the Lego Movie Everything You Missed easter eggs

>>Crazy Nate: Like always, you got to decide
what we talk about next. I picked some of your most common movie request
and ran a survey. Seems pretty simple, you want me to piece
together everything you missed in Warner Brother’s the Lego Movie (intro music plays) Find these 5 hidden easter eggs I put in this
video and comment where they are, but don’t forget to include your Instagram
user name and #Lego, and I will randomly choose a winner to get your very own Lego set. I will announce the winner on Instagram @ImCrazyNate
so make sure you’re subscribed.>>Vitruvius: Hello everyone and welcome to
the Lego movie>>Crazy Nate: Obviously being that the Lego
Movie was one of Warner Brothers best movies financially we know we’re going to see part
two. But this movie doesn’t waste any time getting
into the action. So let’s not waste any here. The first scene builds the plot for the entire
movie. Vitruvius made a butt reference that sounds
a lot like the famous butt reference from Jurassic Park.>>Vitruvius: Cover your butt.>>Ray Arnold: Hold on to your butts.>>Guard: Cover the what?>>Crazy Nate: The Bridge that the evil robots
use is a ruler, not Legos, but most everything we see in the Lego Movie was actually Legos. Like the soap bubbles are ice cream scoops,
and the lasers from the guns are light saber blades. But Vitruvius’ head band is a rubber band,
the kind used in braces for your teeth. If you look closely at Vitruvius, underneath
his robe you’re going to see that not only does he have a hippie outfit on, he’s also
wearing Crocs.>>Stewie: I have just one question for you. What are those?>>Crazy Nate: and the staff he’s holding
is a lollipop stick. Fun fact is that most sucker sticks will actually
will fit in the hands of your Lego guys. Even though this movie isn’t actually stop
motion Lego tried their very best to make it appear to be stop motion. They even went so far to put finger prints
on the textures to make it look like it was hand made. But the only parts of the movie that were
actually stop motion, or even real Legos for that matter was the 5 hours later moment,
and the end credits. They also hid a little shout out to Halle
Berry who played as Cat Woman, and an Oscar but not for Cat Woman. The only thing Cat Woman ever won was worst
movie of the year award. Everything else in the movie though was made
on the computer. This robot wasn’t much help in the interrogation
room, since he was playing solitaire. By the way, happy birthday to Frank. I’m pretty sure nobody remembered. So we all think Batman V Superman Dawn of
Justice was the first time we ever saw these two guys in a theatrical film,>>Director: The line is I’m Batman.>>Batman: I, you don’t want me in your movie,
I’m not into it.>>Director: You know I think we should just
get Superman.>>Superman: Yeah!>>Batman: I’m Batman.>>Crazy Nate: but the Lego Movie was the
real first time we ever saw these two together in the same movie that made it to theaters. Batman also made a reference to one of his
own movies. Near the end he tells Lucy>>Batman: He’s the hero you deserve.>>Crazy Nate: That’s a reference to the
ending of the Dark Knight.>>Commissioner Gordon: Because he’s the hero
Gotham deserves. A hero, not the hero we deserved but the hero
we needed.>>Crazy Nate: Fun fact: The Dark Knight is
the Best Batman movie ever made. Another amazing movie though was Taken. We’ve all seen this punch line before.>>Bryan Mills: I will find you, and I will
kill you.>>Crazy Nate: Bryan Mills is played by Liam
Neeson, who is also the voice for Good Cop Bad Cop.>>Bad Cop: Oh yes, but we’re not done yet.>>Good Cop: Hi buddy.>>Crazy Nate: This isn’t the first time
though that someone tried to kill him and told him it’s not personal.>>Lord Business: Bad Cop, unfortunately I’m
going to have to leave you here to die.>>Bad Cop: What? Sir?>>Lord Business: It’s not personal, it’s
just business. Lord Business.>>Crazy Nate: In Taken this guy tried to
have him killed, and he also said…>>Bad Guy: Please understand it was all business,
