The To All the Boys Cast Reacts to 90s & 2000s Toys | Netflix

Oh tripping. Oh is that a,
that’s a Game Boy! Oh my God,
what game is in there? It’s a Game Boy Color. Wait listen, listen. (Game Boy chimes) (exclaiming) Oh my God! Hi, we’re the cast of
To All The Boys: P.S. I Still Love You. Our characters open up a
time capsule in the movie. Today we are going to open up a ’90s and 2000s time capsule. Let’s do this. Whoa! Wow, so we have this guy. Did you guys have one of these? – A Furby!
– A Furby. So cute! When I was very
young I had a Furby and I slept with my closet
light on in my bedroom. It was like fluorescent
and inside of it one night I heard (mumbles) and it like woke me
up from my sleep and I was just like,
what is that?! I think I might have seen
Chucky like kind of recently. Oh, recently. My dad was watching
it or something and I saw it and it
freaked me out and I heard (mumbles) Heelys. Oh my goodness gracious. Oh my gosh. I bet you had some, Noah? I definitely had some. I bet you may still have some. I actually do still have some. (laughs) They were all black and
then the Heely was just red. That’s amazing. I remember specifically one time I was like Heely-ing in a
Foot Locker and I tripped and kicked an entire
row in the whole store all the rows were just connected and then the shoes went
up, hit the row above it and almost all the
shoes in the store just came down
on the bottom two. I was mortified. Oh my God. Oh my God I love that! Oh, it’s the slap bracelet. (all exclaim) That was fun. Those are very cool. – That’s nostalgia.
– Okay. What is this? Oh, oh I remember
having a bunch of these but I can’t remember why! It’s not–
(laughs) You do collect them
but wasn’t there like a game of some sort? Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yo. Oh a CD player. Oh a Walkman! Old school. He’s like how do I open this? I don’t know how to open it. My first CD was, I think it
was called like the A Team and it was a bunch of like kids – Yeah, yeah.
– that sang popping music. Switchfoot. Switchfoot! (laughs) I had one of these
and it was really bad ’cause it would skip
a lot at the same part of “Burn” on that Usher album. (mimics CD skipping) (all laugh) Every time. (“You’ve got mail” sound) Did you have an AIM, dude? Of course I had an AIM. (beep), my guy. I was (beep) Yo, I talked to my crush so
hard on AIM all the time. That’s it, and you’re just
here on that keyboard. Not Lana. I had a pet Pikachu. That’s good. What if we’re allowed
to keep one thing? ‘Cause if we are,
then I’m keeping this. Oh a Tamagotchi. A Tamagotchi! Listen that’s commitment. Oh, it’s alive, it’s being birthed! – Oh my god!
– It’s literally being birthed. The eggs ready! This has been Time
Capsule with the cast of To All The Boys:
P.S. I Still Love You. Goodbye!

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100 thoughts on “The To All the Boys Cast Reacts to 90s & 2000s Toys | Netflix

  1. Literally this movie sucks l. I really adore the first part and was waiting for this period.
    Guys do you feel the same way?

  2. I still have the furby and the exact same thing that happened to Jordan happened to me so I never put batteries back in it again 🙈🤦‍♀️ but it is still my favorite toy

  3. This movie was 10/10 cheesy to me, but I can see how it might attract other audiences. That being said, these actors have cool personalities in real life!

  4. POGS!! You didn't even let them know what they were…it was like the ONE item where none of them really knew what those were, same for a lot of your viewers!

  5. OMG NOAH AND JORDAN HAVING THE SAME FACIAL EXPRESSIONS IN THE FIRST 10 SECS OF THIS VIDEO GIVES ME LIFE. and lana just looking all sweet and cuteeeee is adorableeee

  6. Oh geeze….. My heart is screaming right now♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️💓💓💓💓💓💓

  7. okay I know this was filmed like a billion months ago because noahs hair didn't grow back that long in a span of like 2 weeks

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