The LEGO Catalog That Started It All (For Me)

Hello! my name is Molly, I am a fan of the
brick, and today we’re taking a look at a vintage Lego catalog. so a couple of
months ago I did a video where I looked at a 1993 Lego catalog. Today’s Lego
catalog isn’t quite that old old. So in late 2007 I went to the Lego store, bought a few
things… I also went on, got a couple little things… mostly like
household items… Lego magnets, that kind of thing. I had no intention of buying, you
know, sets. I wasn’t gonna expand my collection; I just liked Lego because of
the nostalgia factor. But then I got THIS in the mail and everything changed. I’m a
huge Indiana Jones fan. So my first reaction upon getting this in the mail
was “Holy crap! Lego Indiana Jones?” and I was like okay, “Do they have Last Crusade sets….? Are they gonna have Last Crusade sets?” THERE’S A LAST CRUSADE SET!” That was
the day I gave Lego my money and never stopped. So I thought it’d be fun to take
a look at this today. I do not think I’ve looked through it in about at least 10
years. I have a feeling this is going to be an exercise in me trying not to cry
for not having bought certain sets. So on the cover we have Indiana Jones. I
didn’t ever get this set. I got quite a few of the Indiana Jones sets; this was
like the first wave of them that came out there was only one Last Crusade set
and then they came out with two more. I have all of them. I have never opened
them… it is true. They remain in the box to this day. I don’t know why. Because I’m
weird. All right so on the first page we have a lovely set from Raiders of the Lost
Ark with some cool moving features. This is a really cool set; I kind of regret
not getting it but… On page 2 we have thee Indiana Jones and
the Last Crusade set which okay I bought two of these so I did open one of them I
think I technically gave it to my brother but then I think I took it back.
So here’s another one from Raiders of the Lost Ark and then this one Next up okay we got City. A usual there
is a police station, a couple of helicopters and things and then some
cargo things, trains and planes… lovely shade of green. Ah,
fire rescue. “Race to the rescue!” with the Fire Boat, the Fire Truck, or the Off-Road
Fire Rescue. Now this is kind of cool though, the Fire Hovercraft. I don’t remember that one. “Hovercraft can move in any direction.” There’s Lego City with a car wash and a Lego city harbor with a really cool
boat and a big crane carrying a box and there’s a passenger train with the track
for only 89.99 which is kind of a good deal. Bow here’s an airport… got some
train tracks Ah, we’ve got pirates… or castle and
pirates… so it looks like the castle storyline going on at that time was
Knights vs. Skeletons so there’s even skeleton horses. Hmmm, okay.
And a cool pirate ship with… yeah wow I don’t remember this at all either. I do
love me pirates. And then there’s another castle this is called the Skeleton Tower.
Oh I have this piece… this skeleton piece… I found that in one of those bulk dumps
one time and I was kind of wondering what that was from. Oooh, a very nice large
castle here, the King’s Castle Siege. Pretty cool castle… got a drawbridge…
there’s a dragon attacking it, cuz why not? I don’t remember this either this
was the space theme of 2008: Mars Mission. Not as beautiful, I would say, as Ice Planet… but then again, what is? Ah, next we have have the Aqua Raiders… Tiger Shark Attack. Hmm, nice shark. Hmmm the Crab Cruiser, the Aqua Base
Invasion… I really like the tentacles on this giant squid.
We have SpongeBob SquarePants. I’m always finding SpongeBob leftover pieces in the bins at Bricks & Minifigs. Here’s like… it’s not quite
the center of the magazine yet but we’re getting into the sort of “non-sets”
pages and they’re telling you about how you can get a Lego brick master rewards
calendar or you can buy the table and chairs with the three spots. I always
thought this table and chair thing was sort of hilarious because they gave each
of the three kids a very ample space to build but the container for holding the
pieces left a little bit to be desired. It was very small. I remember the movie Mr.
Magorium’s Wonder Emporium, and I did not know they made a set for that was a
little set tie-in with that movie. Ugh. Here’s the part that’s gonna make some
of my viewers start to tear up because These buildings here… they are so sought
after by people who did not collect them at the time. These are the original
modulars. So we have the holy grail of modulars, the Cafe Corner and Market
Street You can put them together, be friends. Oh my gosh
this is crazy like… they didn’t even have Green Grocer yet… they didn’t even have
Grand Emporium. They just had these two, and now they’re worth a snap ton of
money. Here comes the girly Lego! Back then girly Lego was called Belville,
and of course very pink. The Belville dolls are like a little creepy they were
bigger than minifigs. This is just randomly on the Belville page but it’s
Building Fun With Lego Mosaic — includes a transparent base plate! That transparent
base plate is cool; I have one of those. I think it’s neat that they offered that.Yeah I
think if I had to go between Paradisa and Belville I would pick Paradisa. Then we
have some sort of oh the lego creator sets which they’ve produced many of
these over the years and they’ve most of the time been really great little
satisfying builds. So there’s a house and a big rig and a beach house. Oh, I kind of remember the beach house. The Model Townhouse, which is
actually very nice. All right we have a chess set and some storage things, some Harry Potter keychains, the Lego Classic Magnets. See this is what I bought! I bought these,
and then they started sending me these catalogs. I still have those magnets.
