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We know very little about the pyramids
that’s the wonderful thing about it because… Even though the Great Pyramid has been there for over 4500 years Nobody truly knows why it was built nobody truly knows how it was built And nobody… truly knows exactly what remains inside there to be discovered In 1872 a British engineer and explorer called Waynman Dixon entered the Great Pyramid He was employed to measure the pyramid He went in to the Queens Chamber and started looking around He was probing the walls to see if anything was hidden behind and the wire disappeared well beyond the crack And he wondered what was behind this piece of stone and found a mysterious shaft For over 100 years the shaft has puzzled scientists,
archeologists and engineers What’s it there for? Who knows? This film is about our mission when a team of scientists, engineers and archeologists worked together to build and deploy a robot to explore the mysterious shaft going further than any robot had previously gone before They call me TC, you know…
Everyone calls me TC, I’m a dentist only (INTERVIEWER):
Sorry I just need to record some silence for 10 seconds (INTERVIEWER):
I’m going to be able to play some of your trip to Egypt here (INTERVIEWER):
so you’ll be able to look at it, make comments
and say what’s happening …Hopefully 8… 7… 6… 5… [The teams footage from Egypt plays] [Loud motorbike noise] Yeah that’s me…
I’m prety sure that’s me We’ve just come out of a taxi and we’re on our way to enter
the Great Pyramid of Giza with all our equipment I remember that walk… yes… it was fun It’s hot, the cases are heavy and the pace we’re moving at is fast because whoever’s at the back gets accosted by the people
selling souviners Then you climb up the side of the pyramid and the entrance
is about 10 metres up When you enter the pyramid you have to have your equipment
checked by security going through the security scanners with all the robots getting a quick scan (the guards) are wondering why you’re carrying drills There’s a lack of air and it really is that tight everyone’s pushing past and for that bit of tunnel
you’re probably walking 50 metres stooped When we go into the Queens Chamber we have to go through
a very low passage before it opens up into this impressive chamber We’re going to the Queens Chamber which is a
bit of a misleading name because we dont know that it was made for a Queen in the same way we don’t know if the pyramid was built
to house the body of a pharoh It’s our best guess, but nobody can say for sure Second to, or maybe parallel with, space exploration
it’s one of the places where as a roboticist you dream you can explore
because we’re there to potentially find something new and you don’t know what you’re gonna find The hole is cut out of a solid block If you peer into it, you can see about the length of a human being and then it suddenly tilts up at a sharp angle and disappears
into the heights of the pyramid If I was to walk into an ancient room and find
a hole in the wall even if it disappeared off into the heights of the pyramid,
that wouldn’t be so exciting If I walked into the room and I found there was
a block covering this hole that I could remove then that would be a bit more exciting But if I came into the pyramid and I found
that it appeared to be solid and only later discovered that it was hiding a shaft … that’s very exciting Somebody has gone to an awful lot of work
to cut away this section of block while leaving some material to hide the shaft So the question is; why hide this shaft when a human being
can’t fit up it? When we first started looking at the project we thought
‘How hard can it be’? ‘We’ll get a radio controlled car, modify it in some way,
drive up the shaft, do amazing stuff’ But in reality it is very complex
Every part had to be precision engineered It took over 10,000 man-hours to build
over 5 years It has wheels but the wheels aren’t driven
instead it uses an inchworm locomotion process So by repeating this process over and over again
you can climb up the shaft One person drives it, one person feeds in the cable behind it and a few people keep an eye on the electronics,
the power and the data We’ve got full CCTV cameras loking forwards and backwards Just running a cycle of a few camera angles… front …rear view … carriage Only 3 items have ever been known to be found
in the Great Pyramid discovered by the same man, Waynman Dixon,
who found the shaft in 1872 They were; a stone ball… a copper hook… and most interestingly, a piece of cedar wood The reason why the wood is so interesting is because we can use carbon dating on things like jointing between the stones
