Welcome to miss trendy treats today. I’m going to show you how to make Batman Candy melt dips apple once I do is imma show you how to make the Joker Batman and Robin using a combination of apples Candy melts and fondant first you want to do is you want to remove the stem out of each? one Now what we’re going to do is you’re going to take a sharp knife Carefully cut an opening in the top kind of push it down and make room for your stick I went and heated up some black Candy Melts and white Candy melts and these are for dipping Batman’s head in it, and then Joker’s head first. We’re going to start with Batman even we pulled my apple I am just placing me out some sizable Holding it with a candy mouth with my spoon and then turning it on its side to smooth it out and then I went and put it directly on to my parchment paper I Did this with a white as well? Robin has a question to it we’re going to take our white candy mouth I’m going to drop in one or two tablets around and this is going to more of a Fleshy tone Now that it’s got the color that I needed I am going to place my applewhite in the center and once again I’m going to cover the apple with my candy mouth using a spoon and replace it directly on to my last paper the harvest Once they well hardened I just took a sharp knife And I just learned on the base of each of the apples and broke off all of the dried excess that pulls around the bottom of each Apple I Have to decorate it art with Batman because he’s the star of our show, and I have some flesh toned fondant I made and I a little bit of brown to some white fondant and they fit together I sprinkled the cornstarch on my work area and then began rolling out my cone fondant I laid the fondant just underneath the front of the apple so I could see how wide I wanted his mouth to be and then I took my knife and cut out that side out of my fondant I then laid the fondant on top of his face near the bottom of the apple and Using a toothpick I kind of made an outline of like a half of a bowtie And this is going to be where his mouth is going to fit and then cut it out with my cutting tool identify a little bit of water to the box and place it on the top that I wanted to have to bone you a Little bit of black fondant use this for his nose and what am I do is? I’m just going to make like a little triangle for his nose, but kind of have it stick out a little bit I Don’t want to pinch the brim of his nose to make it nice and sharp because Batman’s nose is very Pointy looking Now what we’re going to do is we’re going to roll out another chunk of black fondant And you’re going to make two little triangles for each side of head to make a deer’s I’m just going to shape out another triangle This is going to be pressed up against the side of the head with water And then I’m going to take another piece of black fondant and place it on the inside part of his head and then press it together with that first piece to form both of his ears and Then I just attached it with a little bit of water Take a little bit of white fondant I’m going to roll it out And then I’m going to use this tip number 12 and pop out two Circles, and then stretch them carefully with my fingers to make more of an almond shape for his eyes And then it slide down to the front of his face with a little bit of water just near the top of his no For his mouth I use the same end of tip number 12 and from black fondant And I just pulled it apart a little bit just to make it a little bit wider and then shove my cutting tool and cut It in half then I took two fingers and just carefully press the sides in I rolled out a little bit of white fondant Applied it with some water to the black fondant and then applied it to the side of his face in the little brush town area To remove the cornstarch, but I just took a dry brush and went around and just wipe it off Fourth on the Joker so just pick your best side play the back of that on top of like a little bowl this will hold it nice and steady for you, so you can work on your head Make your mouth I just roll out some black fondant and cut out a line And then I went back through and cut out with the letter d or the capital RD? and then later on his face to make sure that the scale was right touch my finger and give up in just the corner of His mouth to give it more of a slanted look then I took some red fondant rolled it out And then wrap it around the outside of his mouth and then I applied it with some water This is my cutting tool and just cut off the end after blowing out from yellow fondant I cut out a small strip and then I chose my cutting tool and went at a different angle cutting out little triangles Then I applied these little triangles in this mouth a little bit of water And the fighters mouth to his head with a little bit of water We’re going to take a little piece of black fondant We want to roll it out And I’m going to use the back end of my fifth number 12 to make his wife after I’ve cut out his eyes I am going to use white fondant and I’m going to use the smaller end of tip number 12 and punch out who will all circles and these are going to be the center of it on Because one of his eyes are slanted slightly I just cut the bottom of one of the sides off with my cutting tool And then apply the white circles of the fondant into the center of each eye Afterwards I