The LEGO Batman Movie – 70923 – The Bat-Space Shuttle – Unboxing, Time-lapse Build, & Review!

[Parv]: Hello there, everybody, my name is Parv, and, you’re watching the channel, of: “Parv’s Lego World.” So, this is my show, and, you’re gonna join me for the unboxing. So, first, we’re gonna do the unboxing, then, we’re doing the time-lapse build, and then, we’re doing the review. So, let’s start with the unboxing, first. So, we’ve got another set, inspired by: The Lego Batman Movie. It’s new, um, it’s released in this year, and, today we have: The Bat-Space Shuttle. Okay, so. This set is recommended for ages 8 to 14, it is set number: 70923, and, it has 643 pieces. The set in, the set, including, are, six minifigures. Three minifigures, and three batsuits. We have: Batman, Dick Grayson, Catwoman, Firestarter Batsuit, Reggae Man Batsuit, and, the Space Batsuit. And, there’s also, it says: “Kayak does not float.” So, let’s show you the back of the box. Okay, see all the play features, even there’s a movie version for it, and, look it all those play features, though, are very nice, and including are new, Bat-Dune (moon) buggy vehicle, and, here is the conjunct, I’m sorry, here is the conjunction, between the Bat-Space Shuttle, and, the Batcave Break-in, so, I think it’s cool, so, yeah. Alright, guys. Let’s open up this box, and, see what’s inside. Hmm, okay. The set including, I’m sorry. The set comes with Bag 1, Bag 2, Bag 3, (clears throat), Bag, um, 4, Bag 5, we have an, a, um, unmarked bag, with using some pieces inside, we have some instructions, and, some stickers. Alright. Now, let’s build the whole entire set! (silent time-lapse build) Alright, guys. Ta-da! Here is the finished new 2018 set. So, it’s, actual cool, so this is one of my favorites, Lego Batman Movie sets, actually, my second favorite Lego Batman Movie sets, um, I started building, at the morning, and it took me about, um, one hour, and thirty minutes, to build this, it looks really good, it’s so cool, and, let’s check it out, what we have here. So, we’re gonna, start with the Shuttle, and then, we can do, all of those stuff, and then, we’re gonna do the minifigures, so let me move this out of the way. Alright, so here’s the Shuttle. So, so, it looks like there’s triple, um, boosters over here, so, it have, um, they have two, um, stud shooters, on each side, and there’s also two, stud shooters on each side, and there’s also some stickers, that says: “Warning.” Now, um, it looks actual cool, so, um, you could take those one up, so, you could see that, instead, and then, there’s also the fuel tank, and the solid rocket, boosters, and there’s also a gray capsule, that, you could see, here, and then, also, there’s also, that you can connect, those pieces between the, um, fuel tank, and the Shuttle, so let’s see what we have. So, let’s detach, here. So, let’s start with the Shuttle. So, it goes right here, so, let’s start with the, canopy piece, here, so, it’s a canopy, the canopy, it looks like, it’s a, canopy piece, here, it also has a Bat-Logo, and then, inside the cockpit, it has, one seat, compared to two seats at a time, so, this is the computer, that, um, you could place, some two minifigures, like, um, those, um, two minifigures of, the Space Batsuit, or Batman, that you could see, you could see in the box, also, so, yeah. Then, we’re gonna see, here, this is the cargo section, that you could open up, so, this is, I said: The Bat-Dune Buggy, but it’s not: The Bat-Dune Mug, Buggy, it’s actually: The Bat-Moon Buggy, so, that lives on the Moon, uh, there’s some, some pieces over there, some those, some of those, wheels, over here, and here, here, and here, and, it also has some steering wheels, that’s tires, and wheels, and it also has a Bat-Logo, you could take, that up, and, you could set some minifigures, there’s one, like, the Bat, suit, the Space Batsuit, and, it rides on the Moon Buggy, so, yeah. So, there’s more, like, um, you could take this up, over here, and this side, and this side, here, and here, and, it looks like, engines to me, so this is one of the, um, normal, engines, of the Shuttle, of course, there’s actually, um, those, um, shh, those, those, things, um, like the, um, the normal Space Shuttle, the, United States, it looks like, uh, triangular-shaped, this, the wing, and also the Bat-Space Shuttle, it has, two of those, and it also, engines could work, and, like, those, some of those piece, right here, so, about engines, and, also about, I’m sorry, and, it’s all about, something, that you see the engine, and, here’s some bundle tips, and you could open, here, and, then also, parts over here, so, those parts, some of those, like that, this is the connection, between those, and those, for the fuel tank, so let me show you. So, I’m gonna show