The Gorilla Alien – Explained

The Gorilla Alien, sometimes referred to as
the Gorillamorph is the result of a facehugger impantation of an alien embryo in a gorilla,
or gorilla-like creature. This xenomorph is of course quite large, bulky
and dominating, and in some depictions, the Gorilla Alien is shown as walking on its knuckles,
much like a primate would. This particular breed of xenomorph has been
known to be highly aggressive, not only using its brute force but in using its ability to
climb trees and swing from vines with ease, it’s able to create vantage points from where
it can hiss out acid projectiles onto its prey. The only somewhat official depiction of the
Gorilla Alien would be found in the run of Aliens: Space Marines comics which followed
the story of colonial marines, which included many characters from Aliens, trekking the
united systems to assess and if need be eliminate xenomorph outbreaks. In the issue titled “JUNGLE ATTACK,” the team
travels to the planet ZEEVAN, a jungle planet mainly inhabitated by other aliens which bear
a very similar resemblence to gorillas, except with an extra pair of arms. The marines originally percieve the stampeding
gorillas to be a threat, but it then becomes clear the primates are retreating from a much
greater danger: the gorilla aliens. Despite a tense stand-off between the team
and this unique form of xenomorph, the gorilla aliens were wiped out. This particular variant hasn’t been portrayed
since, though of course the design of the creature, and the Space Marines comics were
designed to compliment the Kenner toy series, which depicted many different forms of xenomorphs. Recently, NEKKA even released a figure inspired
by the original Kenner Aliens toyline, with some updates and and added details to the
Gorilla Alien. Aside from the one-shot comic and action figures,
the only other time the Gorilla Alien would be included in an Alien story was in the video
game Aliens: Infestation, in which it served as one of the stage’s boss fights. Would you like to see more of the Gorilla
Alien in future Alien Universe related materials? I’ve always found the design interesting and
I’m honestly surprised it didn’t make its way into at least more of the comics. It would seem like a jungle setting and a
Gorilla Alien would be the perfect landscape for an Aliens Vs Predator story. Let me know what you think of the Gorilla
Alien, and I’m curious to know, did you own this, or any of the other Aliens action figures
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