realized that these were a little too big for my back and remove these two circles and use two small white Sprinkles you Can use this if you like to fail, or you could use some circles. It’s up to you Starting fondant some white fondant and I mix it together I’m going to do is I’m going to use this for his eyebrows and his hair so this part I just used a ruler to cut out two straight lines to about a half an inch piece of fondant Whether that’s a one inch mark later on his head to drive it as soon as I was happy with where it went I just cut out little triangles at the end of that piece to give it more of a hairy appearance And then apply to tennis face with a little bit of water Make a pair of line I just kind of pull out this little wavy spot for the front of his head And then I went and applied a little bit of water sit back and place it right on his forehead Putting the hump in the front right in the center and then with the rest of the hair I just took some fondant and use the back end of my paintbrush to make these little Grooves and it kind of gives it more of a layered look and then applied it to The top of his head with a little bit of water I know it looks funny at this point, but there with me it does get better I Could get back just to give it more of A flat back look and then inspect them together with a little bit of water and I just took little pieces after that and just added it to it to give it more texture and Here are the Sprinkles I added for advice We are going to work on the last one which is my favorite I love the new Robin character he cracks me up in the previous so I can’t wait to see movie So the first way to start out with this smile We’re going to work from the bottom up is I am cutting out another letter D and this is going to be for his mouth I Cut it at about the 1 and 1/4 inch Mark Applied a little bit of water to the back and then place it on his head at an angle near the bottom of his head and then I cut out about a 1 inch piece of Fondant, and then place that in the black area with a little bit of water, and then I guess I’ll go right on What we do is I take my black fondant, and we’re going to make his goggles Or goggles. I just use the back into my tip number 12 punched out two black circles I fold it a little to form a bigger circle And then shove them at the end of my tip number 12 and preps out the center Hold on to that piece that you just press that with it I need it after and then I just microwave fondant and pressed out two more small Circles to put on the inside of those black rings and apply them with a little bit of water I Then took the centers that I popped out and I used the power end of the tip number 12 and apply a little bit of water to the back and I then cut the bottom of one of the eyes face the inside the I Wove another piece of black fondant and then use that for his eyebrows I took two small pieces of green fondant roll them into a ball Press them down to flatten them and then applied them to the center of each of the black circles in a little bit of water And then applied them to his head with some water Because here I took some brown fondant And I formed it to give more of a smoky look and then I took a toothpick and just added some Texture to his hair and to get them from sideburns I just cut off a couple pieces and place them on each side of his head I roll out some black fondant I Laid it next to his eye and then I cut to length of it down so that it would be the sides of his all gold We are going to make freckles, and I’m going to do three free side using the end of the small end of tip number three you Batman tanning melt dipped apples rubbing me today We have Batman Joker and Robin Really, not people the way they turned out of some you know minor things that we had to change around I think the scales in the end turned out just fine. I will be posting pictures of these my Instagram Twitter and Facebook pages and if you liked this tutorial Give me a thumbs up don’t forget to subscribe, and I’ll see you next time so my guys somebody picks the best of the three to roll out another chunk of white a new in one I still do but Usually here is tapping we have Batman we have Serrano me out and See what I did realize me put that plan from push up or original felt to make his eyeballs or to make it by We know I can do is hair laugh sing it the Monocle that makes And last we are going to add excuses sprinkle Robin I oh

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  1. They turned out so cute Missy! You always manage to come up with the cutest ideas! This would be so cute for Batman themed party or Movie night!

  2. Love hit kitchen set up. So cool with the blackboard too. The apples look amazing 😍😍😍😍

  3. I have never had a candied apple or caramel apple or apple dipped in caramel in my life… perhaps because that were not inspired by Batman Lego characters?!? πŸ˜‰ Congratulations on another great video!!!

    p.s. you are soooo close to 1000 subs! Amazing milestone!!

  4. Watching again… random question: is your shirt from H & M? If so, I have the same one. Love those tanks, so comfy. πŸ™‚

  5. My oldest says "Mom I want these for my birthday!"

    HAH! I'll have to see if they sell them somewhere – mine would not look like this, i promise.

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