but this is not as accurate as using a piece of wood So if we had access to the wood, we could get a very good date that the pyramid was built The piece of wood is as much part of the mystery as anything We know that it was put into a tabacco tin
and then put into a museum This was before carbon dating was known about So nobody paid attention to this piece of wood
And when we tried to find out where it had gone to… … It has disappeared It was a real shame
because it’s a great piece of evidence Rear cam… spring cam… carriage front… Here we go The shaft is about 45 degrees
which is steeper than you think There could be a situation that actually means the robot
physically gets stuck of course you are climbing against gravity If something goes wrong, you lose grip, you come down Falling down or being stuck are the things that
absolutelycannot happenIf something goes wrong up there
we would never be able to allowed to work on a project like this ever again How’s the power? All looking good Engaging thrusters Engage the front brace Firm hold [Sudden bang noise] That’s not good Back down? So when you create a robot
if it doesn’t do exactly what you want it to do it’s a little bit embarassing Eeverything worked perfectly back in our lab in Leeds However, once you move in to the real world
you find things don’t necessarily behave quite as you predicted Generally, we were accompanied by two employees of
The Ministry of Ancient Antiquities and they’d be there to watch what we were doing and observe They’re here to stop the explorers, like us, from getting
what Shaun calls… … ‘the destructive lust of discovery’ When you become desperate for results you can
do inappropriate things For example, in the past
dynamite was used as a tool for exploration It’s easy to declare that you have integrity
but it’s only when you’re challenged… … that you find out what kind of explorer you really are So, quite rightly, The Supreme Council of Antiquities
like to keep an eye on things TC got the permission from The Supreme Council of Antiquities
… which wasn’t easy It’s amazing really. TC is a dentist from Hong Kong and he managed
to get permission for the expedition just out of sheer determination, sheer will power The carving of the tunnel is pretty good, very regular
very square, but on occasions… you find some level of discontinuity and that is where
there’s a vertical or horizontal step which has to be transitioned Take it easy here, that’s a tricky bit The greatest pressure was felt by Rob Richardson
who was driving the robot You could see it in him, he had the most stress
If he made a mistake, your robot is likely to come hurtling down the shaft Progress is slow… but we’re moving around 1 metre every 10 minutes It’s a huge structure.
230 metres square and about 150 metres tall From the entrance there’s one tunnel down and one tunnel up
leading to the Kings Chamber and the Queens Chamber We’re in the Queens Chamber Above us in the Kings Chamber is where the only
significant discovery in the Great Pyramid happened… A British explorer called Howard Vyse made a discovery of some graffiti that had been made by one of the work gangs of Khufu And as Khufu was the pharoh around that time,
it’s perfectly logical to attribute the pyramid to Khufu 4500 years ago Hmmm, it’s drawing a lot of power Shall I press the emergency shut down? My most common thoughts were… Will my
electronics work? If anything fails… as long as it’s not the bit I’ve done,
that’s OK Hang on We’re OK It’s going now It’s almost like a Mars or a moon landing
in the sense of… it’s there, 40 metres away from you but in essence you can’t touch it you can only
reach your arm into the first metre If you get stuck in there, there’s no breaking out the jack-hammers
to get it out Is that something up ahead? Hard to see A crack in the stone? There’s something, some dark material on the floor of the shaft It’s just there against the wall
laying on the floor Looking at the screen. What is that?
… It’s some kind of debris Looks like track? [Broken English] America robot?
Piece of plastic? We believe that’s part of the track from Pyrmaid Rover
which was a previous robotic expedition by a different team Back in 2002 a small white robot went up the shaft
it got 64 metres up and came across and strangle blocking stone The team at the bottom, in the Queens Chamber,
deliberated over what to do And they were eventually given permission to drill a hole through the stone
to see what was on the other side It was able to put a camera through but it could only look forward The team at the time declared that it was a stone door
…but it looked like a close up of any stone There was a lot of pressure on the team at the time because
it was being broadcast live around the world so they didn’t have time to explore further [REPORTER]: What are we seeing here?