it wasn’t personal.>>Good Cop: of course buddy, I believe you.>>Emmet: Great.>>Bad Cop: I believe you too. You see the quotations I’m making with my
claw hands? It means I don’t believe you.>>Crazy Nate: This part is a Lego copy of
a scene in Star Wars Episode 5 the Empire Strikes Back. Only the Millennium Falcon actually escaped
in the original. The Voice for C3PO was Anthony Daniels and
Lando was played by Billy Dee Williams, which are the actual voices in the original Star
Wars as well. Not only should you not put your bum on a
pirates face, you also shouldn’t wear a dress on a Tuesday. (man screams) And any Pirates of the Caribbean fan knows
you probably never want to release the Kraken.>>Davy Jones: The Kraken>>Boot Strap Bill: No!>>Crazy Nate: When Emmet finally uses his
head, there’s a pig ridding in the wagon with them. When they crash into the train if you watch
the pig closely it turns into sausage when it hits the ground. Not really a fan of sausage.>>Emmet: I mean I know what a master builder
is, why don’t you tell me what it is, that way I can see if you’re right.>>Crazy Nate: So a Master Builder is an official
position in the Lego company, and they are the people responsible for making the Lego
sets we see in stores. They’re also the ones responsible for making
the giant Lego structures we see in theme parks Like Lego Land or Disneyland. This guy right here is a Lego version of Indiana
Jones, and he always seems to be battling to not lose his hat. So in Lego they made it a reality as well. Right as he’s entering the secret passage
he almost lost his hat. But then he saved it. Or like the Indiana Jones ride, we have a
giant ball chasing him down a path, guess what they put that in Lego as well. We have him as a golf ball running away from
the giant thing.>>Wyldstyle: I’m, I’m Wyldstyle.>>Emmet: Oh I’m sorry what was that?>>Wyldstyle: Wyldstyle?>>Emmet: Wyldstyle?>>Wyldstyle: Yep.>>Emmet: What are you a DJ?>>Wyldstyle: No.>>Emmet: Oh, that’s your name is Wyldstyle,>>Wyldstyle: yeah.>>Emmet: Like on your birth certificate it
says Wyldstyle.>>Wyldstyle: Let’s not talk about my name.>>Crazy Nate: Wyldstyle? What kind of weird name is that? And why does everyone keep asking her if she’s
a DJ?>>Wyldstyle: It’s Wyldstyle.>>Vitruvius: Are you a DJ?>. Wyldstyle: What the, why does every…>>Crazy Nate: Probably Because there’s
a real life DJ called Wildstylez. In the Lego Movie the bad guy has a giant
ship with guns that shoot bubble gum as a defense mechanism. Kind of sounds like something we get to see
two years later in Despicable Me 3. That’s not a exact copy of course right? Of course if we want to look even harder at
this scene, it kind of looks like when Mr. Incredible gets caught hacking Syndromes computer. Basically everybody’s copying everybody. Cloud Cuckoo Land is Made up of all the Legos
that Finn’s dad the Man Upstairs gave him to play with, and they were stored in a box that said cloud
on the side of it, which is where Finn got the name Cloud Cuckoo Land.>>Batman: I hate this place.>>Crazy Nate: There are also other hints
that Lord Business was his dad. There are signs all around town with sayings
we hear often from a parent. Like Don’t play in the street, or don’t
stay up all night, or because I said so.>>Wyldstyle: Your home Bricksburg is one
of many realms in the universe. There’s also this one, the Pirates Cove, Knights
Club, Vikings Landing, Clown Town, a bunch of others we don’t need to mention.>>Crazy Nate: Why don’t we mention them? Because the others were total failures of
Lego. That’s why they don’t mention the other
ones. Vitruvius predicted that there was going to
be a chosen one that would save everyone.>>Vitruvius: A special one with face of yellow,
you will make the piece of resistance found.>>Crazy Nate: Then 8 and 1/2 years later
Emmet shows up on the scene. But the real chosen one who would of saved
them all wasn’t actually Emmet, it was the man upstairs’ son Finn who happened to be
8 and 1/2 years old. This suggest that dad actually played with
his Lego’s and didn’t start gluing stuff together until his son was born. If you notice his dad also wears a suit with
