The Doll With Millions (1928) movie

THE DOLL WITH THE MILLIONS Part One Madam Collie, the rich widow,
was dying in Paris The closest relatives were
being killed … by the slowness of
the nearly departed Nephews of madam Collie :
Pierre… …and Paul – I have good news for you,
gentlemen … – The patient is better ! … – Lend me some money …
At least 5 francs … – You still owe a debt to me ! “The dancer Blanche’s performance
was most unsuccessful.
She had no talent and no temperament” – Was it so difficult to pay the journalists,
so they could finally see my talent and
temperament? “The charming Blanche is
dancing at Moulin Rouge” – To hell with the those nonsense news pieces
about the showgirls. I need to urgently find out
who is getting Madame Collier’s inheritance. – You should pay for good news stories – To sell, or not to sell ?
that is the question ! – Don’t shoot yourself ! …
I’ll think of something … – Don’t be scared !..
I have sensational news !!
We’ll split the money … – Madame Collie is leaving
her inheritance to… … Madame Collie is dead ! – I don’t have any money … “From reliable sources we inform you
that madam Collie’s will is written
in favor of her nephew – Pierre” – Well, considering the latest news,
I can pay you back the debt. – Tell auntie … Everybody was waiting for
the will to be opened. (LATER SEQUENCE THAT HAS SLIPPED
INTO THIS SCENE SOMEHOW !!) “My entire estate, which consists of
Tripoli Kanal shares in the amount of
300.00.000 francs, I’m leaving … to my niece – Maria Ivanova” “Before my cousin escaped from
Moscow she married a Russian, and hid
Maria’s documents inside her doll” “Maria’s distinctive marks – 17 years old, birthmark on a shoulder” “She will be able to get her inheritance
on the day she gets married” – For auntie’s grave stone ! – Auntie let us down… Now, if you could
lend me 10,000 francs … … we will organise a search party for the niece
with the doll the birthmark and the millions “Goodbye baby !
I am on the search of the rich fiancee.
Forgive your old man” In Moscow – Cut ! – Next !.. “Advertisement. In desperate need of
a 17 year old model, with a birthmark on
a shoulder. Grand Hotel. Room 26” Adds:
HOTEL SAVOY” “In desperate need of
a 77 year old model” – Are you sure you are not
younger than seventeen ?! – No, my good man, I’ve just
turned seventy seven. Searching for the doll DYNAMO – Ivanova !.. – Marusia, get ready ! – Cousin !!! Hard working science students – Your cousins ! – Don’t let them in !…
Say I’m not here ! – She’s not at home. – We’ll wait ! – I’ll show them !… Next morning – What have you done ?
All the needles were there ! “Birth certificate form: Maria daughter
of peasant Peter Ivanov” – You are my cousin !
You have inherited millions ! – I’m asking for your hand in marriage – This needs to be discussed … – We made a mistake. There are no
documents in this doll.
It’s the wrong Ivanova. – If the stock ratio of these shares
doesn’t go down, you will be getting … – … approximately … … THREE MILLIONS ! … “Improving the living conditions of the
proletarian student body : 500 000 roubles.
Chemistry Department : 100 000 roubles.
Ivanova…. dresses – ten roubles” – Give me the address of
Maria Ivanova, 17 years old. – The hen has chased the cock … – I’m faithful to you !.. We will be rich…
But you need to distract Paul for me. – So, it’s decided:
The wedding is tomorrow ! – Book the wedding
tomorrow at 1 pm. – Miss has left to get
a wedding dress. “Since comrade Ivanova had received a large
inheritance I have a full confidence that she will
be able to pay her utility and rent bills” – Name ! “The wedding of M. Ivanova
and P. Kuzinai at 1 pm” “Paris. To notary Verger. Found her.
Getting married tomorrow. Pierre” “Paris. To notary Verger. Found her.
Getting married tomorrow. Paul” – Are you still looking for a model ? – Your name ? – Maria Ivanova – And the doll ? – I love you !..
We have to get married !!! – To get the inheritance it’s also
necessary to register a civil union … – Ok, let’s say I will get married ! – And the next day, I will get a divorce ! – The groom has arrived ! – Come around, I want you
to try some sweets ! – Eat them yourself ! – Am I interrupting ? – It’s all right …
We are leaving soon – You have killed our chance of happiness.
Who are you? Why did you take
Pierre from me ? The next day – It’s time to get married ! – Tripoli Kanal had collapsed …
The shares are worthless … – Now we don’t need a fake marriage – That’s right,
we don’t need a fake marriage !.. “Comrade Ivanova can take consolation
in the fact that while she will only a see
a smile from the fantastical millions,
she will however receive
a real university allowance” The End Translation by mproust87, palefirefilm,
platoonskateboard and lois123.
Programming by Knappen.

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