[EXPERT]: We can see another sealed door [REPORTER]: Wow, this is incredible Zahi Hawass at the Supreme Council of Antiquities
declared it as a sealed door And when the show was over and the credits rolled
everyone forgot about the shaft Well, not quite everyone [Robot whirs] That’s not good That’s not good OK, we’re at 52 metres and we’re not moving The robot is …stuck where it is Can we see some other camera angles? There doesn’t seem to be any obstruction
in front or behind There is some level of anxiety we’re wondering
if we’re going to be able to get through this In these kinds of situations panicking isn’t an option
you just have to find solutions It’s a power problem …and we’re all thinking do we push through it? Or do we start thinking about bringing it back down We’re at 52 metres… that’s 12 metres away from
the stone Pyramid Rover reached We’re so close We could just push forward and go for it but that’s a big risk so a tough decision what to do We’re thinking about what’s beyond I thought… we should take it forward through the obstacle
…on to the next one Yeah on to the next one, or on to the unknown I guess Can anybody think of anything else we can usefully do? Everybody wants to do it and you have the most silent silnce in the world Who doesn’t want to find treasure?
… And that treasure could be scientific data and it takes a lot of determination, not to push on So… I’m very cautious about the results of other people For example, with Howard Vyse, there is a controversy As far as we can see, what he found was probably genuine but he was under a lot of pressure, having spent a lot of money,
to discoversomethingThe beauty of the shaft is – it’s pristine… practically Anything we find in the shaft, we know that we found it ourselves
that’s first hand knowledge we know it’s not been distorted
we know that it’s good pure evidence to go on And that’s why our decision is so hard because if we come down with no success on this mission
we have no guarantee that we’re going to be able to come back and try again We’ve let TC down… ourselves … our reputation … the university … Egypt … science in general I suppose Fantastic! Finally… finally made it Going back is very exciting You’ve learnt more, you’ve gained more experience We think we’ve got this cracked this time You’re so focused on the work that you don’t really
have time to celebrate Very often, not everything is quite finished
so when we get to Egypt the first thing we have to do is finish off the stuff we hadn’t
finished off while we were in the UK We’re excited… but we’re also quite nervous So the pressure really is around
“Have you made the right choices?” …you think you have, but have you? We went to a cable manufacturer and said,
“We need the cable to be as lightweight as possible” so it’s been built specifically for our requirements,
whereas the old cable was ‘off the shelf’ So the new cable is something like 20-25% lighter and it’s a lot of cable.
Most of this cable is being dragged up the shaft so… it’s a pretty heavy cable for the robot to pull up the shaft so it makes a real difference when we’re using
the much lighter cable Morning gentlemen Welcome back! It’s going well Really good … really good [Gasps] …Wow! I can see it! Look at that! It’s there, it’s our first view of the blocking stone Look at that… Wow! On the screens we are seeing the blocking stone
come in to view for the first time Phew… made it! Yep, power down [Quiet celebrations] Being British, we just had a bit of a shake of hands if we were American we would’ve jumped up and down
and started hooting The relief was amazing. To finally be there was just fantastic The plan now, before we go through the hole,
is to have a good look at the outside of the blocking stone Those are the copper pins I was talking about… The significance of the copper pins is that there is no other metal
anywhere in this huge structure so if we look at how it was alloyed we may be able to date it The corner of the blocking stone is strange, see how it’s bevelled? It’s not going to be air tight or water tight like that,
so it’s not holding something in When we started looking at the outside of the stone this is as close as we’d ever seen it and I particluarly wanted to see
what had happened with the copper pins Was it a door on a pivot? Were there cracks at the edges? Were there any of the features people had talked about,
like copper wires? None of the block seems to be motared or cemeted into place it seems to be a loose block Are we lined up with the hole? That’s pretty good, more or less spot on We’ve now switched to a camera, which is on an endoscopic
rotating arm OK we’re moving through the hole now Pretty awesome Look at that, wow! OK that must be the back wall, I think At this point we are seeing things that had not been seen
for 4500 years That’s really strange Is that masons marks? Cut marks? where the masons have cut? We’re now looking towards the right moving across the right hand wall,
looking back on ourselves Wow! That’s the back of the stone we just came through Yaw all the way round… There were beautifully made loops on the back of the stone which helps us to try to work out what they were there for So we were able to look around and see that it was
a fully enclosed cube space There was no shafts going off to the left or right, for example and it was probably the floor that was most interesting We were looking at red ochre marks that were …not natural OK we definitely should record this, is it recording on the video?