There is a Lego Hobby Train. Oh, it was on sale it was $99.99 and they were selling
it here for $49.98. Here’s the order form. And you could get a Lego City gift bag for $4.99. Wow. Here’s the “Elements you could buy” pages Can you imagine like, “I’d like to order
25 of this head!” Alright we have now Exo Force… having jungle adventures.
You got some racecars, some cool Bionicle stuff. Oh there’s like four pages of
Bionicle. Wow. Ah. Here’s another one that shot through the roof in price after it went away. This is the Eiffel Tower… and if you’re thinking, “Wait a minute I just saw an Eiffel Tower sale on not long ago!” — that’s a
different Eiffel Tower. This one was the 2008 whatever, early 2000s Eiffel Tower.
It sold for $199.99 and I remember when this went away they were going for
upwards of a thousand dollars. Here’s a Ferrari. Here is… I did not remember this either…
it was a Lego Ferris wheel and again not the ferris wheel that came out you know
six or so years ago it’s a different one It’s blue and yellow; it’s not quite as
pretty. There’s a monster Dino, then we got all the power functions. Giant $150 set called
the Motorized Bulldozer. Oh here’s Mindstorms. I did not remember that
Mindstorms has been around this long People do amazing things with Mindstorms…
if you ever get to go to a Lego convention and watch the great ball
contraptions, especially… a lot of them use Lego Mindstorms — not all of them but
some of them — and people do other things like at this last convention you might have seen there’s a Rubik’s Cube solver that
actually solves them in just a matter of minutes. It makes me sad. No, it’s awesome
actually but yeah they use Mindstorms. Pretty incredible. All right here’s Star Wars! It’s funny cuz Star Wars for a lot of people is the theme that got them back into Lego. More
Star Wars! How many pages of Star Wars are there? 1, 2, 3, 4… 5, 6, 7, 8 9, 10, 11, 12 13, 14, 15, 16 There are sixteen pages devoted to Star Wars in
this catalog. Like, that’s the entire rest of the book starting now. The
Ultimate Collector’s Millennium Falcon. I know some people are drooling over that. Price tag $499. Worth a little bit more now. This one! This one on the back. This is one I
really wish I’d gotten. This was the town plan for the 50th anniversary. It reminded me
of the Square from Back to the Future but it was $149.99 and in 2008 there was
absolutely no inkling in my brain of ever spending that much on a Lego set
and I was actually pretty good about that until the medieval village came out.
But even that wasn’t THAT much. So I kind of wish I bought this one it’s beautiful
and I remember the thing was like it had a gold brick in it. Oh three gold bricks!
Hello. Yeah I wish I bought that and for monetary purposes and/or
bragging rights I wish I’d bought these guys. So if you could go back in time and
order five things out of this catalog what would you order? I think for me it
would definitely be the two modulars and the 50th anniversary set and the two
larger Indiana Jones sets, the Temple Escape and Indiana Jones and the Lost Tomb. That’s just me. Cuz those were cool. And you can’t get them anymore and some people are talking about there might be
another Indiana Jones movie, and although I really kind of don’t want that unless
some miracle happens and it’s actually really good. But IF they do, there is a
silver lining and that is Lego might start doing more sets and we might get some more Last Crusade sets. A lot of missed opportunities. There’s the whole beginning part with the Train and young Indiana Jones on the train with all the stuff there’s the underground catacombs
there’s the whole booby trap sequence at the end, with all the grails. Sooooo maybe that could happen someday and make me happy! I don’t know.
Thank you 2008 catalog from January you are the catalog that set this
whole crazy thing in motion. Well I suppose it was inevitable. So
thank you so much for watching this video I hope you enjoyed getting to see
this cool twelve-year-old Lego catalog and all the beauties within. Remember, you
can always follow me on Instagram or Twitter as MoMakesStuffUp. And don’t forget
to subscribe to my channel if you have not done so already. Bye!

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