a red tie. President Businesses evil costume is also
in the shape of a giant tie. This is probably because Will Ferrell was
the voice of President Business, and he played the character Mugatu in the movie Zoolander,
and in that movie he was famous for making a piano tie.>>Mugatu: Doesn’t anyone notice this? I feel like I’m taking crazy pills!>>Emmet: Howdy guys.>>Wyldstyle: um, no stools don’t talk.>>Emmet: Come sit on me.>>Wyldstyle: Stools don’t talk.>>Crazy Nate: We are starting to see a trend
with the guy who voices Emmet though.>>Emmet: Uh, yes, that’s me.>>Crazy Nate: If you’re a fan of Chris
Pratt>>Chris Pratt: So wait, who’s Chris Pratt?>>Crazy Nate: Probably the only reason why
some of you are here>>Emmet: Haha, what was I just thinking? I don’t care.>>Crazy Nate: then you probably know he’s
the voice behind Emmet, and it seems that anytime he’s in a bind he does a dance off
to defeat the bad guys. (Emmet starts to dance to Everything is Awesome)>>Robot: No way.>>Star-Lord: oh, child things will get brighter,
listen to these words.>>Batman: Alright, cool it with the laughing.>>Emmet: I find everything funny.>>Batman: Man, your laugh is making me, it’s
actually a pretty good laugh.>>Emmet: Well then you’re not going to hear
it anymore.>>Crazy Nate: They let Emmet have an easter
egg in his apartment. This poster is for Macho and the nerd. This is actually a poster for 21 Jump Street. In Russia the Poster title says this, which
I have no clue how to even attempt to say that when they use numbers as letters in their
words, but google translate says that you guessed
it, it means Macho and the nerd.>>Vitruvius: Ah, you gotta write all that
down because I’m not gonna remember any of it but here we go.>>Crazy Nate: Of course 21 jump street was
actually rated R though, not rated PG. However Lego Movie was rated PG. And one thing they left out of the movie to
keep it from going to PG-13 was when the master builders were escaping capture in cloud town, underwater cop was going to have a kissing
scene with a mermaid. But out of all the Master Builders that were
captured they only showed Wonder Woman getting put in handcuffs. This of course is reference to the comics
in the oldie days when that was her only weakness. Being handcuffed by a man. Since the Lego Movie was so successful, they’re
actually making the Lego Movie 2. Survey time. Are you excited to see Lego Movie 2? Yes, no, maybe so, or why do they keep making
Lego movies. Vote now. If you’ve seen Lego: The adventures of Clutch
Powers, you will probably recognize inside the saloon this plaque here says Bob and Skelly. Another movie shout out was the magic tube
that Emmet jumped into. It’s called Magic Portal. One of the first stop motion Lego’s ever made
was Called Magic Portal, some would argue though it was technically not first. The Lego Movie was directed by Chris Miller
and Phill Lord. And we see them near the end of the movie
Legoized as a cameo.>>Lord Business: Phill, Chris, come on up
here. I just want you to act naturally. OK Phill totally suggestion here, and this
is even a bad idea, I’m going to start with my bad ideas. Is there any way you can change your face? Cause it’s a horrible face. Perfect. Chris, just scoot two steps in to the right. Phill you just moved and you just wrecked
it, you wrecked it.>>Crazy Nate: And the baby voice that we
hear at the end is a voice recording from the Directors three year old son. These videos of stop motion Lego are all made
from actual Lego fans in the ReBrick community, they had a contest to be featured and these
were the winners. Ironically one word that was never mentioned
once in the movie was the word LEGO. Speaking of words you might of noticed random
letters appearing throughout my video, be the first to comment what those letters
were actually saying and I’ll give you a copy of the Lego Ninjago Movie. Until next time subscribe so you don’t miss
our next adventure, let me know what movie you want to talk about next, and remember
most importantly of all Gents and Gentlets, share a smile, they are contagious.

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