The Untold Story Of FN-2187 LEGO Star Wars

Excuse me sir, i didn’t… FN-2187? I’m with the sanitation crew They didn’t let me keep my suit, why are you here? That’s a real shame, FN-2187. I’ve seen how you handle blasters, you’re no good down here. So, is that it? That was not so bad. Thank you, sir. Yes, sir! Easy now, i’ve learned a few things about droids. I can handle it. Attention droids! We don’t want to wake them up. We can’t leave them here. Mouse droids. Yepp! Yes, sir. I know sir. Well clearly not this one. You know the guy who gave us missions? Yes, why? Yeah, well goodnight FN-2187 Good morning, FN-2187 FN-2187? Where are you? Excuse me, do you know where XR or FN-2187 happen to be? Ok, thank you. Where can they be? I know! The radio! I’ve got a bad feeling about this. FN-2187! I heard what happened, are you going with them? I really appreciate that, FN-2187. How did you get this?

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