Hey everybody its Blue Duckie and welcome
back to another toy unboxing and review. This time I have three of the Batman Lego
movie. Lego , Lego minifigure blind. Blind bags to open and um, review with you
guys. And it says there are twenty to collect on
these. And you can’t see on the bag all of them. But I think there is a checklist inside. But anyway I want to open these up. I have not seen this movie yet. I’ve seen the trailers and the trailers look
hilarious. So when I saw these. I really wanted to get it. Because it is so adorable. Okay so there is going to be a little assembly
on your part to do. There is a checklist of all the different
ones. And it like has instructions too. Which are always good. You can see the little poster on the top there. And then here is the checklist of all the
different ones. So I am going to put this guy together and
be right back. Alright here is the egyptian pharaoh guy all
put together. He wasn’t to hard. Pretty easy assemblage on him. Alright bag number two. Oohh, I think we got the um, the police commissioner
girl batman one. I am going to put her together. And here she is all put together in her pink
batgirl costume. Looks pretty cool. She actually has two faces on her head. So you have this one. And with the hair on. You can’t see the other side. But, if you want to change up her expression. Just take the hair off. Turn her hair. I mean head around. And snap the hair back on. Ugh, ah-oh. Alright. They are all placed back together. Here we go. So thats batgirl with her batarang. Like I said. I haven’t seen the movie yet. So I don’t know all their names. Alright and the last bag for this opening. Who’s it going to be? Ohhh Yes! Yes, this is one that I really wanted. And its from the trailer. I’ll show you guys all put together. So happy this is one of the ones that I really,
really wanted. And its the. A really funny part in the trailer. Its um, Batman with his lobster and his robe. Ha ha, so cool! You get the plate. And you get the lobster. And his mask also does come off. And there is a face underneath. But then when you put the mask on his eyes
turn white. Its pretty cool. I like this one a lot. Its my favorite out of these three definately. But, thank you guys for watching this Batman
movie Lego mini figure opening. And my overall rating for this series. Looking at the list. And the ones that I got. I would give this um, I think. I would give it hmm, I really like it. I am going to go ten out of ten. I think they are really cute. They tie into the movie well. So when you see the movie. Then you get to play with these. It will be super fun. And thank you guys for watching again. And I’ll see you next time. Bye.

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  1. I love Lego movie !!! can't wait for batman Lego movie!!! hope u read my comment on your zomby gaga review u and max are excellent youtubers

  2. It's official. After watching this video, I'm going to have to scoop up some of these blind bags. Thanks for sharing! Awesome stuff!😬💗 Can't wait for the movie 🎥

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