The LEGO Batman Movie (2017) – Theological Analysis| The Prison of Fear

always be yourself unless you could be
Batman cuz I’m Batman then be Batman are you
nuts you want to get nuts come on which is
why we’re talking about Batman even though we got the lego movie – coming
out here real soon we’re diving into Batman it’s a Lego Batman but it’s a
Batman and this Batman has been living in a prison we’re gonna talk about it
and the way out welcome to Durbania I’m Durban and this is my theological
analysis for the Lego Batman movie with the lego movie – coming out here real
soon and I’m pretty darn excited for it I thought I’d dive back into some of the
other Lego movies and right now I’m gonna dive into the Lego Batman movie
this is probably my favorite of the Lego movies simply because Batman I mean come
on Batman is one of my favorite superheroes of all time and you know
this movie is interesting and that it’s like this goofball animated parody and
yet it was a super interesting take on Batman his relationship with the Joker
and his relationships period yeah it was light and fluffy and shallow and stuff
and on the nose but it was really well done in a pretty darn good Batman story
don’t you think it’s time you finally faced your greatest fear snake clowns
being a part of a family again nope now it’s snake clowns because you
put that idea in my head fear is a very weird thing and how it
works but it’s something that could really imprison this I mean just just
take Batman for example even this Lego Batman because it’s still Batman that
Batman history is there and that history is his mom and dad were murdered in an
alley you probably don’t want to put that in the kids lego movie but that is
what happened they were killed in an alley so what does Bruce do he trains
and he becomes Batman to stop what happened to him from happening to
anybody else in a sense he’s kind of fighting to preserve families because he
doesn’t want families friendships relationships people torn apart by the
same evil in the same cruelty that wounded him in his life so he puts on
the bat suit he runs through the city of Gotham and he beats the everliving snot
out of crime to save and to protect people and yet he is so imprisoned by
fear he can’t let a single soul in here he can’t do it no no no no no no no no
no no no no no no gosh I hope we were recording that he wanders around his
Batcave alone eating some awesome lobster dish that oh man I mean just the
thought of that is making me really hungry right now
but then he swims alone he goes into his little private movie theater alone and
watches movies about relationships I mean what’s that about it shows you what
he’s craving he’s craving solid relationships in his life but the very
thing that he’s craving is the very thing that he fears the very thing that
he began his fight for as Batman is the very thing he fears to live out himself
because that fear of that pain of loss and that’s the weird thing about fear
like Batman can easily say and he does in this movie that he’s pushing
Dick Grayson away he’s pushing Barbara away and he’s pushing Alfred away I mean
there’s a whole scene where he pushes them away he gets sucked into the
Phantom Zone he because I was pushing them away to protect them are they
really the ones you’re protecting but then and watching on that little theater
they’re all the hurt in Robins life all the hurt and Alfred’s life all the hurt
and Barbara’s life all the hurt when he pushes them out of his life
he realizes oh I’m not doing them any favors and see what I think is
interesting is I think he really did believe he was pushing them away to
protect them me come on he chose the life of a vigilante
of course there’s legitimacy to the idea that he’s pushing them away to protect
them but I think deep down he knows the truth and he’s never let go of the truth
he just doesn’t want to look at it he doesn’t want to acknowledge it and he
doesn’t want to act on that truth and the truth is he’s so afraid of losing
someone again he’s so afraid of losing someone he loves in experiencing that
pain again that he is protecting his own self by pushing them all out Batman is
so afraid of relationships he can’t even have it art
in this movie that I’d say that I don’t currently have a bad guy I am fighting a
few different people what I like to fight around he’s afraid to let it in
because of the pain at the same time he goes to the fortress of solitude to
break in and steal the Phantom projector sends a little robin through the vent
and all that stuff he goes in there and Superman has happened like the
fifty-some-odd Justice League party and he’s like what you didn’t invite me and
you just see it Batman wanted to be invited yeah he wants to reject all of
them but if he can reject them then he’s rejecting them on his terms if they’re
not even inviting him into the party that kind of hurts and it shows the
truth the truth that he knows is there but doesn’t want to acknowledge then the
movie takes it and on this really big symbolic thing I mean you have all of
Gotham City splitting in half right down the center half the people on one side
the other half the people on the other side and the only way to save Gotham
City’s for them to all like stack up on top of each other and connect they
literally have to reach across the gap and connect in second Timothy it says
God has not given us a spirit of fear but of power love and a sound mind
so if fear is a spirit it’s not gonna be driven out by isolation and trying to
protect oneself it’s gonna be driven up by connection by connecting to the right
source like God who is a spirit and his perfect love chases out fear white all
important movies end with a white screen when you watch the Lego Batman movie
what did you think and are you excited for the lego movie – I’m excited for it
so while I’m talking these Lego movies so let’s dive into this in the comments
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