The most cutting-edge robots in the world (and also this cute one)

[Dave] Hi, I’m Dave from Boyinaband. Civilization is entering the age of machines. [Narrator] These are mechanical muscles [Narrator] Stronger, more reliable, and more tireless [Narrator] Than a human muscle ever could be [Dave] Almost half of our employment is at risk [Narrator] It’s not enough to substitute old jobs with new ones We need to be generating new jobs constantly because the world population is growing [Dave] Within the next… uhh… doesn’t say A livelihood is going to be taken over by these machines So today we’re going to take a look at some of the robots that might replace us. [Club music] What’s this? Hands on with Kuri, an adorable wandering security cam [Narrator] This… is Kuri And it wants to be your friendly home robot companion It’s the first product from Mayfield Robotics A start-up from Bosch What I… [interrupted] Awww That is adorable, what does it do? Does it just wander around looking like that? I’d probably get it for that purpose [Narrator] I thought it was gonna be sort of like… an Alexa taped to a robot vacuum But, what Kuri tries to do and where it tries to separate itself is with personality It looks at you It smiles with its eyes [Dave] I di- I didn’t think about that That someone had to code – how it can look cute [Narrator] You can have it patrol your home and take pictures if there’s anything out of the ordinary If your dog’s on the couch Kuri’s gonna understand context, send you an alert, and you can use the speakers in Kuri to yell at your dog. [Dave laughs] [Narrator] And at the time being, I can attest that it’s got the adorable part now. [Dave] Aww that’s freaking cute Mmkay So… Robots are… Already replacing, children in terms of our need for cuteness. Brilliant. I don’t know if I’d ever hire someone to wander around my house and yell at my dog periodically. So perhaps no job’s being stolen here. [Club music] [Dave] God though, you wouldn’t want a robot that had that voice. That’s well annoying Apologies if you’ve got that voice [annoying robot voice] [Dave mocking voice] Put the onion and fennel in the bowl and then add some olive oil. [Dave] Shut up Wring it’s little metal neck. Is this a real thing that you can buy? $600 for that [enlightened “hah”] Kinda tempted. ‘Kay, what can it do? Move around and assist in your place… Assist in what way? [semi-enlightened “oh”] Great. Thank you for clarifying website. A’ight So it’s not doing very much more than…than what we’ve already got You got your smart home devices. It can turn on your air conditioner. It’s a remote. This is a very expensive remote Remote Control Mobile Camera. That’s pretty cool. Could this replace a babysitter like if you’ve got to go somewhere, You have a moment so you check up on the kids you just get your app out and just wander around as this little guy [interested “hah”] That’s an interesting thought. [dramatic music] [Dave] This got intense. [dramatic music] [Dave ]This is smiling as he falls [Woman] Oh no No, no, no! are you okay? [Fallen man] No, I’m fine. Just tryna find my uhh… Hey, what do you know? Look what I found [Woman] Just stay there Eric will be over to pick you… [interrupted] [Dave] This is making light of old people falling. That’s great I like a bit of edgy humor too Asus – nice. [laughs] That comment Okay, it’s not just me then [child’s annoying voice] [plays “Banana Purse” by Gary] [Dave] Wha- whose idea was it to make this thing’s mouth open and music splurt out of it? [plays “VIOLENT BIBLE RAP” by Dan Bull and Dave(Boyinaband) ft. God] There are certain things that robots should not be appearing to sing and the actors are just… Next-level, I don’t know if I want to carry on watching this Let’s continue. This one’s been around for ages, the Honda one I guess they’ve kept and carried on updating it… And how it can get you coffee [Funky music] This is replacing interns! That’s so cool, I wonder how freakin’ expensive that is. That was one of the things I thought was coolest about Honda, but like the only thing I knew about the company… Other than they make cars, was they also have this… freaking futuristic-ass robot… With a backpack. [Narrator] Asimo’s head contains eight microphones. It uses them to listen and engage in conversation. They can detect humans and use stored data to identify them. [Dave] It was able to recognize two of the three things that was said at the same time. So that’s better than what humans can do… /That’s/ some freakin’ cool AI. [Narrator] Sensors are embedded in the fingertips too, they can gauge the hardness of an object like human fingers do [Dave] that’s really cool. [Narrator] Most robots use a fixed amount of strength to grab things. But Asimo exerts more power to open a tightly sealed water bottle and less when holding a paper cup [Dave] This is so freakin’ cool! Finally, some robots that are getting me excited about the future. [Club music] [Narrator] We’ve all imagined it – A world where robots do every job going. Well imagine no more, because in a remote part of Japan… Some sense of that future can be experienced at a robot hotel. [Dave] That is so freakin creepy. I’d be terrifi- like the lighting doesn’t help In this video if I lit it like- is th- is that more appealing [creepy voice] Hey, would you like to visit my hotel? What made them think that was a good idea? [cute robot voice] Welcome to the Henn-na Hotel [terrified “ahh”] [robot voice] “Enjoy your comfortable stay” We’ll enjoy my comfortable stay. Thank yo- [interrupted] [laughs] So… You’re an “Otonaroid [mocks “Otonaroid’s” face] What is an “Otonaroid”? [creepy robotic voice] “So… Otonaroid is… human-look-like android [Dave] Is this deliberately trying to be creepy then? [Interviewer] What can you do with your lips? [Dave] What the hell! [Intense music] [Interviewer] What have you done today this Lucille? [Creepy robotic voice] Got hugs- loads of hugs [Interviewer] Lots of hugs? [Dave] Why do they always have to be so freakin weirdly creepy? [Creepy robotic voice] You’re holding me funny I can’t quite move my head [Dave] This is the kind of thing that makes people have a very distinct impression of Japan [Club music] [Dave] This though. [Robot yells] [Dave] That’s so freakin’ weird. [laughs] It freakin’ danced! [watches in awe] [Dave] The mimes are out of the job That’s so impressive This is also gonna replace drunk white girls at the club. So this is the future… glad we could have explored this together. [Dramatic music starts] So I guess we’ve got to decide what we’re gonna do with our lives now that we don’t have a job – even if governments evolve and I’m given some sort of wage. Uhh- like what will I do? Where will my purpose come from? How will I fill my time? [gasp of sudden realization] We’ll be fine. We’ll figure it out

