The Most Complex Lego Creations Ever Made!

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100 thoughts on “The Most Complex Lego Creations Ever Made!

  1. If i was that skilled, i would build many of BMW cars and sell them as the "Lego Creator" like the e30 series and the modern M series

  2. In the Rubik’s cube solver, in the first pic u can see at the back there was a board that said the machine took 6 months, not 18

  3. I would build a tv that actualy works has all channels and working speakers and it includes an x box that works to

  4. a working model airplane, or to be more honest most of a working model airplane: I liked making planes out of stuff I had lying around as a kid and never could find a motor and battery pack quite good enough to make them work without tearing up one of my buggy cars so I left most of them unfinished, it did just fine glide testing and had working control surfaces though…if I'm remembering right I think I cheated and added other structural elements to keep it light enough to work and strong enough to hold up without gluing it all together, think stuff like wing struts made from chopsticks and produce-isle bags carefully worked into the roles usually left to heatshrink in model building.


    no one:

    Aero-space engineers:
    Crew titanium and carbon. We‘re gonna use Lego instead. It will for shure hold up to thousands of rpm and pass the test Protocol.

  6. I build eight floor crusie ship long 4 m weight 78.2kg high 1.5 m and 1 m
    I spend on it 2 months it hase 16.678 bricks

  7. Ok ok that offended me because you don’t pronounce Melbourne like that you said melborn it’s actually Mel bourne not born bourne ok? But keep up the good work besides that but you know

  8. A rocket, life-sized and fully functional (but a lot of Titanium and/or Aluminium will be used in the process anyway)

  9. My most complicated creation with LEGO is 2 bricks together… and my least most complicated creation is a pair of wheels so my cute turtle can move around

  10. My (current) masterpiece is 10×(about) 60 bricks in size and it's a mobile crane with extendable boom(if it's not that sry but google is not the best) but my only limit is my parents and my ammount of bricks…

  11. It wasn’t specifically LEGO, but I once built a custom fighter jet out of a helicopter kit. It later became one of my iconic designs in my aviation days, known as the XeN-129A, or Jet Lag for short.
    That said I’m not sure I ever uploaded a video of that particular aircraft.😅

  12. If I had that many bricks I’d build an aircraft carrier, probably the Uss John C Stennis because my uncle is a sailor on there

  13. My most complex creation was a working engine and suspension I made as well as a Lego nerf gun.

    If I had more Lego I would make a steering system as well as pistons and many other mechanical things.

  14. I think I am as skillful, all you need is carrying calculation in manageable manner and imagination. The 'skill' factor is not really what it is here.

    I may build the unimaginable things if I had such Lego peices and that absurd amount of it.

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