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a lifetime has passed since the horrific events of Taco Tuesday our lives send it into chaos this new life has toughened and hardened two copies please one black one with just a touch of cream and 25 sugars well toughened most of us I wake up in the morning morning good morning sewer babies and it you’ve got to stop pretending everything is awesome it isn’t yeah I get it and that’s why I’ve cultivated a totally hard-edged side that’s super tough and Oh No something new what is it thought too but that beat is pretty fresh [Music] [Music] it’s like it knows our every move weird right this guy is special this guy was a fierce warrior okay well technically I did the warrior serve so you fought a masterbuilt and hit but and then the hapless male was the leader here well hang on to your fronds planning we’re going to save Lucy and all of the other people who were captured [Music] behold the sISTAR sister do not give her the satisfaction of wooing miss [Music] [Music]

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100 thoughts on “The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part Teaser Trailer #1 (2018) | Movieclips Trailers

  1. Anyone else think the shot of the duplo at 0:07 could be based on this shot from at 2:34

  2. So glad they're keeping Batman on the team lol. Although it's odd he had no standout moment in the trailer and was just kinda "there"…

  3. Given that we know that this is in the view of a child, there can be some foreshadowing head. For instance, once he learned he had to share for his sister, the world literally fell apart. The fact that they are going to space might mean the actual toys are leaving the basement and going to his sisters room (Sisstar system). Just my thoughts on that.

    Also, what is the Billion Brick Race? Any plot details?

  4. The LEGO franchise reminds me of the Star Wars sequel trilogy and standalone films, a great first movie but lackluster underwhelming additions.

  5. To all who is tired of man-bashing jokes:
    I mean its not exactly man-bashing. Just Emmit bashing. These character traits were already assigned to these characters. No one is gonna call Batman, Spaceman, Captain Metal beard, or like any other male in this movie weak or what not because men and women in this movie are strong, creative, intelligent lego people and then there's Emmit who is half of all that. Its not a sexist joke. Just a character joke.

    And if the lady is a reflection of the little girl, kids go through a boy vs girls phase. The little girl possibly won't impressed by Batman or metal beard but likes Spaceman Unikitty and Wildstyle. Space man is adorable.

    So look deeper into the jokes. Its an Emmit joke. Wild Style did kick a lot of butt last movie but so did everyone but Emmit.

  6. "… and the hapless male was the leader?"

    Basically saying to all women in the audience "You worked so hard and yet the MAN was given all the money and privilege? We know how you feel, sister!"

    This is what happens when women become the primary spenders. Companies pander to them for more money.

    Also, let's just all keep in mind this is a FICTIONAL character here. Barely any women like that in real life who kick actual butt. But please, go on and tell me how women are superior to men and yet men just get all the credit because "penis privilege."

  7. Chris Pratt try to save his girls…
    1. Gamorah
    2. Blue
    3. Lucy
    so welcome everyone to new world of MwCU (Movie with Chris Pratt Universe)

  8. Star Lord, Owen Grady, and Emmett. Damn, Chris Pratt's versatility by doing sequels featuring his respective characters makes him formidable.

  9. :58 Emmet – that beat is pretty fresh

    It's fresh because the only song Emmet ever listens to is Everything is awesome, sometimes for HOURS at a time

  10. You triggered anti es-jay-dubbayous got so mad the second the feminist character said "male" that you completely missed that she's the VILLAIN. She's the BAD GUY. How is this """"anti male propoganda"""" when they're clearly showing that the feminist is the BAD ONE. She's a Straw Feminist who will be defeated by the end. How did this go over your heads…

  11. Do not click this, it states the obvious.

    Keep going, your almost there

    Tricked you, keep going

    It is set in a Mad Max world.

    The End.

  12. I was worried they'd ruin this after seeing the atrocious LEGO Ninjago Movie, but it seems I was wrong! Faith restored.

  13. I'm very indifferent to this trailer. That aside, I did love the original so I still have high hopes for the second piece. I also loved The Lego Batman Movie a lot more than I care to admit. It had me in stitches.

  14. “And then the helpless male was the leader.” The one quote from this trailer that makes me think this movie will be lesser than expected.

  15. Oh boy….something tells me the boy in the first movie has gotten a little sister or his sister has taken some of his Lego. –_____

  16. The Lego Movie 3: Attack of Big Chungus

    The Lego Movie 4: Finale to End All Finales

    The Lego Movie 5: It's not over
    The Lego Movie: Remastered

  17. Me: watches 1:33


  18. Emmet is Fox McCloud in Connowot world. Don’t argue. If there was a StarFox movie, any actor named Chris can be Fox McCloud! And J.K. Simmons can be in StarFox movie, too!

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