The LEGO Batman Movie – Spoiler Review and Discussion!

Hello, just2good here, and I wanted to do a little spoiler review
or, perhaps, more of a spoiler discussion of the LEGO Batman
Movie. So, yeah, there’s your spoiler warning. I would say watch my non-spoilers review if you haven’t seen the movie, or just GO see the movie guys. Anyways, some cool spoilerific parts that
I liked included the Iron Man joke, where Batman’s password is Iron Man Sucks! I thought that was incredible, the fact that they got away at a jab at Marvel. I mean, I guess it’s a loving jab, poking fun at the similarities between Iron
Man and Batman. I really liked the ending too. The final battle did draw on but I think the emotional part was well executed, where Batman has to send himself back to the
Phantom Zone. I think the movie as a whole, however, started out extremely strong and sort of went
down from that level. It never surpassed how good it was at the
start, but that’s okay because the rest wasn’t bad
at all. However, when it came to the LEGO Movie, I thought the jokes and plot were consistently exceptionally entertaining
throughout, as was the commentary. In here, you have a lot of jabs at Batman as a property, so there is commentary throughout on Batman
as a property. However, the plot of this movie, like at points during the final battle, it felt like it could be cut down. And I said this in my nonspoiler review, but some jokes went a little bit longer than
I wanted Like, there were a lot of beat boxing and
rapping and stuff, and they got a little repetitive. Alright, look, there were some inconsistencies that annoyed
me. First off, no references to Wyldstyle and Batman’s relationship from the LEGO Movie was weird because that was a relationship Batman did
have. Yet, in this movie, you see Batman saying he doesn’t do relationships, he has nobody. I’m just amazed nothing about Wyldstyle came up even though they broke up. Also, there were weird inconsistencies like some master builders from the LEGO Movie were put away in the Phantom Zone as terrible
villains, like the Swamp Creature, Vampire, and Medusa from the LEGO Minifigures
line. Oh, and speaking of the Phantom Zone, it was cool to see King Kong in LEGO form, and even the Matrix character. I mean, The Matrix is an R-Rated franchise so that is an inconsistency within the LEGO
brand itself, but this is a movie so it’s a seperate thing. Speaking of being a seperate thing, they only had one LEGO Movie reference. As I said before, nothing to Wyldstyle, but I believe when they explained how the
city was built over the void, they showed Emmett going through the portal
on the TV, from the first LEGO Movie. I might be wrong about that. The ending song was really bad. I hate when they end animated movies with
dance scenes. However, they mocked this in the movie and called it a studio friendly song so I’m glad they were self aware. I liked the song in the beginning which was
pretty funny, how Batman doesn’t skip leg day and doesn’t
pay taxes. That was a funny track. That opening was incredible actually. The mocking of the edginess of recent DC films at the start with Batman’s narration was funny, seeing it with this cartoony Batman. And that, like, seven minute action scene of Batman saving
the city was so well animated and just a joy to look
at. The end credits were decent but I wish they were stop motion like the
ones from the LEGO Movie. I was amazed there was no mention of Everything
is Awesome in the movie, but I liked the version of Man in the Mirror
in the film. I dunno, a lot of those inconsistencies are nitpicking and not really flaws with the movie because
as it stands, this is a standalone film, not the LEGO Movie 2. But as it stands, I loved this movie, despite the flaws I pointed out. What did you guys think? You can spoil the crap out of this movie in the comment section below and we’ll have a little discussion. I’ll see you guys later. Peace out. Bye.

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59 thoughts on “The LEGO Batman Movie – Spoiler Review and Discussion!

  1. I still don't get who Red Hood was since it obviously wasn't the Joker's version and there's no way it could be the Jason Todd one since he is just now meeting Robin. My guess is that it is just some random gang member as Red Hood, but it sucks they didn't go that much in depth with the c-list villains.

  2. I don't think this Lego Batman is the same one from the Lego Movie, more so just his own from a separate universe. Which would explain the lack of references to The Lego Movie.

  3. Why was red hood in there when joker was there and when they attack them at the party you see Barbara Gordon kick him but people said he was the joker

  4. They should of had the D.C. Villains team up with the phantom zone villains. It should of showed Batman trying to figure out how to take out the new ones individually. He had like no interactions with them. They could of made that really fun and funny at the same time!

  5. Yeah I just saw it today and they did have the part we're emmet goes down the endless hole thing or whatever the hell its called

  6. I don't think they should have referenced the Lego movie because even though they are both batman their personalities are different

  7. i FINALLY got out and saw the movie!

    I was kinda sad when there wasn't anybody from the lego movie in it (besides batman), but even though it didn't happen, i was hoping the talking brick in the quantum zone's boss was Lucy

  8. I love how the marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters came from the Phantom zone I can only hope one day that Lego makes a full sized Lego marshmallow man that would be awesome them making Lego King Kong would be cool too

  9. just saw the movie it was cool how they showed every single Villain and Minor Villain also it was very funny and weird at the same time how Alfred was wearing the 60s suit.

  10. One inconsistency I noticed was that Superman said he put Zod in the Phantom Zone, sooo, where was he in the final battle if the Joker let all the villains out?

  11. They also had two other lego movie references: the elevator in arkham played the Richard cheese version of everything is awesome, and there were two times a minifigure had the BlackTron fan torso (seen earlier in the movie). I was disappointed about less lego movie tie in too but I'm still holding out for the LEGO cinematic universe.

  12. Anyone else confused why we didnt see Zod in the Phantom Zone? Superman did catch him recently in the news, which gave Joker an idea to free all Phantom Zone prisoners

  13. I like this movie so much, but still, I did not like seeing the other dozens of Justice League members being a douchebag to batman

    and Green Lantern

  14. I mean,maybe the master builder vampire is the minifigures one while the one in the phantom zone is the monster figthers lord vampyre? Of course,it is mostly all just a kid playng so itΒ΄s possible he is making multiple characters out of the same figure,kids do that every time

  15. it's weird how Superman didn't find out that the Phantom Zone projector was gone and how did the villains from other worlds get like in the in the prison jail because only kryptonians can go in there

  16. There were so many scenes that we in the trailers that weren't in the final Gil and that was a real let down

  17. Robin: my name is Richard Grayson but the orphans call me Dick
    Bruce Wayne: kids can be so cruel
    the kids: long awkward silence

  18. I like the part where Batman says to Robin, "lets hit these guys so hard that words form of the sounds they'll be making."

  19. They probably didn't mention Wyldstyle because the Lego Movie most likely takes place after The Lego Batman Movie

  20. I liked the part where Robin is stealing the phantom zone projecter from​Supermans fortress of solitude

  21. Well this was made after The Lego Movie which was in 2014 the Lego Batman was made in 2017 so after he broke up with wildstyle which was 3 years ago he grown out of it Or he got really sad and he didn’t want to do ships no more because he was afraid
    Of the same thing happening again or he was just a crime fighting vigilante who fought crime in a Halloween costume.

  22. So this movie is 1 notch under the Lego movie but still really cool and funny and fun. 9/10 1 below the Lego movie which is a 10/10 movie

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