The Lego Batman Movie SPOILERS Review

So after my review, my non-spoiler review of The Lego Batman Movie which was not entirely positive a couple of people came to me and they said “Grace! Why are you taking The Lego Batman Movie so seriously?!”

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57 thoughts on “The Lego Batman Movie SPOILERS Review

  1. I wonder how Grace feels about the 1966 Adam West Batman TV Show, because a lot of fans including Frank Miller feel that the 1960's TV Show is disrespectful towards Batman…

  2. While I was also disappoint with Batmans rouges or the JL not doing much but his villains teaming up with him at the end made it up for me.

  3. I have just gotten out of the theater for this one and here is my take: I do not think this is a Batman movie, nor do I think this is a Batman parody. I think this is a Lego Batman movie. Here's what I mean: the character of Lego Batman from the original Lego movie wasn't Batman, but a child's simplistic interpretation of him, "Lego Batman". This character is the extended version of that. I see this character as a totally different one, like a parallel universe version. I found the movie surprising and funny and well worth the price of admission, but even halfway through I had a moment when I realized this just isn't a Batman movie. It's a whole other thing. (And WB still owes us a good Batman movie.)

  4. Counter points:
    1. National treasure is a family trip movie. It is objectively better than kingdom of crystal skull. Do you have a problem with that too?
    2. Your biggest problem with the movie is that batman is a lonely guy who secretly wants a family. It's sort of the core premise of the movie. If you got rid off all that, there is no movie left.

    I agree the villains from other movies are not handled well.
    I agree it feels like how it should have ended "because I'm batman".

  5. I don't know why, but I can't see myself coming back to this movie. I loved most of the jokes and the characters, but it just wasn't that great to me

  6. So, I saw this with my wife and daughter. I'm basically a certified nerd, and my wife just deals with it. My daughter is… just a kid. None of us liked it. The movie just dragged on too long.

    Lego action tends to fall in this awful middle ground. It's weird. Because it's not not live action, I don't expect it to be realistic, but because it's Lego, it inherently doesn't offer great looking visuals either. Lego movies are this rare thing in which it looks like plastic because it's supposed to. That basically means that we come for the story, but the stories are parodies in themselves, and they're just not good.

    I mean, they should really just go for Lego remakes of other properties, do them beat-for-beat, release them direct to video, and let people just enjoy the idea that their favorite movies were redone in Lego style. I wouldn't mind seeing like… Terminator 1 & 2 as Legos just to laugh at it.

    To me, trying new stories as Legos is just a waste of the source materials.

  7. So I'm late to the comment party but I heard a theory that this movie is Batman from a kids view, and a kid is playing Batman with those Legos that also partly being why there so many villains used. it doesn't excuse anything, but I think it makes sense.

  8. It's worth noting that the Joker was pretty much invincible with Sauron keeping his all-seeing eye out. After he was taken out, the heroes finally stood a chance.

    Perhaps Batman should have summoned the Fellowship of the Ring to help him! 😛

  9. how can people hate dceu movies but like this one ? it was like a 7 at most the first 30 min were great then it just washed rinsed and repeated

  10. See there were problems I did find with it myself but overall, I really liked it. Personally, my big problem is the fact that the Joker friends unite with Batman in the end to defeat him because they would never do that. It's weird with the fact that they turned around and next minute Batman say "ok". Plus, I do agree with the whole Warner combination of villains and, being a massive Harry Potter fan, I would have loved an Alfred and Voldemort show off with Ralph Fiennes voicing them both.

  11. I loved the movie more than the lego movie by a little because it had the gremlins from gremlins AND DALEKS FROM DOCTORWHO!!!! and I love both films A LOT and my only problem which isn't big is that in the lego movie the water and TV shows where lego as in the lego batman movie they used real footage and non lego water BUT IT WAS AWESOME

  12. When they brought up the Barbra and Batman ship, they lost me. I hate that ship. It makes Batman look disgusting

  13. I agree with grace because I have read and watched alot of Batman comics, movies, and cartoons and all show that deep down Batman is truly a sweet heart and I'm not saying I hated the movieI actually saw it twice

  14. i have to agree with your review,grace
    this movie, while i haven't seen it yet, is pretty amazing
    whats nice is the fact they show off all of these builds in that movie
    which would be fun if people wanted to recreate scenes from this movie
    robin and batgirl in this movie added is actually very nice
    and alfred's place in this movie is pretty cool
    which suggests to me, that this movie is much like a kiddie version of the tim burton-joel schumacher batmans but with robin and batgirl in it
    but with a lot of fun humor in it that relates to how batman is
    similar to how in indiana jones , that indiana jones interacts with shia leabouf
    and when you think about that positive comparison, i think robin added with batgirl was a good choice

    yet, what could have made this movie more expanded, is if they had expanded the story, added more character development to the characters so there was more humor, have some interaction between batman and catwoman for kids
    cause had they allowed a strong and positive bat-cat friendship in a lego bat movie similar to emmett being nice to wild style
    in the lego movie
    then i think that would be good

    also, if they do a lego movie sequel, they should allow a lot more characters showing up in it

    if i have to rate between you and the other movie reviewers i listen to, i would say you are more on the calm level
    right next to some of the tech reviewers that i listen to who are calm and actually say their opinion about stuff
    and not yell at the audience

  15. i liked your video until you said nobody's rogues gallery compares to batman's.
    come on.
    spidey has just as good of a rogue's gallery, if not maybe not quite as good.

    also this is a great representation of batman IMO

  16. I disagree with everything she said cause this movie worked in every way SPECIALLY with the things she hates

  17. so what one of the reasons why you didn't like it is because you wanted a justice league crossover, lady! it's called THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE not THE LEGO JUSTICE LEAGUE MOVIE! and you you did get your little crossover you just wanted more.
    (maybe you can watch hishe for lego batman you may like it)

  18. and also what is wrong with family everyone needs a family.
    I think maybe you should watch it again with different expectations because I think you didn't like it because you had expectations.

  19. and the trailer didn't give away anything like they didn't spoil the phantom zone part.
    and gotham cribs isn't even in the movie it just a promotional thing too go with the movie so cribs wouldn't spoil anything.

  20. I disagree with getting the characters, this felt very much like it was made by people that like and get Batman, BvS and Spider-Man:TOTD felt like people who didn't get the characters they were portraying at all.

  21. I loved everything except the whole gay Batman/Joker thing, but I'm not much of a huge Batman fan, so I can see why you disliked some aspects of it.

  22. As for Indiana Jones, aliens were hardly in the movie, were never even referred to as aliens, and wasn't that far fetched if you looked at the other films.

  23. "i dont think batman has done anything ever cruel in the history of batman" first issue, batman hangs a mentally ill person" lol gg

  24. Your reviews feel like they uncover why I do or don't like a movie, in this case it's somewhere around a 4.5 out of ten. You already explained the parts you did and didn't like and I feel..better because I'm not just one person with one specific opinion. Also I felt like most of the movie was because joker's feelings were hurt. I dunno that's just me. I would try a sequel to this movie. It has some decent parts, haha no pun intended!!

  25. Heh, Grace is bringing a lot of DC knowledge to this film. For casual Batman fans, it's a pretty great spoof.

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