Third LEGO Haul For October 2017

Hey everyone! JAYSTEPHER with a large Lego haul for October 2017. First up we have Naboo Starfighter by Lego Star Wars. This was an unwanted
gift that I had received. Meaning that somebody
had gave this to me because they didn’t want it, and as you can see there’s still
wrapping paper attached to the back. So yeah! Somebody else’s loss is my gain right? Now let’s open up this big box. I’m not sure if this is my camera or Lego. Only time will tell. Don’t worry. There’s no part haul this time. I’m already getting complaints about that. Everybody wants to see sets. Well I mostly do mocs. Well sets are hard to come boy now. When I find sets, especially on sale and I’m using my VIP, that makes it even better. Well I guess I can’t do that. You all remember this area? This were all the YouTube
videos first started. Oh yeah. Well let’s start pulling out
all these pop things. I don’t see any… [Laughs] They just keep coming and coming like a snake! So I got this Ninjago minifigure thing. Don’t care much about that. I was a bit bummed they didn’t have
the Lego Friends keepsake box. So they gave you this Tic-Tac-Toe game. Speed review on that. This is what I was mainly after is the VIP polybag. This looks fun. That was the freebee from Lego. I got the Caveman set I think that’s the second one. I don’t remember that
being on the invoice. I haven’t even found the receipt yet. Oh there’s more of those pop things. I may have to do a video
on just those alone. So I end up getting the
Heartlake Pizzeria because I wanted the keepsake
box that they didn’t have. So we have Emma and Oliver. Oh wow this is going
to be fun to put together. I don’t see those receipts yet. I know they’re in there. There’s some more of those things. Okay. Let me set this on the floor and drag out the big prize. Oh I see the receipt. Finally I got the restaurant set. Let me give this a shot. Parisian. Parisian Restaurant. I’ll just call it the Persian Restaurant. It sounds better. So I cashed all my VIP with this. Everybody recommended this. So I decided to get it. Oh look at this too. The box has been dented. Oh! Lego? ‘m getting disappointing with
these botched up dented boxes. Why couldn’t you dent this Friends box up or this thing? I have like two of those. I should do giveaways
on these duplicate sets. I don’t know yet. So that’s the Lego haul. This time I got a bunch of stuff. It may not be a lot for some, but it is a lot for me. Let’s tip this up. Yes I am working on
getting a new camera. By November, you’re going to
see a change in the video quality. So that’s pretty much about it. Let’s see what they gave me in the box. Make sure that everything is here. So I got the Parisian Restaurant, the Hearlake Pizzeria, the Tic-Tac-Toe game
that I could live without, the Cave set, the VIP set, and the Ninjago Lloyd minifigure. I may need to keep that so I can remember what
some of these sets are called. I’m going to save the
restaurant for the winter. That will be a good little winter build
when it’s cold outside and raining. More like we get a dust storm out here. That will be a good dust
storm building set. Start putting this together. I may do this in a live show. Some of you have pointed out it’s got the Jay
The Surfer minifig head and hairpiece. I’ve never been in a Lego store before. So this will be a first for me, and I’m hoping those are not stickers. It’s free. So I can’t complain. Right? Yeah. A lot of sets. Can’t wait to dive into this pile! {Laughs] Thank you for watching.

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