The DOLLMAKER is back! He sent us a Strange Doll and a Mysterious message!

Star Kidz One… Two… Three… Four! Ahhhhh!! Don’t you want to play? Mum, Dad, Dexter… What’s the matter? What’s up? There’s a really Crazy Doll outside! It chased me through the alleyway! A doll? I think he’s been watching too many of those YouTube videos! The silly ones with the little crazy dolls that come from the dollmaker! It’s real! It’s really real! I’m telling the Truth! Listen! If I check outside… Will you just calm down and stop talking about a Crazy doll? I don’t want to go out there it’s really crazy! Right let me have a look outside… Move out the way… Be careful! I’ll be careful! Let me get my phone just incase there is a silly doll… Then I can film her, and then we can put it on YouTube! PeekaBoo! There is absolutely nothing here… Silly Kitty! Right don’t worry there is no Crazy dolls. I’ve checked, in the garden! No Dolls, no Ghosts or Ghouls! Nothing at all… So what actually happened? I was going in the alleyway, and then… the doll appeared, How big was this doll? Like about that big! Ok. And then she started saying, One, Two, Three, Four. When she said number one she was far away. Number 2, closer. 3, closer. Number 4 even closer! And she also sang! You have been watching way too many YouTube videos! This is from the Dollmaker! And! Also on number four… she was so close! Right next to the fence. I had to run away! And then she followed me! That’s how she nearly got in the house, because I got in the house right before her! So I closed the door as fast as I could! I think you have got a very good imagination! Which is great! But there is no dolls! There is no weirdness going on… But I tell you what, lets go get a drink… A glass of juice… Yeah or a Hot Chocolate… Good idea! So what did the doll actually look like? Boy, Girl? A girl… Ginger Hair. Pale skin. Blue Eyes. Why was it silly? What was crazy about it? She runs really fast… A doll that runs? And she teleports! Blue dress. So she looks like that girl Abigail? The Dollmaker… Let’s go and watch some Fluffy Kittens… Instead of silly, crazy dolls… Put your drinks on the side, sit down… Watch some TV… OH MY GOSH! That is so silly… Sit down… This can’t be happening! Ethan, is that the doll? YEAH! I told you it was real! That wasn’t there when we came back through! I checked there and there was nothing there! It’s not even moving that is really crazy! Unless it was hiding? I don’t think it was hiding! Maybe when we were in the kitchen it was in the kitchen… And I said it runs really fast… It must have run onto there! Ok, I’m a little freaked out by this! Guys what is going on? I don’t know what’s going on! This can’t be real! This is completely freaky! So the dollmaker has sent us a doll? Who is the Doll Maker? Do we know who the Doll Maker is? YouTubers have been sent dolls… That YouTub3 Family, Shot of The Yeagers, SmellyBellyTv and The Skorys… sent dolls from the doll maker… We have got a doll from the doll maker… Which is crazy! What happens now?! Are we supposed to take it everywhere? Are you supposed to take it to school? I think we have to get rid of it! We don’t know how it got here… We don’t know if it has to eat or drink! I know the rules! What are the rules? Don’t let her go near water… Like a Gremlin! Tuck her into bed… and always read a bedtime story… ok, they are the rules… what happens if you don’t follow the rules? It will turn people into dolls apparently!? That might happen near midnight! If the person who gets controlled… they will turn into a doll… That YouTub3 Family said… The doll might have been turned into a doll 1000 years ago! That is weird! So one of us might turn into a doll! Yeah! It might not be today… but when one of us gets controlled they might have to be a doll for the rest of their life! I’m going to check this doll… this is just weird… Let’s have a look… Silly Hands… Crazy face, crazy boots, She looks really old… like, I don’t know from the 40’s… her hands are quite hard, and she has real hair… Oh hang on! There’s something here… is that her name? What does that say? Ethan, do the dolls have anything written on them normally? Check it out… CLARISSA Is that the name of the doll? I guess it is! We need to find out what to do with her… Let’s go research… on the computer! Let’s have a look… What was she called? Clarissa… Clarissa… doll… nothing there… Doll Maker… Who is the Doll Maker? The first doll maker uses dolls that he can control The second doll maker is a talented inventor with genius intellect Who can use dolls… Ok, the first Dollmaker uses dolls he can control, i think thats where we are at. Thats strange That Youtube Family They started with… Come play with me, exploring cluses So they got clues.. Um, the same thing that happened to us. How that they got the doll The doll just appeared, in the house Thats strange So the same thing has happened, we go t a doll and we need to get rid of it They constantly, looking at this look, trying to get rid of the doll Every time This is you, i remember you commenting on these videos look “The Dollmaker cant be real, why would he send dolls to everyone?” “we dont believe in the Dollmaker” You’ve done this proberbly! The Dollmaker can’t be real, why would he send Dolls to everyone? He sent us a Doll because we didnt believe in the Dollmaker… I can see it, this is whats happened.. He’s testing us, he’s sent us a doll, because we thought… On Shot of the Yeagers, you’ve put dont worry this is all fake.. So he’s sent a doll because we were saying he doesn’t exist… So now we have a doll we don’t know what do do with called Clarissa… SmellyBellyTV, there another one that got a doll. She’s coming to life, the Dollmaker So they had a doll, it came to life again.. We’re pretty sure the dollmaker isn’t real.. We’re being tested, the Dollmaker has sent us a doll Because we didnt believe the Dollmaker was real… Maybe someone is pulling a prank ? Are you pulling a joke ? No because he cant turn the TV on himself There’s no way… He can turn the TV on a channel but he can’t make it send a message from the Dollmaker How did they get rid of the doll ? Did they get rid of the doll ? Any of them? we need to get rid of the doll None of them, none of them got rid of the doll yet. and they have had it for longer than we have. So i dont know how we’re going to get rid of it? Thats it!, we could just put it outside? I’m gunna put it outside, its just a doll Don’t worry about it I’ll put it outside and it will all be fine. Just wait here and i’ll be back in a second. *Don’t you want to play!?” Right, thats it she’s gone, i’ve put her outside She’s back! ugh, i just put her outside! How has that happened ? Somethings not right Guy’s, whats going on? Where did she come from ? Guys, where did this doll come from ? We need to know, whats her name ? Clarissa We need to get rid of her, you need to help us She wears a blue coat, she has blue eyes Blue eyes could be a clue We know the dollmaker sent her from the message We know her name’s Clarissa We know the other Youtubers got similar dolls… She’s just gone…. Where has she gone ? Nobodys moved her Where has the doll gone ? What is going on ? The doll.. The dolls coming…. *LA LA LA LA LA LA* Star Kidz

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