Check it’s OK The red markings are an enduring mystery and the opinions have ranged from over a wide variety
of potential meanings and that’s part of the excitement There is still more to discover There is still more to learn and the shafts and the markings are very much part of that We have discovered a cuboid space
around 200mm x 200mm x 200mm Experts in egyptology, anthropology, symbolism, civil engineering,
religion, members of the public have all looked at the findings Nobody is sure what the red markings mean Nobody knows why the small chamber was hidden behind the blocking stone and nobody knows what the pins, loops and blocking stone are for and nobody knows why the shaft entrance at the bottom
was hidden Of course you hope for the room with lots of
gold coloured objects in Everyone hopes for that but…
being realistic we’re not going to find that … or it might be behind the next blocking stone, who knows. Part of what we are doing is measuring the angle of the shafts
as we go along About half way up the shaft, it appears to roll
a little bit So there’s just a one or two metre stretch in the whole
64 metres that twists If you think about it, that means that one side has moved
in some way That’s interesting to me because the question is;
Why would it do that in that particular part of the pyramid? And where you find things like that
… could be evidence of other structures beyond Erm… OK… so… Halfway up the shaft
the shaft was slightly twisted that could be an indication that there is something interesting
just beyond the shaft So it could be that somehow the pyramid structure has moved
… degradation of the actual shaft Or it could be, the shaft was engineered this way to move it away from other features in the pyramid,
that we don’t know about Despite the politics, the future of exploration with robots
is really bright We’re now making them stronger, smaller and far more sophisticated I have no doubt that robots like Djedi
will play a big part in the future of exploration and unearthing the secrets of our past

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  45. They're probably just placement marks to indicate where the space between the shut-off block and the polarizing plate goes. Have you noticed the extreme heat that the walls in the "Kings Chamber" have been subjected to? The slabs above could act like a pressure relief valve to prevent explosions while water cooled by subterranean aqueducts… apparently.

  46. Dating a piece of wood does not mean that's when they were built, it was just in there. not watching any more this is BS just like the rest. think about it, peoples entire life work on the Pyramids would be in jeopardy if something new was found so it's in there interest, to not change anything.

  47. Thanks ancient architects channel and the robotic team and ofcourse the dentist for giving everyone the opportunity to see inside the shafts in the queens chamber of the great pyramid. I still remember watching in 2002 when NGC made a live program by sending one of the robot inside the shaft , by the way I was a teenager at that time and i began to develop interest with these topics. I have reasons to believe that these pyramids are actually not, what they have made us to believe. Just look at the shaft how carefully it has been planned . In my view I think something very important is protected inside the shaft there must be another chamber. But I'm afraid the truth will never come out to the public . I think inside those shaft will be hall of records . It would reveal unanswered questions about mankind and ofcourse informations about an advanced civilization before the great flood.

  48. The moment they show the robot camera quality , it was a big disappointment … they should've used the best cameras possible for such an important attempt at discovery. It really would have made a lot of difference … looking at the details of the shaft seeing what marks and texture the internal surface has. Otherwise a very good film !

  49. I know how my EKUR was built and Zahi Hawass comes from a LONG LINE of guardian priests to guard and hide the secrets I left there and in the Underground chambers. When mankind is ready (They are not) the secrets will be revealed. I decommissioned the Great Pyramid, as it is known, right after the Great Pyramid Wars. Patience my children of men, patience.

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