Thomas and Friends Sodor Super Station Speedway Trackmaster Push Along Races!

it’s another sodor
superstation speedway today we’re going to be racing thomas and friends
trackmaster pull alongs or they push alongs push alongs that’s
what we’ll race ocean thomas percy james henry
firefighter flynn rebecca ashima australian percy hyung may african
victor luke merlin edward wiff
happy birthday thomas and firefighter belle
liam which is your first contestant flynn you want flynn yeah i’m gonna put
him up against battle of the sodor search
and rescue center as firefighter bell takes on firefighter
flynn on your marks get set i think that was pretty one-sided bell
makes it and goes on to the next round race number two magoo what do you have
who do you have what do you want who do you pick merlin i think it’s
going to be a happy birthday for merlin happy birthday thomas he’s got annie and
clarabel i don’t know if we’ll use them maybe we won’t against merlin the
completely visible on your marks get set go wow another very one-sided race merlin uses some of his magic and wins
third race liam who is your pick rebecca ah rebecca we’ll put her right
up against tashima side by side you can see how much larger
rebecca is than ashima but these ladies are going to find out who the fastest
engine is on your marks get set great racing by both ladies ashima
really turned the steam up but in the end i think it was rebecca
liam who’s your next pick you want edward
wow no one wants edward i think we’ll take percy
it’s a steam team battle as edward blue takes on percy the little engine
to see who will cross the finish line first it usually isn’t edwardism
on your marks get set wow percy showing why the male is always on
time on sodor halfway through the first round folks
eight engines remain liam who’s your pick
ocean thomas you know what i get a whiff of what you’re trying to cook
ocean thomas likes clean waters and nice beaches and whiff likes garbage piles
and smelly things on your marks get set that was really close i think i think
thomas was winning but in the end i think it was whiff that
beat him liam who’s your next choice on the soda superstation speedway
luke let’s get splendid with luke narrow gauge
engine luke number 22 from blue mountain mystery versus big james look at the
size difference actually james is much bigger wow
on your marks get set who do you think won that one you think
it was a draw let’s go to instant replay instant replay shows that james was a
little bit ahead of luke four engines remain in first round
action william do you have a favorite henry henry i’m going with hong mei it’s
the battle of the letter h as henry the big green engine that
competed in the great weight race goes up against hong mei of china this
is going to be such a great race i think on your marks
get set rather clearly one-sided race says henry
the big green engine wins final race of the first round has these
uh i’ll call them destination engines as victor from africa and percy
of australia will compete to see who is the fastest
on your marks get set super fast race but the little green
engine from down under percy wow folks welcome to second round action
half the engines have been eliminated here on the sodor
superstation speedway with these trackmaster push-alongs our contestants
are belle percy merlin with rebecca henry james
and percy australia interesting selection here liam
who do you think is going to do great here in the second round oh that was
very quick i want to i want to smell what he’s
cooking james and wife whiff needs glasses to see how splendid james is on
your marks get set
whiff of the waste dump eliminates james what an upset what’s your choice
son rebecca you know what let’s go up
against henry battle of the tender engines i think rebecca actually
replaced henry on the steam team yeah she did
well i’m hoping that henry wins then on your marks
get set it looked like henry was doing his best
to catch up but ultimately rebecca eliminates henry
four engines remain including two percies liam who’s your pick
merlin let’s see how invisible he is against this australian guy
merlin the invisible from journey beyond sodor and percy who’s pulling
male down under i love this he’s got the big australian flag on there and
kangaroos and everything on your marks get set go
wow that was fast how one-sided was that ah percy from
down under unbelievable wow final race of the
second round has a different percy traditional percy against bell of the
solar search and rescue center on your marks get set go percy unbelievable eliminates bell
here we are third round action the final four folks
interesting to note the green engines seem to be doing pretty good here we got
two percies with australian percy and regular percy’s still here as well
as rebecca and their surprise in my mind is with wow
liam who do you think is going to go on to the next round
becca you want rebecca i want to split the percies up again now let’s go with
australian percy rebecca the northwestern railway and
this australian percy let’s get them ready to race
on your marks get set go a great effort by rebecca but australia
percy has made it to the final goodbye percy and in the other semi-final
matchup it is regular percy versus wiff on your marks i’ll get set
yeah wow and what continues to be an upset it is
with the garbage engine that has eliminated percy
and here we are in the final it is australian percy
and wiff that will be competing to see who is the ultimate fastest
engine or trackmaster push along engine anyways
but first let’s see who’s gonna be in third place as rebecca comes back to
take on regular percy on your marks get set wow that was really close i think
rebecca might have won a very close race but it looks like
rebecca has eliminated percy and captured
the third place finish and now it’s time for the final
green on green let’s see which one is the meanest and the best
on your marks get set wow we had great races on the sodor
superstation speedway today folks with thomas and friends trackmaster
push-alongs rebecca coming in third place australian persie
proving to be faster than regular percy and coming in second but the ultimate
winner a big surprise for everybody here is whiff of whiff’s waist dump
congratulations and thanks for watching kids toys play

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