The LEGO Batman Movie – Will Arnett “Batman and Joker are important to each other”

What do you think of this? It’s really cool. It’s cool yeah. Is this all made of Lego bricks? Yeah, isn’t that amazing. Yeah. I takes a long time to do that. One of my favourite things was you and the Joker What do you think made their relationship quite so interesting? Well, you know I think that we’ve for us it was important to show that here you have these two guys who are constantly at odds with each other and their rivalry is legendary. And it’s kind of funny idea to think about them coming to terms with the fact that they’re actually quite important to each other. Because if they don’t battled each other then their whole purpose is kind of gone and so their very existence is linked to this feud that they have going on and that was kind of funny area for us that we really wanted to investigate almost like when they were arguing it was almost like a lover’s quarrel in a way. Sort of have a tone of friendship there almost. yeah it’s kind of funny you know in that way even though they’re supposed to be enemies yeah yeah we kind of turned it on its head. If you are building a superhero family and in this that could be family friends and celebrities not superheroes who’d be in yours and what would they bring to the group? Ok, so what if I have no superheroes in it then is it a superhero film? Yeah. My two sons…. yeah I’d probably have my two sons Archie and Able then we’d be that’s but they’re kind of like superheroes because one’s really funny and the other one is really sweet and smart so. What abilities or values do have that make you an everyday superhero? I’m a great listener and i’m good friend that’s important for superheroes.

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