The milliDelta Robot

♪Music Starts♪ Delta Robots are comprised of
three articulating arms
connected to an output stage. They are extremely precise
and agile, and can be used for
“pick & place” and 3D Printing. Researchers at the Wyss
Institute and Harvard SEAS have developed a millimeter-scale
delta robot, the “milliDelta”. Possible applications at this
scale include microassembly, micromanipulation, and tremor
cancellation in microsurgery. Our design is powered by three
independently controlled
piezoelectric bending actuators. At 15 millimeters by 15 millimeters
by 20 millimeters, it has a
payload capacity of ~3x its mass. It can operate with precision
down to ~5 micrometers, at
frequencies up to 75 hertz. and experience accelerations of
~22 gravitational acceleration. The design has potential for
high bandwidth, high-precision
applications at the
millimeter-scale. ♪Music Ends♪

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