you, this part. This is looks like a spaceship, and it looks like, you have to, those, um, those, um, two pieces, and, you can connect the Shuttle, over here, so, and, it looks like a spaceship, so, we just reviewed that, already, and, it also, you could see, the parts of, it, also, and, that’s it, you could also take it, apart, right here, and, apart, and, that’s it. Now, we’re gonna move on to the, um, we’re gonna to the costume section, I’m move those minifigures, okay, so, here is the costume section, and, the launch platform, and the, kayak section, so I’m gonna start with the, um, uh, costume section. Here’s the, weapons that you could see, here’s, two Batarangs, some of, those weapons, like a gun, or something, and, there’s also the costumes, there’s a computer, of those, uh, a super hero, for the, costumes, and, there’s also a villain, for, super hero, I’m sorry, on the computer, of course, so, you could place a minifigure, that, per, presses the, red button, and you could slide it over here, and, here’s some lights over here, that, (muttering) also has cave, pieces, so you could connect the Batcave Break-in, on here, you actually slide it, of course, there’s also cave pieces, also, from the Batcave Break-in, and, yeah. There’s also some, um, two, uh, bridge pieces over here, so, for the platform, of course, and, there’s also lights, over here, of the, platform, and, yeah. Now, let’s take over the kayak section. The kayak, it comes, it could rotate, and, comes off, and, it has some boosters, on this side, even, even, some of the Shuttle, have some boosters, over here, here, and here, also, and, yeah, and, it could comes off, (whooshing noises), that looks like, a jet canoe, and, that’s it. Now, we’re gonna move on to the minifigures, so let me take them, off. (whispers softly) Got to go in this side, over here. Alright, first up we have, the star of the movie: Batman. So, he has a cool, helmet, and it also, has two faces, the one, with the smug on his teeth, and one, the one, of, his surprised face, and, also has a (yellow) utility belt, and also, has a bat symbol to me, and there’s also, a, black cape, to me, that it, there’s, there’s, not, it’s not shiny, on one side, to another, so it looks like it’s, cool to me, and, that’s it. Then, we have: Dick Grayson. He has a cool, um, he has silly goggles, with using, some of his, hair, and then, he has red, uh, T-shirt, and, also has blue jeans, and he also has two, faces, the one, was a happy face, and a, worried face, and, there’s also the same face, we did: The Batmobile, and, same thing for Batman, also, we did the, same faces of: The Batmobile, & The Penguin Arctic Roller, and, that’s it. Then, we have: Catwoman. I like the printing on her, um, spots, and then, she has also a, has, a (purple) utility belt, that was, Batman, which, is, a different color, and it also, she has two faces, the one, with the, happy face, this one, and the, sad face, and, it also has, cat ears, and, also the, arm thing, which is the, the thing, that captures anybody, and, also, has some, some of those, printing pieces, on her, I’m sorry, not printing pieces, printing on her, that looks like, when we watch the movie: Black Panther, um, he also has some, printing, over here, so, yeah, the details on him, (Black Panther). Then, we have: The Firestarter Batsuit. So, I guess, um, the movie version, um, that Robin chooses him, they, and the Batman says, “No,” So, he look, he has a helmet, I’m sorry, it has a helmet, so it has, no faces, with using some, uh, fire Bat-Logo, and it also has a belt, and, and, a cape, which is yellow, and, that’s it. Then we have: The Reggae Man (Bat) Suit. So, this is the home, to Robin’s costume, because, it looks like, um, it has, um, you could put, if you put, um, on the cave, uh, not the, cave, um, the suit on, that will, make him, that, but, he has to rip his pants, and he looks like, Robin to me, and, it also has tight pants, and also, has tight, um, shirt, or white sleeves, also, and then, also in the, here, they have a cape, and it also has a helmet, and, a hair, and it also in the back, of, here, and the, does it look a hot dog, (softly laughs) it looks cool, it was funny. Then, we have: The Space Batsuit. So, it looks like, um, it has a astronaut, spot, and he also has a, um, jet pack, and also has a cape, and also, say is, a (yellow) utility belt, so it looks like, the Space, of him, so, in a movie version, there’s, there’s not a, a: Space Batsuit for him, for, Batman, and, that’s it. Alright, thank you for watching this video, I hope you like it, please subscribe for more Lego videos, I’ll let you know, that you could, build your own Lego set. Please, leave and comments below, and see you guys next time. Bye!

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