The Judges Check In With Aaron & Christian | Season 1 Ep. 8 | LEGO MASTERS

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7 thoughts on “The Judges Check In With Aaron & Christian | Season 1 Ep. 8 | LEGO MASTERS

  1. Literally, the only gripe that I have this episode is the final outcome of the results because it made me sad that this wonderful team got eliminated from the competition unfortunately due to the that I loved the stuff that they did on the show, we still love you with all of our hearts regardless, still a bummer though !!! 😢

  2. They should have won the whole thing, I'm mad right now. Sam and Jessica should of went home a while ago they're mediocre and yall kept them over one of the top competitors the whole competition while sam and Jessica have been sitting at bottom. Yall robbed them. They were the best builders in the whole competition. Should of at least had a spot in the top 3. No hate on the other 2 teams but Sam and Jessica do not deserve to be in the top 3 over Christian and Aaron.

  3. How did they go home, clearly Aaron and Christians Builds were more solid, and all you had to do is look around to see the hidden lair, it’s hidden for a reason! And Sam and Jessica’s build was so mediocre, it was so boring and they only made use of the top, there wasn’t anything going on on the bottom besides a bathtub.

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