The Lego “Lego Batman Movie” Movie Review

[You have been warned] [Batman] Well guys, can you believe it? I finally got my own movie!
[All that money and can’t buy his own movie?] [Iron Man] What are you talking about?
You’ve had plenty of movies No, Live Action Batman had plenty of movies LEGO Batman never did [Darth Vader] Actually, there were some direct-to-DVD LEGO Justice League movies that have been released Shut up. Those don’t count. No one cares about them. And, they were Justice League movies, not Batman movies Yeah, I guess Well anyway, hello everybody! I’m Batman, and this is the review of “The LEGO Batman Movie”! [1960s Batman theme] Soooo, what’d you guys think? I mean, it was definitely funny [Indiana Jones] I agree. Definitely funny. I thought it was stupid Why’d you think it was stupid? You know why Oh yeah, because… “IronManSux” [Everyone but Iron Man laughs] [quietly] I hate you guys [Jar-Jar] I wish they had asked
meesa for a couple of pointers I could’ve added a bunch of great jokes Like what? Well, I think it would’ve been funny if one of the characters step in sh*beep*t It’s hilarious when characters step in sh*beep*t NO, JAR-JAR! It’s not funny when characters
step in sh*beep*t! What do you mean? Meesa did it all the time Exactly. You were extremely retarded in “The Phantom Menace” which is one of the main reasons it sucked I spent so many years building an AMAZING franchise, and then you waltz in and RUIN everything! Why you being so mean to meesa? Meesa just wanted to be in the movie I thought “The Phantom Menace” was great No, it wasn’t! It was awful, and it was all your fault! Oh yeah? Well I thought it was yousa’s fault That’s it! I’m going to kill you,
you little piece of sh*beep*t Woah! Calm down, Vader [Deadpool] As much I would love seeing you
slaughter Jar-Jar, [Trailing off] We should probably get back to talking about “The LEGO Batman Movie” So, what did you think of it, Deadpool? I mean, it was definitely good Not as good as my movie though Oh, here we go again My movie was amazing It had everything a superhero movie should have And it was rated “R” I would say that one improvement I would add into the movie is they should’ve had me as a cameo Speaking of cameos, they had a bunch of famous villains, such as: Voldemort, Sauron, King Kong, Jaws, and the Wicked Witch, but no villains from “Star Wars” If they had added me or the Emporer, it would have been a great addition to the movie Yeah, I agree. They didn’t have any Marvel villains either I mean, it had a bunch of bad guys coming out of a skyhole; would’ve been perfect for Loki Yeah, they didn’t have any Indiana Jones villains either Yeah, but none of my villains are really that memorable.
Or good. I mean, I guess they could’ve had Hitler. But I feel like that would’ve been a little offensive Offensive? Who gives a sh*beep*t about offensive? [sarcastically] Oh, I don’t know. Maybe the thousands of parents that are taking their kids to go see this movie? Pfft. Yeah, right. Kids love offensive stuff You do realize that most of the people that watched your movie were teenagers, right? Rarely any children have seen your movie Yeah, well, they should It builds character hearing curse words at a young age Yeeeah, how about…No It’s really better for kids to not
curse when they’re younger It’s better for them to wait
until they understand what the words mean [quietly] To be honest, I kinda feel like
that makes it worse You do realize that most kids curse anyway, right? So? That doesn’t mean they should “The LEGO Batman Movie” was perfectly funny
without curse words Oh yeah, I forgot we were reviewing I just want to see someone step in sh*beep*t Shut the fu*beep*k up, you Err Enough guys, we have gone WAY off topic Yeah, sorry about that, man. What do you think about our changes? I mean, I do think it would’ve been cool to add in some villains or heroes from other universes But then, it would’ve taken away too much focus from the main character: me! The story is supposed to focus on Batman as he goes through this long journey of learning about the importance of family [vomiting sounds] Oh, sorry. I just puked after hearing the whole “learning a lesson” bullsh*beep*t Did you puke in the theater as well? Sure did. Man, that was one angry usher So, that’s a review of “The LEGO Batman Movie” It was a good movie, and definitely funny and they did that [condescendingly] without cursing You do know there were, like, two dick jokes in the movie, right? So, yeah. We would definitely recommend
you go out and watch it
[probably on Blu-Ray by now] Because I need more money
[Mr. Krabs, much?] Aren’t you a billionaire? Shut up! [Outro music – 1960s Batman theme]
[Captions written by David Bump] [Gregory Animations does not own any music or
characters used in this video]

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47 thoughts on “The Lego “Lego Batman Movie” Movie Review

  1. You know I’d actually like to have an opinion I don’t actually like the Robin from that movie I mean sure he had some funny moments but I just don’t like the style of his hair and the way that he’s wearing glasses he looks like the girl Robin

  2. I agree with Darth Vader and Iron man no Star Wars and Marvel villains it'll be really cool to have Darth Vader or Emperor Palpatine or Kylo-Ren and Loki or Ultron or thanos

  3. great review. 2:58 mola rama was close to rememberable and good, so i guess he could have been in the movie??

  4. Excuse me I did not approve of the joke about me “Iron man sucks” NOPE BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I DO NOT SUCK THIS MOVIE IS BAD DIE

  5. I agree with Indiana jones , iron man, and darth Vader but then they would have annoyed the main character ,batman

  6. I think jar jar means stepping in poop Darth Vader's right it's not hilarious when characters step in poop is disgusting

  7. My cat is named Hitler but Hitler is also the name of a killer so my older brother doesn't want me to call the cat Hitler he's named after a terrible horrible awful person

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