The Demonic Curse of Annabelle the Doll

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63 thoughts on “The Demonic Curse of Annabelle the Doll

  1. Honestly I’ve been listening to this video while working alone in a Walmart cooler in a nearly empty store and my creeped out vibes left almost Immediately upon seeing how comically adorable the doll actually is. The movies definitely did her the spook factor.

  2. Shadow Doll legend states: "It is rumored that if a picture were to be taken of the doll, it would project itself into the dreams of the person who dared to look it in the eye. However, it is not only a simple dream. The dream would be so intensely nightmarish that the victims would either suffer from a heart attack or forever be frightened of sleep because of the horrifying looking doll."

    Didn't feel good about reading this after I got done looking at the doll.

  3. When Sane finds a demon

    Shane: evil face
    Demon: scared

    Shane: Turn off the light DEmon

    Demon: Turns light off

    Shane: Thanks

  4. THEORY : Shane is actually a demon and he’s trying to protect the demon world. That’s why he fears none, because he’s the most powerful.

  5. Yeah I like how everything is fun and games but yet he didn’t touch the box she was in at all go ahead and play with the demonic spirits if you want to but this one is no joke

  6. I know they think this is all fun and games but this is serious stuff demons have all the time in the world we do not. Watch Lester Sumrell and youll see its not a joke .. I feel for them 🙏

  7. did anyone else caught on shane stuttering when he told the satanic doll thats how ryan looks when he sees a demo — raggidy doll

  8. I remember when i went to Connecticut and tried to view Annabel, but each address we tried lead us to nowhere and no-one had heard of it.

  9. Im happy that Ryan stoped Shane from touching or knocking on the box, cuz what if Ryan didn’t stop Shane and then they both died

  10. What if ghosts can only physically present themselves cause when feed off of enough fear and they never get to shane cause he cracks jokes on them not fear em LOL.

  11. Shane: *Enters Warren Facility

    Ghost and demons whispering with each other: Stay still and that thing will not notice us.

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