now coming back over she had that Head
Start she is well ahead of Arthur at this point gets a checkered flag Arthur
didn’t have to catch up but not enough and Arthur a pass champion for Thome is
eliminated by Rebecca the northwestern railway engine diesel versus steamy now
gates versus standard gauge orange versus blue folks it is rusty versus
Gordon Oh on your marks get set Oh Rusty’s a bit of a push to get out of
the starting block but here comes Gordon he has already open the bridge and he
was over the hills and far away he gets the inside track which is gonna put him
a big lead I had a Brosky narrow missing there
rusty is slowing down up on those health Gordon is scheming and popping and going
so strong he will go through and get that checkered flag before logic you
need an exit until folks gonna continue display of world’s fastest engine track
master Gordon has eliminated on little square head rusty the last homey engine
two races Tommy Toby number 7 you’ll go up against dung ball of China on your
marks get set go it looks very evenly matching bow
slightly ahead in he’s not scared cause he’ll open up the bridge Toby coming up
the hill and he comes down the hill quick young Bao he will take the upper
trap go be on the inside track and that means Toby will be out of the curves
first young Balgo no slouch as he is now going up the hill and
years coming off first told me slightly ahead at this point race but it’s going
to win ultimately I don’t believe at what a floats fish we’re having some
absolutely wonderful races here today Toby very narrowly eliminates young Bao
hopefully because you took that inside track but that was enough folks four
engines remain all of them team track maths for me now we’re gonna have to
race them against each other this round Liam was nice enough to let me pick
Stephen as he picks Charlie his we’re gonna track master against track master
on your marks get set okay go and here it is and it’s turning
against Stephen Charlie opens up the bridge just in the nick of time Stephen
coming over oh no Charlie we gotta get you back on track that might be it that
might be the determining factor as steam is the first to come out of the third
charlie is a little bit behind Stephen now is Stephens going up and he has down
the hills and he is hopefully ahead of Charlie at this point going into the
face right and he goes on to win well Charlie got derailed there a little bit
and I think was enough to have him eliminated by the rocket Stephen final
race of the second round he does a great race after all as it is Thomas the Tank
Engine in his streamlining versus a Shema of India on your marks get set off
they go it looks like a Shiva slightly I had even a feel like Thomas Oh
but Thomas opens up whoa Shiva got a little bit stuck there and she got the
inside track and Thomas on the outside track you know Thomas
Oh unbelievable this is not good for Thomas he is coming around but look how
much farther as she may is and she goes on
checkered flag and had Thomas streamline all he wanted was a little redefining
but he found his race with Ashima to be too confining and now he’s eliminated
jnana Shima goes on third round and speaking of third round here we are
once again twice as many track master engines as Tommy engines steam team
battle as Toby number seven takes on number four Gordon on your marks get set
off they go and it looks pretty evenly magic Gordon taking a slight lead I
bought Toby I see it’s a first to go over Gordon’s
Hill at Gordon’s mouth Toby does very well but he has to take the high road
and Gordon has almost he has come derail but he has gotten back on Toby way off
in the distance now is Gordon it’s tough jump jumping through is believable
incredibly close win there Gordon almost had it well in a head but he decided to
fall track Toby has been eliminated as rematching
at big Gordon on track and on time Thomas and the jet engine will be the
very last Thome engine standing let’s see if he can eliminate the rest of the
track master starting with Rebecca on your marks get set off they go and here
comes Thomas Wow I once again in it’s a bread guide whoa this one she has opened
the bridge to eliminate him unbelievable Thomas is going way too fast
he has gone around if he will catch up now it is very tight for him that bridge
really messed him up Rebecca well folks Thomas the Tank Engine has earned the
title of luckiest engine of the whole of Sodor that’s two times he has come from
behind after the bridge opened up on him to defeat his Trackmaster opponent this
time Rebecca has been eliminated to follow race of this round once again his
track master versus Trackmasters jnana shiva takes on Stephen the rocket on
your marks get set off they go and here comes the on Ashima slightly ahead
luckily Stephen opens up the bridge on time as the artist
has taken the high road and she’s already halfway whoa that was close but
Stephen is definitely behind us he is coming out as Shima already well ahead
up and over the rail she is really going to be that neon drill behind her
Stephens been eliminated very one-sided race Stephen the rocket does very well
on these competitions but unbelievable enough it is Ashima and here we are in
the final the three engines remain meaning the ultimate winner will have to
defeat the two other engines thomas from thomas the jet into the only Tomi and
she goes up against neon Ashima and Gordon first up it is Ashima
versus Thomas on your marks get set off they go here comes Thomas and he’ll be
the one opening the bridge just to make sure there’s no more confusion and delay
looks like a Sheba will get her about the judge he might be late there but
she’s got the inside track with jobs advantage but not too much as Thomas Wow
today – Thomas is really pouring it on and he has gone through it one Thomas
unbelievable has defeated Ashima meaning if he can defeat Gordon he will win the
Great Race on your marks get set go here they go number one and number four
Thomas in a bit of a week guys open up that trailer that French first and well
folks he’s taking the hide on the longer piece of track as Gordon gets the inside
job but I don’t think it’ll be enough here comes Thomas extra fast with the
jet engine will we go in yeah gonna do waiting as he has eliminated Gordon
talked up only come from behind victory folks Thome has eliminated all of the
track master engines even though the rest of their trades got eliminated it
is Thomas from Thomas in the jet engine taking a title of the fastest engine in
Thomas the Tank engines great race great effort by neon Ashima and Gordon Q very
fast engines indeed

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