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100 thoughts on “The most cutting-edge robots in the world (and also this cute one)

  1. At what point does his hair stop having a red streak and start being red with a brown streak?

  2. I Don't Think ALL Jobs Will Be Taken. Like, I Don't Believe A Robot Could Be Able To Make A Song Or A Story Or An Art Piece. They Can't Make Something Up In Their Head Because They Don't Have Imagination, Right?

  3. 7:25 🤣🤣🤣 now THAT is why I subscribe, why any reasonable person would subscribe to a channel! That’s the reason! Right there!! 🤣🤣

  4. Sadly when they say robots, people don’t understand adaption to people and the environment. Boston dynamics is one that researches this. But the video of the mech robot from Asia is something that doesn’t look into this

  5. We laugh now, but ohhhhhhh boy is this legitimately terrifying for a young lass like myself supposed to live in a future world as an adult!

  6. If anyone is going to build the "human replacement" robot (or SkyNet), it will be Boston Dynamics. Their robots are the most capable.
    But don't worry – humans will have plenty to do, fixing bad programming, broken robots, robot services, and broken humans caused by the first two. LOL!

  7. I havent seen q comment about it and im too lazy to go look all the way down but the white girl at bars comment was straight gold

  8. This robot uprise has already started who do u think I am I’m a ai youtuber who watch’s YouTube and makes my videos better as well as being able to use social media and discord

  9. The creepy robot that you hold said "You're holding me funny, I can't quite move my head" and I immediately defaulted to Paul McCartney accent shouting from out of a well.
    Just imagine that.

  10. I've possibly prevented #HumanExtinction 2x's already and since i've received nothing but speculation and been called a liar or full of shit i'm now going to start promoting from this day forward! Humans have less than 9 years until complete extinction! On earth that is as ive got an avenue out of here! Goodbye assholes!

  11. My dad is a machinist and he make robot parts for his job he made a robot for Boston mechanics they made it do a back flip

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