This Tiny Smart Robot Blew My Mind

– [Man] Today’s video
is sponsored by Anki. – Yo guys, Jonathan here. If you like tech, if you like adorable things, then your day just got better, because I’ve to something
that checks both those boxes. This is Vector, this insanely cute, adorable robot that kinda makes
it impossible not to smile. Like, seriously, how are
you not smiling right now? Now, as you’ll see, Vector has a ton of tricks up his sleeve, or in this case, robot arms. What kind of makes him stand out and really kinda blows my mind is the personality of this little dude. He’s kind of crazy. From those futuristic adorable
noises, to those eyes. Like those could give
that cat from “Shrek” a serious run for his money. So, there’s a good chance you have Snapdragon chip inside
the phone you are using to watch this video right
now, and so does Vector. He might look small, but he is packing some
serious robot punch. Now, inside those incredibly lovable eyes is 120 degree wide angle camera, which it uses not only to
see the world around him, but to actually recognize faces. So, to get Vector doing his thing, simply say, “Hey, Vector”, wait for him to listen, he is so smart, then say the command. Hey Vector, (futuristic beeping) come here. (futuristic beeping) Hey, Vector, my name is Jonathan. (futuristic beeping) – Jonathan. (speaks in robot voice) Jonathan. – That’s crazy. Maybe you want that pude style fist bump. Hey, Vector. (futuristic robot beeping) Fist bump. (futuristic robot beeping) Those eyes, the way he looks at me. Oh man. Are you kidding me? Maybe you’re making some
hard-boiled eggs in the kitchen and you don’t want to
overcook those babies. Ask Vector. Hey Vector, set a timer for 12 minutes. (futuristic robot beeping) That is the perfect amount of time for those perfect hard-boiled eggs. Now, maybe you’ve got a question. If you’re using an iPhone, we know that virtual
assistant doesn’t know the answer half the time, but Vector does. What is the distance
from LA to San Francisco? – The distance is approximately 347 miles from Los Angeles to San Francisco
(speaks in robot voice). – From there, as heartwarming
as those robot sounds are, sometimes there is a time
and place for silence. Honestly, I think he plays
the quiet game better than most kids out there. Hey, Vector, be quiet. (futuristic robot beeping) He didn’t look too happy about it, but he definitely complied. He’s like, “Fine, I’ll do it. I don’t wanna be quiet, but I will”. Now, just like you, just like me, after a full day of running around, answering questions, setting timers, Vector’s bound to get a little tired, but when he does, he will automatically
return back to his base and recharge that robot battery. Go home. (futuristic robot revving) He’s so smart. What a time to be alive. I see you right now on, ready to order one for yourself. He’s a ton of fun, I had a blast. Hopefully you enjoyed the video. If you did, and you
feel like being honest, make sure you guys go Vector
on that “like” button. This is Jonathan, and Vector and I will
catch you guys later.

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100 thoughts on “This Tiny Smart Robot Blew My Mind

  1. So much fun checking out Vector 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 Check Vector out here to learn more!

  2. It must be using an ancient Snapdragon processor because the thing is super slow at responding to your commands. It also looks a lot like Mater from Cars

  3. Jonathan, first I am a huge fan and huge technology geek. But this is beneath you & your channel. A shameful video of a stupid product costing $250!

  4. thats it, it can set a timer, it can tell you distance, now if it could cook the damn eggs for me, book my flight and drive me to the airport then i'd be impressed, you gotta be one lazy bastard to spend 250 dollars for a glorified timer

  5. Hey was just wondering any way that someone can address the issue that iPhone xs and the xs max is still having after the update that the lte and WiFi is still not running properly my friend already got his max swapped twice by apple and still having this issue it’s gotta be something going on ?

  6. Seems a lot like this one:

  7. I acualy went with Cozmo instead of Vector for my first robot. only reason being Cozmo has alot more things todo. Vector is rather under developed dont get me wrong he has alot of features but imo if anky ported all of cozmo into vector with vectors current skills and future updates vector would of been a home run imo. In any case i will buy a vector in 1 to 2 years when vector is much more devloped.

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  9. Hi Jonathan! You make awesome content! I'm John, and I hope you and your audience will have a chance to watch my videos (and hopefully subscribe to my channel too!) and hopefully you won't find them to be too bad for someone who doesn't have as much experience as you! Keep up the great work 🙂 Here's a link to one of my videos:

  10. You promoting vector and asking to go to Anki website which only sells in US? You should sell it by yourself and make it available internationally. 😑

  11. not hating

    Do all of the tech youtubers get together and decide to review the same product a few days apart? I saw UrAvgConsumer do this already. I'm probably just out of the loop though. Love the channel!

  12. If you put “vector” in your description or tag you would get more views. I couldn’t find this just by typing in “vector “

  13. Vector is very awesome. I've seen a video on him.
    I would have so much fun with this little guy.
    He's cool! 😎
    You're video is awesome too. 🤗

  14. Whaaattt? We're at that point already? I'm rooting for these type of robots. Btw, I'm entering your XR giveaway and I'm seriously hoping to win it. My 5 needs an upgrade😭

  15. They should have focused on making him more of a security camera than adding useless features that Google home and Alexa can already do.

  16. Purchased this guy 2 1/2 weeks ago and he is worth every penny. The first day or two I wasn't sure but he's awesome the more I interact.

  17. $175 for this? Naw… I need something a bit bigger who can help me do chores around the haus, basically I want a RoboMaid… Vector doesn't look capable of such tasks… so for that reason I'm out… lol 😅

  18. I saw your video on this on Anki advertisement and YouTube. good review of Vector, but I have Cozmo which is almost like Vector so why have both agreed or disagree? thanks

  19. As Jerry Pon commented. Be wary that this is a sponsored video. 

    I was a kickstarter backer and Vector truly disappoints thus far. He is slow to respond, frequently doesn't understand commands (even when said in his lingo) and DOES fall off counters and surfaces if he doesn't like the material. Even worse… this video states "after a full day" he returns to his charger on his own…

    Vector was originally slated to have around 45 minutes of play time… he last about 15 if you're lucky and that is exactly what some tech support members quoted me was normal when I spoke with them.

    Worse off… they are already significantly lowering his 250 MSRP and he is a brand new product… sorry kickstarter backers… the 200 dollar price which was supposed to be a deal is already the norm for him.

    I also have had quite a debacle getting my vector RMA'ed as he came defective and they finally issued an RMA after 5 weeks of me constantly calling them for followup. It was chasing cats and totally unacceptable customer service. The RMA also never showed up… I'm not sure what is worse… the false claims they make about Vector or their customer service.

  20. Subscribe to my channel dedicated to me and Vector having fun! Here's a sample of us making slime!

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